Sunday, July 22, 2018

Final Day's Dock Talk - Rolex TP52 World Championship - cascais

Dean Barker (NZL) Helm Quantum Racing (USA):
Photo: Max Ranchi / 52 Super Series
On American Magic and the America’s Cup program:
Photo: Max Ranchi 
“Right now, the focus is on the TP52 the 52 Super Series. Any racing that we do together is good racing because you put yourself under pressure and deal with the good and the bad. It’s great to come out of this event with a win, it’s really cool to win a World Champs on this boat with this team, and I think for the future we’ve got a very defined plan of what we want to do.

"It’s nice to do the racing and I find I’m really enjoying it again. Even though we’re three regattas through, two to go, there’s still something like 20 races left, so there’s a lot still to play out between now and the end. Everyone knows Palma is a difficult venue: it’s predictable in some ways, and hard in others, so we need to go there with a good attitude and capitalise as best we can on the racing there, and who knows what Valencia will throw up – it could be anything that time of year! So we need to make sure we go into that event with a chance to still be able to win the season.”

Andy Horton (USA), Alegre (GBR):
Alegre chases hard Photo: Max Ranchi 
“It’s great for us to podium here, we’ve been chipping away every day, and every regatta, and I know I keep saying that, and it’s pretty boring, but honestly, last regatta we were just a couple places out and it’s nice for the processes to work out. We keep tight as a group, and our coach, Fuzz, and our local knowledge guy, Gustavo Lima, told us: ‘you’re going to have some ups, you’re going to go the right way, the wrong way, you’re going to have a bad call on a sail or boat handling problems, but just keep chipping away,’ so we did that and it was great.”

On the new crew onboard:

“We’re learning each other, it’s people that I’ve sailed with a lot and they sailed together on Rán including Jon Gunderson and Andy Hemmings. They’re fitting in really well, and working with Andy [Soriano] well, and he enjoys having them and their personalities. Noel Drennan has shifted from runner to main, and Kevin George our sail designer has gone from kite trimmer to runner. So four position changes, but two guys on the boat, but in different roles.”

On Andy Soriano:

“I hope he’s happy. It’s tough, it’s a physical week, and he did a great job. He must be shattered right now! I’m tired, and I’m 20 years younger than him. He chilled out at the right times and put in everything he had – I guarantee it – on some of those runs, right on the edge, we’d get him on lay line and just sending it! So he must be shattered but hopefully happy.”

Andi Robertson / 52 Super Series Media

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