Friday, January 20, 2017

What The Sailors Said - Key West - TP52 Super Series

Doug DeVos (USA), skipper, Quantum Racing (USA):

“This is a great group. They’re all very confident, even after we have a challenge. It’s like well strap it up and go back out, just get back to basics and try to find out way back. But every boat is like that, everyone in the fleet has bad days and good days.”

Terry Hutchinson (USA) Tactician, Quantum Racing (USA):

“Yesterday was a tough day, yet so much of it was self-imposed. We had a great chat yesterday on the way in as a team and I think as I said to the group and in our debrief, really the only person I’ve got to blame is the mirror. It was no more complicated than me getting my stuff together.

"What we did well today was we started well. That. Evolves around a couple of things. We started well, better communication and we had a lot of discussion about trysting your instincts and doing the things that you feel are the right things to do. When it’s really shifty puffy and you’re not certain there’s a fair amount of instinctual things that you just have to do. Talking to our tuning partners it clearly wasn’t obvious so that gave a little bit more confidence to just roll with it.

"Today was a good day. We got two good starts. It was disappointing to give the lead to Rán in Race 1, but we played a bit safe and learned a couple of things with the moding of the boat out of the top mark in that wind condition. All to play for tomorrow.

"We are. I’m still made about yesterday. Everybody on the boat has done a really really good job and we just didn’t make it easy for ourselves yesterday. If we’re not successful we’re going to know way. I guess that’s the best part about it. We won’t be sitting there scratching our heads. Provezza’s done a great job just chipping along and I think it’s us and Azzurra and Platoon tied on 42 and Rán on 43. It’s a pretty good indication of what the racing and the competition is like.

Tony Rey (USA), Tactician, Provezza (TUR):

“We made a few changes, a couple of crew changes a couple of mode changes to the boat, a few sail things. It’s just a lot of refinements. We’re still capable of a disaster like anyone else. But we feel good, we’re sailing the boat well and we’re going better in light air, which we haven’t done in the past. We’re really pleased with it.

"It’s probably the way we’re sailing it. It’s a little bit of technique changes and just learning the boat a little time away and coming back. Having Peter Holmberg here as the helmsman has been a nice jolt of fresh energy. Sometimes that’s what it takes to get guys going.

"The offseason after a disappointing end to 2016] It was a bit of evaluation and to find out how we’re going to come back and play hard in 2017. Ergin is a fantastic patron of our sport and a great sportsman himself. He said I want to keep the guys together, I want to make a few sublte changes and let’s see what we can do. So far so good, but we’ve got another day tomorrow. Let’s see what happens.”

John Kostecki (USA) Tactician, Platoon (USA):

“We didn’t do that great in the second race. We had a poor start and it was tough coming back in the lighter air. All in all it wasn’t the worst day for us. We’re happy to be in it for tomorrow and looking for a good battle. We’re getting better each day. Maybe the results don’t show it, but for sure our attitude on the boat [is improving], we’re learning a lot, and improving each day and getting better.

"It’s been quite good, the four-boat Quantum Racing program. The debrief is quite big and at first I was like “Oh my god, it’s a little overwhelming.” But at the end of the day it’s been quite good because we have information, a lot of good information, from four different boats. The results are showing that the Quantum boats are doing well in this regatta. I think it’s working."

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