Sunday, December 11, 2016

What The Skippers Said - Extreme Sailing Series - Act 8 - Sydney

Arnaud Psarofaghis, Alinghi: 

“We had a bad regatta in Cardiff, I didn’t sail well at all. I made some bad decisions but after then we started from the beginning again. I learned that I needed to be patient sometimes and not to put pressure on the team. I realised I just had to sit at the back and concentrate on steering, and the crew would do a fantastic job doing the rest. The GC32s are perfect. At the beginning of the season we thought it would be hard to compete on small courses in foiling boats but now the Extreme Sailing Series is even better than before.”
Morgan Larson, Oman Air: 
“We started out really well and were a step ahead but everyone caught up. We didn’t make that next step, and that’s what we need to do if we’re going to come back stronger next season. These boats are a challenge to race and the game gets tougher every day. We just didn’t execute the middle to the end of the season properly and that really put us under pressure in Sydney.”
Roman Hagara, Red Bull Sailing Team: 
“We were always hanging in there with Oman Air and Alinghi but especially in the stronger breeze Alinghi had an edge on the whole fleet so it was tough to beat them. We tried hard. Yesterday we came quite close but the boat handling is really important in these boats and today we struggled a bit - so it’s some little points but in the end the result is good.”

Jes Gram-Hansen, SAP Extreme Sailing Team: 
“It was fantastic day for us, we sailed the best we have all season. We’re delighted. It’s been a difficult season for us but all the time we’ve believed we could mix it up with the best teams and here in Sydney we’ve proved that. To finish second is amazing. We just kept pushing, talking to one another about everything, and we kept the faith in ourselves. We’re already looking forward to next year – we’re sure we can fight for the podium. The boats have been fantastic. The GC32s have been amazing for the circuit and I think all the teams have had a fantastic season.”

Neil Hunter, Land Rover BAR Academy: “Obviously at the start of the year we had a couple of senior team members onboard, we put in some pretty decent results, a podium in Muscat, Oman and a fourth place in China. Then we went to the full Academy team in Cardiff and obviously we had a lot on, being the youngest team in the fleet, but we’ve developed massively as a team over the last few events and we’re at the point where we’re winning races. I think this event has been outstanding for us and we’re really showing that we’re developing well as a team and we’re putting in some decent results.”

Sean Langman, Team Australia: 
“Here we are at the end of the event, we’ve learnt a lot, we’ve managed to squeeze one third place in today which was pretty exciting for our team and all the rest of the races we were actually fully racing today so we know we’re getting better but there’s just a lot of refinement to come. As the pressure grows and you’re starting to race then all the little mistakes start slipping in so then you slip back again. We’re looking forward to the challenge ahead of us now, we’ve just got to sort out how we get a boat and how we get ourselves on the circuit.”

Chris Steele, RNZYS Lautrec Racing: 
“I think we certainly improved from almost survival mode on day one to fighting and getting competitive yesterday and then another step further today being able to get a race win and a couple of podiums as well. Awesome effort from all the guys and we’re just really thankful to OC Sport for the opportunity to come and compete in the last stage of the 2016 season and a big thanks to everyone that’s helped out with getting us over here. Lautrec, mainly for the funding, also Royal New Zealand Yacht Squadron, without those guys it would be pretty hard to be competitive and also thanks to the full crew, I think everyone played a big part in getting us around the track. It was just an awesome fun week and we’re really happy to be able to come over here and hopefully it’s not the last time.”
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