Tuesday, September 13, 2016

What The Skippers Said - 52 Super Series Worlds - Menorca

Guillermo Parada (ARG) Skipper-Helm Azzurra (ITA):
Photo: © Martinez Studio / 52 Super Series
“We are excited. We have a world title to defend and we want to keep it for another 12 months. We have a couple of new sails, we have modified our mainsail and made some more changes to the set up of the boat and so we are confident that we our speed will be a step ahead of where we were.
Photo: © Martinez Studio / 52 Super Series
"Hopefully we can pull together a good week in terms of the whole package, the start, the speed, tactics, manoeuvres, all the things you need to put together to have a good regatta. Having the world championships here in the middle of the season is a great opportunity. Here we start from scratch with two opportunities. We are here to win the world championships and to see that Quantum Racing does not win the whole season. So I think the chance to start from scratch and aim for the world championship title is extra motivation for us for sure.”

Ed Baird (USA) Skipper-Helm Quantum Racing (USA):
Photo: © Martinez Studio / 52 Super Series
“Everybody is here to win the world championship and it is so exciting. Menorca has turned on the weather for us with great sailing conditions. The trick here is that the land does not influence the wind so much as it does at other venues we go to. So here every day can be different. It is all about what the weather is doing up above. We love to win any time we can but the world championship is special.”

Paul Cayard (USA) Skipper Phoenix (USA):
Photo: © Martinez Studio / 52 Super Series
“It is all a bit steep for us. Our goal was really to join the circuit next year but here we are and we are happy to be here. These guys are fast. I don’t think we are quite up to speed yet. But we have our system set up. We are debriefing every night. We have Steve Calder (North Sails designer) so we are looking to absorb a lot. I’d say a mid-fleet finish would be good for us. That is my expectation but we will see how it goes.”

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