Tuesday, July 26, 2016

What The Sailors Said - 52 Super Series - Puerto Portals - Day 1

Terry Hutchinson (USA) Tactician Quantum Racing (USA):
Photo: © Nico Martinez / Martinez Studio / 52 Super Series
“That fourth was massive. Every point is massive. You just know that when it comes to Friday that you will look at that race and say ‘that was big one’.  But all points are big. We try to do the simple things that we can do well, really well. Our biggest mistakes come when we make things too complicated. From there we rely heavily on our boat speed.
Photo: © Nico Martinez / Martinez Studio / 52 Super Series
"Everyone goes the same speed but it is the times when you are not going the same speed when you are not at optimum speed that count. It is getting up there and staying there, the acceleration. Between Sean, Warwick, Daggy they do nice work upwind. Doug has a nice steady hand and follows the prompts really well. That has to be the foundation of any success at any regatta. Boatspeed.”

Michele Ivaldi (ITA) Tactician Bronenosec (RUS):
Photo: © Nico Martinez / Martinez Studio / 52 Super Series
“We needed that day. We needed to boost our self confidence. And once again we proved that we have all the tools to win. There is no greater way to start the regatta. We are experimenting with a new set up here with Ado helping Vladimir on the starts and I just look at the wind. They did a brilliant job at the start, we started at the committee boat and we went right and from there on my work was easy.
Photo: © Nico Martinez / Martinez Studio / 52 Super Series
"You have to start well. We need to trust our boatspeed. We have some new sails. Don’t overcomplicate things. Make clean manoeuvres and stay out of trouble. These are the basics. And there is the positive spiral in a team. When you get self confidence you sail better you get more confident and sail better still. It is a positive spiral in any sport. In a sport where the performance is down to the sum of a lot of individuals then that is very important. We needed that boost and we have it.”

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