Tuesday, June 28, 2016

What The Sailors Said - 52 Super Series - Day 1 - Porto Cervo

Cameron Dunn (NZL), Tactician Sorcha (GBR):
Photo: © Nico Martinez / Martinez Studio / 52 Super Series
“It was a fun day. We are really happy. There are lots of things to work on but we are really pleased with how things are going. We made improvements through the day and in fact in the second race we sailed the boat better. I made a few mistakes. We had a good feel for the breeze in the first one and it worked out.”

Tony Rey (USA), Tactician Provezza (TUR):
Photo: © Nico Martinez / Martinez Studio / 52 Super Series
“We were able to stay in the top three in both races and that always feels good. But as everyone was quick to remind me on the way back in there are eight more races. I felt good for ten seconds and now we are just thinking about tomorrow. There were some ups and downs today and it is all about not having the big bad results.”

Doug DeVos (USA), Owner-Driver Quantum Racing (USA):
Photo: © Nico Martinez / Martinez Studio / 52 Super Series
“No matter what you do you can’t ever get a feel in practice for what it is like in a real race. With the closeness of the racing, with boats around you, just trying to do manoeuvres then the dynamic is different. And you are trying to think through things rather than just trying to feel it. After some coaching after the first race, I felt better in the second. I would have loved to have had the practice race.”

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