Sunday, June 21, 2015

What The Sailors Said - Extreme Sailing Series Act 4, Cardiff

Rasmus Køstner, SAP Extreme Sailing Team:
Photo: © Lloyd Images
“We knew from the beginning that The Wave, Muscat would try and make things difficult for us but that is how it is. During the first part of the last race I think we did quite well to stay away from them and sail our own race but in the end we got too close to The Wave, where they could then made things a bit more interesting! We kept fighting and managed to overtake them but didn’t close the gap to Red Bull Sailing Team. It was great racing and hats off to Red Bull Sailing Team for a fantastic performance, they definitely deserve to be on the podium.”

Stevie Morrison, Oman Air 
Photo: © Lloyd Images
“The Series is a good challenge. It’s really different with a lot of new skills you need to learn and a completely different mentality. It’s very crash and burn, literally some of the times, and that’s what makes it fun. I think it’s great racing here in front of the crowds and on such a short course. But you have to be very punchy and any little mistakes can prove quite costly.”

Chris Draper, GAC Pindar 
Photo: © Lloyd Images
“Red Bull Sailing Team sailed an awesome day. They had a great second half of the regatta whereas we kind of went in the opposite direction. We tried to attack the day too hard yesterday and made some silly mistakes, which went down to lack of preparation and experience in the Series. I’m really pleased with how we’ve done this weekend and I’ve really enjoyed sailing with Seve and the boys. Sofuku has done a great job so we’ve ticked all the boxes we’ve hoped to tick.”

Mitch Booth, Team Turx powered by Kaya Ropes
Photo: © Lloyd Images
“It was a hard day for us and we struggled from the first race in the tough conditions, but the crew were fighting really hard and by the middle of the day we had a little bit of drama. We broke our gooseneck (the swivel connection by which the boom attaches to the mast) and we had to miss a race, but the team performed pretty well under pressure with everything that was thrown at them – changing crew, broken boat. We fought hard and the last two races went OK for us.”

Leigh McMillan, The Wave, Muscat 
Photo: © Lloyd Images
“It has been a relentless four days of racing. The wind has been really gusty so it has been pretty nerve-wracking at times with plenty of adrenaline pumping through the team. Cardiff is renowned for these conditions and it really keeps you on your toes the whole time, but it is an enjoyable challenge"

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