Friday, September 19, 2014

What The Sailors Said - 52 Super Series - Day 3

Eduardo de Souza Ramos (BRA) Owner-Driver Phoenix (BRA):
Photo: © MartinezStudio / 52SuperSeries
“We were very lucky. On the way back we had the boat nearest the coast and just took the wind before the other boats and we passed from fourth to first. Then it was just a question of covering Azzurra and Gladiator to the finish. But it is super to win, a great feeling for this team. With the level of the fleet that we have here, to win a race is like winning a world championship. It is very, very nice. We like Ibiza very much.”

Vasco Vascotto (ITA) Tactician Azzurra (ITA): 
Photo: © MartinezStudio / 52SuperSeries
“We are very very happy to have always stayed in the top two of that race. It was very difficult, very very tricky and so we are pleased to have gained some points on Rán and on Sled and on Quantum and now we are a little closer for the last two days for Ibiza. 
Photo: © MartinezStudio / 52SuperSeries
"The transition was expected but not for such a long time. At a certain point you were thinking maybe the old wind was not there any more, but it was just moving back to the west a little. The guys behind were trying options, somebody goes left, somebody goes right and you cannot cover them all. You need to take your decisions. And our guys did a fantastic job, hoisting the right sails all the time and staying relaxed. 
Photo: © MartinezStudio / 52SuperSeries
"It was a good race. More than that we are happy because we worked hard to be able to improve our performance here. I think through the last three or four days we have been sailing faster and we are proud of that.”

Ed Reynolds (USA) Project Director Quantum Racing (USA): 
Photo: © MartinezStudio / 52SuperSeries
“It was a tough, tough day for us. We are much more comfortable closed course racing because we are better able to control what is happening on the race course and that is the strength of our team. These races sometimes you are the beneficiary and sometimes you are not. I don’t think you will see a lot of crying on our boat though. These guys are disappointed but they realise that when you do these coastal races that kind of thing can happen. It did not work out for them.”

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