Thursday, June 12, 2014

What The Sailors Said After Day 3 - 52 Super Series Worlds - Porto Cervo

Niklas Zennström (SWE) Owner-Driver Rán Racing (SWE):
Photo: MartinezStudio/52SuperSeries
“It was a fantastic race. For a three hours course there were four boats finishing within a minute, and it was full on for three hours, so lots of concentration, lots of hard work. Great fun. Quantum Racing were right behind at the last mark and at that point if they tacked we tacked. The run from the rock all the way back was very close. This was an amazing coastal race with lots of changes of positions. Ado Stead called some fantastic shots on the downwind getting us into some good positions.”

Tony Rey (USA) Tactician Provezza (TUR): 
Photo: MartinezStudio/52SuperSeries
“If we had been in ninth place and had caught up to third then we would have been thrilled right now but in fact we had said before the start, 'I bet someone gets a bad start on the pin, tacks to the right and ends up winning', and that's what happened. We did not get the start that we wanted but we got the first beat. I was really proud of the team for staying ahead of the good guys for as long as we did. And the best part is we ended up second and third for a while and then got back to first and we were in the fight. 
Photo: MartinezStudio/52SuperSeries
"At Spargi I said to the guys don’t be afraid of a close race in this class, keep doing what we are doing well, we responded and then we jumped on at the bottom, we had the wrong kite up, there were probably a dozen small things and then we ended up like a puppy at the side of the road that had just been rolled by three big trucks. But we managed to hang on to the place. But in the big picture it was a great day for us, a really good day.”

Tom Burnham (USA) Strategist and Pit Quantum Racing (USA): 
Photo: MartinezStudio/52SuperSeries
“It was a great race, different to last years in that there was less pressure, it was shiftier, and many lead changes. In that flat water in these wind conditions everyone is going at the same speed. It was big battle, a tough one. Rán Racing got one really nice puff at Palau and got through to lead. We gybed away thinking we were on the preferred gybe and they just sailed it straight and got around us. 
Photo: MartinezStudio/52SuperSeries
"Rán did a nice job form there and got ahead a bit, we did a good job getting inside coming to Tre Monte (the last mark in the channel) and we got through the Phoenix. But it was a full on battle all the way around the race course, with four boats in it to win it and at any moment any one of the four could have won it.”

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