Sunday, April 13, 2014

Challenge Crowned Sydney 38 Victorian Champion ....Again.

After seven races sailed over two days in light conditions off Sandringham Yacht Club Lou Abraham's Sydney 38 Challenge has been crowned the Quantum Sails Sydney 38 Victorian Champion.
Photo: Lulu Roseman
Sadly Lou was unable to race as he quietly passed away in February this year but his ever loyal crew lead by helmsman Mark Bulka and team manager Rowan Simpson, managed to fend of some very fierce competition from Geelong boat Pheonix and Andrew Robertson's Playground.
Photo: Lulu Roseman
"This one is for Lou. We have an awesome crew and they did an amazing job all weekend. We struggled a bit on the first day but today was magic. We got perfect starts and scored two bullets straight off the back, but on the last race we kind of lost the plot a bit by focussing on our main nemesis, Pheonix," Simpson said back at the dock after racing.
Photo: Lulu Roseman
"In preparation for the day's last race we decided to tighten the rig so Ian 'String' Taylor went up the mast to make the changes and in hindsight it was a mistake. We should have left things the way they were because the breeze never showed up," he added.
Photo: Lulu Roseman
Bulka, the current Contender World Champion, was relieved to win the event due to the very competitive fleet that pulled out all stops to to topple Challenge's dominance on this trophy.
Photo: Lulu Roseman
"It was certainly the toughest State Championships I have ever done in this class. The quality of the fleet continues to improve each year and we had to dig deep to stay at the pointy end of the the competition. A lot of the teams are bringing in some hot shots to help lift their performance," Bulka said.
Photo: Lulu Roseman
"It was a great fun regatta and winning it for the memory of Lou was extra special for the entire crew. This win means a hell of a lot to all of us."

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Lulu Roseman

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CameronRobertson said...

The prices we pay in order to be champions is worth it all when it happens and it's such an even better victory because you guys did it with such a touching and important reason behind it all too! No doubt this story is going to be printed out and framed and kept in storage for al ong time to come to remind you of the wonderful thing win that happened for all of you!