Thursday, January 16, 2014

Full Speed Ahead for Luna Rossa in Cagliari

Luna Rossa Challenge moves to Cagliari where the team will install its new base in view of the 35th America’s Cup, scheduled to take place in the Summer of 2017.
Photo: Coutesy of Luna Rossa
The work to set up the base will start in the coming weeks and it is expected to be operative as early as March. From May onwards the sailing team will start training on the water.

“We chose Cagliari because the weather conditions in this bay are ideal for training with catamarans. The city of Cagliari also offers excellent logistic solutions and has given us a particularly warm welcome. We are very pleased, after several years abroad, to have the team base back in Italy again,”

“With Luna Rossa, Sardinia is projected onto the international stage. With its sea, framed by a city, this area of the island is an ideal place for sailing, not only from a technical point of view but also for its striking beauty,” said Ugo Cappellacci, President of the Regione Sardegna.

“We are honoured by Luna Rossa’s choice. I am sure that Cagliari and it's citizens will give the team the welcome it deserves. We already started to burst with enthusiasm when the first rumours spread regarding the possible arrival of Luna Rossa. We are strongly aware of the significant return that Cagliari will receive, in terms of image, for its beautiful seashore and for all that the city can offer. Our warmest welcome to all of the Luna Rossa team," added Massimo Zedda, Mayor of Cagliari

The Port Authority Commissar, Piergiorgio Massidda is equally excited.

“The announcement of Patrizio Bertelli to choose Cagliari as base for the team Luna Rossa honours us and repays us for the work conducted in recent years to improve the conditions of our city and to make it a reference for international sailing. This is a unique opportunity, not only for the city but for the whole area which will be recognized at an international level. I am pleased therefore to take this opportunity to welcome the whole team Luna Rossa," Massidda said.

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