Thursday, October 17, 2013

Tables Are Turned At Moth Worlds, Gulari Hits The Front

Four more races were held today at the 2013 Moth Worlds in picture perfect light to moderate trade-winds that the 80 strong fleet have been waiting patiently for all week. Patience is a virtue and no one enjoys the frustration less than a bunch of wild Mothies eager to do what they do best, foil fast.
Photo: ThMartinez/Sea&Co/International Moth Worlds
Race four got away with a clean start with Bora Gulari getting the better of Nathan Outteridge by smoking him and taking a five point overall advantage followed by Florida's Brad Funk in third. But it wasn't too long before there was carnage on the race course when Britain's Tom Special Offer ploughed into Switzerland's Philip Kassermann. Offer was coming into the mark on a port tack and went straight into the Swiss causing some serious damage to his bow.
The bow of Tom Special Offer's Moth Photo: Courtesy of Moth Worlds Media
Race five saw a change of dynamics as last year's runner up in Lake Garda in Italy, Scott Babbage (AUS) showed fire and held off Julian Salter  (AUS) and Bora Gulari (USA) to claim the win.
Photo: ThMartinez/Sea&Co/International Moth Worlds
"My strategy was just to get off the start line as cleanly as possible. Unfortunately this was unsuccessful for most of time. I had to dig myself out of some pretty big holes and only managed to do so a couple of times," Babbage said.
Photo: ThMartinez/Sea&Co/International Moth Worlds
Race six saw the tables turn again and Nathan Outteridge pulled off an aggressive start to grab the lead early and take the win followed by fellow Aussie Rob Gough while Bora Gulari took third. 
Photo: ThMartinez/Sea&Co/International Moth Worlds
Race seven belonged to Scott Babbage (AUS) who nailed the day's final race followed by Newport, Rhode Island's Anthony Kotoun and the consistent Ben Paton (GBR) in third.

Racing will resume tomorrow if the weather plays ball.

Overall Results After Seven Races:

1. USA 7: Bora Gulari, Detroit, MI, [16]-1-2-1-3-3-7- : 17
2. AUS 3997: Nathan Outteridge, Wangi Wangi, Australia, 1-2-1-[11]-9-1-8- : 22
3. USA 1111: Brad Funk, Fort Lauderdale, FL, 8-5-4-3-5-5-[18]- : 30
4. AUS 8, Julian Salter, Tasmania, Australia 11-9-8-5-2-[29]-5- : 40
5. AUS 3, Rob Gough, Tasmania, Australia [15]-8-13-9-8-2-4- : 44

See full results here>>>

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