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Greenhalgh Flies High At Moth Worlds in Kaneohe - Race Day 5

Light conditions plagued the 2013 Moth Worlds fleet yet again today in Kaneohe in Oahu, Hawaii. The AP flag went down at noon and the fleet headed out to the race course only to bob around for almost three hours before there was enough wind to get a race away.
Photo:Th.Martinez/Sea&Co/International Moth Worlds
Britain's Robert Greenhalgh had a superb day with two bullets and an eighth in the final race of the day and due to his consistent results is currently placed fifth place overall. Tasmania's Rob Gough scored the other win today and is sitting in sixth overall.
Bora Gulari (USA) and Nathan Outteridge (AUS) Photo:Th.Martinez/Sea&Co/International Moth Worlds
The take no prisoners battle between Bora Gulari and Nathan Outteridge continues for top spot and Gulari currently has a handy eight point advantage going into the final day on Saturday. Last year's Moth Worlds runner Scott Babbage continues to creep up the leaderboard after yesterday's bullet and two top five results today.
Robert Greenhalgh (GBR) Photo:Th.Martinez/Sea&Co/International Moth Worlds
"It's been a very tough event and obviously the weather has been very challenging not just for the competitors but also for the race management. Principal Race Officer, Tom Pochereva has really been up against it with difficult light conditions, shifty conditions and obviously he's trying to get as many races in as possible," Greenhalgh said.
Photo:Th.Martinez/Sea&Co/International Moth Worlds
"Today we were hoping to get a race in and we didn't get one away until quite late in the day and then we got three races in. Starting in light conditions in these boats is very hard. I started a couple of races on port and got through with reasonable speed in that stuff so go through to win the first two races. In the last race I had a top ten result so I was m pretty happy with my day, I can't complain at all," he added.
Robert Greenhalgh (GBR) Photo:Th.Martinez/Sea&Co/International Moth Worlds
"I think most people have come here expecting 12-20 knots. My expectation was for 8-14 knots and it's been a bit lighter than that and if the wind had been a bit stronger you would have seen guys like Peter Burling come to the fore and possibly walk away with it , Nathan obviously and Brad Funk and Bora Gulari. All of those guys are well prepped for the breeze and I think Chris Rashley would have been right in the frame. It comes and goes and these boats are very condition specific and as the wind speed changes by one or two knots you see different boats going faster and different boats going slower. Everyone is fighting for their spot at the top of the tree."
Photo:Th.Martinez/Sea&Co/International Moth Worlds
Fresh from winning the Red Bull Youth America's Cup in San Francisco followed by the 49er World Championship in Marseilles with Blair Tuke, New Zealander Peter Burling had a better day today after a slow start and has climbed his way into the top ten.
Peter Burling (NZL)Photo:Th.Martinez/Sea&Co/International Moth Worlds
"I was feeling pretty confident coming into this event but with the changing conditions to the lighter stuff I found a pretty big weakness there and did a lot of modifications on the boat including a different foil and a different rig and it seemed to be going a lot better today. It was a little bit windier and I was a lot happier about how the boat was going in the lighter stuff today," Burling said.
Photo:Th.Martinez/Sea&Co/International Moth Worlds
"I know a lot of people set up their boats for trade wind conditions just like I did thinking it was not going to be a marginal foiling event. I haven't done a lot of Moth sailing and it is an area that i haven't done a lot of practice in. Looking towards the future I think I'll be practicing more in the lighter stuff as it is such an important part of the yacht race," he added.

Burling suffered form some equipment failures a few days ago when he blew up a rudder in the fourth race which he placed second in.
Bora Gulari (USA) Photo:Th.Martinez/Sea&Co/International Moth Worlds
"I had to let Bora pass on the last run and I had to come back in and swap it over so I was a bit late for the next race. With big scores on the first day I just knew I had to just get back out there and pass as many boats as I could. It's a little bit disappointing for myself as I know I perform better in a bit more breeze and I haven't really prepared for the lighter breeze at all so it's been a bit of a weakness of mine. It's something I'll work on in the future to improve."  
Photo:Th.Martinez/Sea&Co/International Moth Worlds
"The Moth is such a development boat and things are going on and it's so high tech it's not how you're sailing it's almost the hardware you've got on the boat is whether it's tuned for breeze or light wind and I know I was certainly set up for breeze. After the first day I didn't really have any options to change it and now I've got a few more options."

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