Wednesday, August 28, 2013

What The Sailors Said Back At The Dock - Farr 40 Worlds - Day 1

Guido Belgiorno-Nettis, Owner, Transfusion (AUS)
Photo: Lulu Roseman
"As a previous world champion we were hoping to get a reasonable score on our first day of sailing but that didn't happen for us and we had few incidences and issues, mark issues and penalty turns and we ended up getting caught out in the last race with a very bad bottom mark rounding situation so we got some pretty bad scores today so we at best mid fleet in ninth position."

"It's going to be pretty hard for us to come back from here so I think our chance of a win at the worlds is certainly over. But we'll get out there and the most important thing is that we all enjoy sailing and Newport is one of the great places in the world to sail and it is a great race course and with our particular scores (11, 4, 11) there is no doubt that top five is still within our reach.

"It's possible to get back up there but we're going to have to work pretty hard but we'll give it our best shot and just enjoy the sailing from here on. We've got the boxing kangaroo flag out there to celebrate Australia II's America's Cup victory in 1983 that we will be flying as we head out to the race course."

Bill Hardesty, Tactician, Flash Gordon (USA)
Photo: Lulu Roseman
"It was a tricky day, the wind was light and the storm went through this morning so the conditions were  varying. Our forecast and winds really light but it held pretty nice within a 12 knot range from offshore so deciding whether you go left or right was a big decision.

"It's also tricky to work why certain sides are working so you can make a judgement as to which way you're going to go and then you start going that way sometimes it's right and sometimes it's wrong. Today it seemed that the left side was always good. In the first race we had a tough start as we had to attack and go right and ended up going up the middle. We then identified the left was good so we took that as quickly as we could but we only managed a seventh.

"The final two races was still left side with more pressure and maybe with a little bit of a shift and we were lucky enough to be able to go that way. In the second race we were confidently able to go left and get a good score on the board with a second in that race. In the final race we ducked a whole group of boats and when came out of that I knew we were close to the layline but we looked up and the mark was straight ahead of us.

"So all the boats that we went behind that would have been ahead of us weren't and we got around the mark third and passed another boat to get another second. So day one we'll take 7,2,2. Charisma with three firsts is going to be a tough one to take them down. All you can do is control what you can do at this point. There's an age old saying that you can sure lose it on the first day but you can't win it. We feel like we are living to fight another day."

Morgan Reeser, Tactician, Charisma (MON)
Photo: Lulu Roseman
"You can lose the regatta on the first day and we didn't do that so I am happy. To be honest there has been a lot of drama in our lives over the last few days and it was just nice to out and race and for everyone it was a really challenging day.

"We are the biggest barrier that we have to overcome and that is all we can do is worry about ourselves and try and do our best and let the cards fall where they may. We have a lot of young Dutch sailors on board as our owner Nico Poons is Dutch and we also have a Kiwi and an Aussie. They are an absolute pleasure to sail with and speak very good english."

Lulu Roseman

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