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Quantum Racing Are All Over It - Copa del Rey, Palma - Day 2

Thanks to a win in the third and final race of the day of the 52 Super Series at Copa del Rey in Palma, Quantum Racing has broken Rán’s three race winning streak to seize the overall regatta lead by one point.
Photo: Xaume Olleros / 52 Super Series
Rán made an impressive recovery in the second race of the day by clawing their way back from an OCS at the start to win in the final 100 metres after rounding the first top mark in ninth. But they were unable to keep the momentum going and the American flagged team swooped in to take the day's final race.
Photo: Xaume Olleros / 52 Super Series
It was a very long, hot day on the water as the race committee brought the regatta back on track by holding three races in Palma’s usual solid sea breeze conditions. While the south sou 'westerly held out long enough, there were sufficient shifts and changes in pressure to ensure that the race track was more unpredictable than usual.
Photo: Xaume Olleros / 52 Super Series
Quantum Racing’s 2,2,1 was the strongest aggregate of the day, but after seeing Rán Racing’s first two wins today, the 52 Super Series leaders might have considered the Gods were favouring the World Champions. Zennström’s team rallied from ninth at the first top mark in the second race  to pass the leeward gate second hot on the heels of Azzurra, before going on to get the gun.
Photo: Xaume Olleros / 52 Super Series
By comparison Rán Racing’s first win today was relatively conventional, leading off the start line and keeping Rio and Rán Racing in check all the way around the race course. Azzurra fought back from being OCS to finish fourth while Quantum Racing just eased ahead of Manouch Moshayedi’s Rio on the second beat for second.
Photo: Xaume Olleros / 52 Super Series
Azzurra lead the second race but dropped back to third after they engaged in a dual with Quantum Racing on the last run and left the door wide open for Rán to squeeze by for their second win of the day.
Photo: Xaume Olleros / 52 Super Series
Quantum Racing stuck with their convictional plan to go left on the first beat in the final race and were rewarded with a handy lead ahead of Gladiator. Rio picked up their second third place of the day to lie in fourth position overall, just one point behind Azzurra, the defending 2012 52 Super Series champions.
Photo: Xaume Olleros / 52 Super Series
Results: 52 Super Series

1 Quantum Racing, USA, (Doug DeVos) (3,2,2,1) 8pts
2 Rán Racing, SWE, (Niklas Zennström) (1,1,1,6) 9pts
3 Azzurra, ITA, (Alberto Roemmers) (2,4,3,7) 16pts
4 Rio, USA, (Manouch Moshayedi) (6,3,5,3) 17pts
5 Provezza, TUR, (Ergin Imre) (4,7.5,4,4) 19.5pts
6 Gladiator, GBR, (Tony Langley) (7,5,8,2) 22pts
7 Interlodge, USA, (Austin Fraogmen) (5,7.5,6,5) 23.5pts
8 Paprec, FRA, (Jean Luc Petithugenin) (9,6,7,8) 30pts
9 Aquila, AUT, (Aquila Sailing Team) (8,9,9,9) 35pts

32nd Copa del Rey MAPFRE – Gaastra IRC 52 Class

1 Quantum Racing (3,2,2,1) 8pts
2 Rán Racing, (1,1,1,5.5) 8.5pts
3 Azzurra, (2,4,3,7) 16pts
4 Rio, (6,3,5,3) 17pts
5 Provezza, (5,9,4.4) 22pts
6 Gladiator, (8,5,8,2) 23pts
7 Interlodge, (4,8,6.5,5.5) 24pts
8 Paprec, (9,6,6.5,9) 30.5pts
9 Aquila, (7,7,9,8) 31pts

Terry Hutchinson (USA), Tactician Quantum Racing (USA):
Photo: Xaume Olleros / 52 Super Series
“We did quite good work today, Ed (Baird), Warwick (Fleury), Jonesy (Brett Jones) and Lorenzo (Mazza) had the boat going really nicely through the water. The middle race was a bit of a disappointment because we had a 50 metre lead at the last top mark but lost it to Rán Racing – who have just been on fire – on the last run.

"But we sailed a nice bounce back race then, the guys nailed the start and we stuck to our guns. Everyone kept taking a step out to the right to the pressure line, but we were happy with the middle and the upper left and low and behold it worked. We had a nice lead at the top.

"It is hard to stay focused on a long hot day like that, that is the most challenging part of the day. Some of us are straight off a Farr 40 regatta in the USA and we might be feeling a little bit if jet lag at this stage but in the same breath there is so much to play for then it is not that hard to stay focused. The nice thing about sailing with really good people is they keep cracking the whip on you.”

Dee Smith (USA) Tactician Rio (USA):
Photo: Xaume Olleros / 52 Super Series
“We had a pretty good, steady day. The course gave us lots of options, it wasn’t left it wasn’t right. It was a bit of both and we were able to pick a few shifts and the boat is going better and better every day. It was more a day of survival than of doing great work. We are pretty happy, the more you sail together the better you get. We had a long way to go but we are getting there.”

Jon Gunderson (NZL) Trimmer Rán Racing (SWE):
Photo: Xaume Olleros / 52 Super Series
“We kicked off with another win which we were pretty happy about. We got some lucky breaks, maybe getting some of the luck we felt we didn't get in Ibiza. We had to scrap pretty hard for that second win when we over the line. We made a pretty good comeback up the first beat which got us back into the game. On the last run in the last exchange we got on top and we crossed in front to win.

"We saw some breeze out to left but it was a little bit of the roll of the dice – we felt we are due some luck – and then we kept it tight and we saw an opportunity when Quantum Racing and Azzurra were locked together and got a shift and that was all it took.Instantly up that first beat of the final race we had a good start and more or less where we wanted to go but it just did not pan out the way we thought it would.

"It is a long, long regatta so we are not thinking about the points at all at the moment. It is important not to be out of it at this stage, but a point off the lead is good at this stage. We are in the hunt, the objective is always to go into the last day in the hunt, and so we are there right now.”

Lulu Roseman

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