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French Hang on To Lead at F18 Worlds in Italy - Day 4

Competition was intensified at the Formula 18 World Championships being held off the Compagnia della Vela Grosseto today thanks to a westerly wind that peaked at 16 knots in the afternoon keeping all 161 teams on their toes.
Photo: © cdvg/ / Fabrizio Gandini
Four races were held on the first day of the finals for the Gold and Silver fleets is now split. The top class was dominated by Frenchmen Billy Besson and Jeremie Lagarriquem who confidently notched up two bullets and two fifth places. The pair now have a total of 18 points which makes them undisputed leaders in the overall standings with just one day to go.
Photo: © cdvg/ / Fabrizio Gandini
The British team of  Hugh Styles and Richard Mason are second on 22 points (3, 12, 1, 2) just ahead of Mischa Heemskerk (10, 7, 81 DNC, 1) who takes the bottom step of today’s Gold podium on 33 points. In fourth, on 35 points, is Francois Gabart (2, 23, 15, 4) followed by Mitch Booth (7, 6, 2, 28) in fifth on 42 points and this morning’s leader, Gurvan Bontemps (28, 8, 3, 81 BFD).
Photo: © cdvg/ / Fabrizio Gandini
Faring best of the Italians right now are Carlo de Paoli and Maurizio Stella who are ranked 14th on 83 points ahead of Bissaro-Cesari who dropped from 9th to 15th position thanks to a score of 87.
Photo: © cdvg/ / Fabrizio Gandini
Dutch duo Arjan Baas and Gort Roderick (143 points) triumphed in the Silver fleet ahead of Austrians Andreas Geritzer and Peter Klenner (169 points), while the third step on the podium went to Italians Manuel Vaccari and Alessandro Meoli (170 points).
Tomorrow's forecast is for a windy day and perfect racing conditions. The race committee expect to start the last four races from midday with the prize-giving ceremonies for both Gold and Silver fleets scheduled for 18.00 at Compagnia della Vela Grosseto.


Mitch Booth, Helmsman ESP 1910: "A good day. It was a pity about the last race. We had a perfect start but then we got a mark wrong. The races were fantastic. It wasn’t a gallop. Tactics were fundamental but it still wasn’t a lottery either. Conditions were perfect and great fun."

Francois Gabart, Helmsman FRA 301: "Two good races, two less so. So we’re half happy. Gold, as was to be expected, was very tough – the standard really is high. Before if we got off to a bad start, we could make up but now that’s not possible. We’ve lost points but we are still in there. And anything could happen tomorrow."

Lamberto Cesari, Bowman ITA 13: "Excellent fun. The wind got up, we managed to do all four races. There is an incredible difference between this and the qualifiers – you just pay such a high price for the slightest mistake now. Everyone is being very shrewd and reacting immediately to any movement the fleet makes so it’s very difficult. I’m not very happy with our day. We made a few errors of judgment and a few bad manoeuvres. It’s left us with a bit of a bad taste in our mouth. We want to claw our way back tomorrow."

Top five positions in the standings:

1. Besson/Lagarrique (FRA 1796) - (6), 5, 2, 1, 2, 1, 1, (5), 5 - 18 points
2. Styles/Mason (GBR 7) - 3, 1, 2, 3, (7), 7, 3, (12), 1, 2 - 22 points
3. Heemskerk/Tentij (NED 1796) - 2 RDG, (18), 1, 1, 10, 1, 10, 7, (81 DNC), 1 - 33 points
4. Gabart/Vandame (FRA 301) - 2, (81 BDF), 1, 3, 4, 4, 2, (23), 15, 4 - 35 points
5. Booth/Booth (ESP 1910) - 1, 8, 6, (11), 6, 6, 7, 6, 2, (27): 42 points

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