Thursday, July 4, 2013

Dockside Quotes - 52 Super Series Ibiza - Day 3


Ed Baird, USA, Skipper-Helm Quantum Racing:
Photo: Xaume Olleros/52 Super Series
“Jordi and Terry did a fabulous job setting us up to be in the smart places on the race course and the guys did a terrific job making us go fast. It started out today a little bit cloudy and unusual, and filled in enough to get a start off and we were not sure where it was going to go next because it was cloudy, Earlier in the day it went left and we happened to be on that side so we were happy. 

"In the second race we went right and won that side while Azzurra won the left and came out about length and a half ahead of us at the top mark. We got a little tangled up in traffic and ended up with a fourth, but it was still a strong finish. In the last race we were excited to get out to the right hand side and that worked out too. It was a good day and full marks to the Quantum team.

"It is interesting because sometimes in light airs it is hard to grow a lead but here it seems like it is pretty straightforward what is going to happen next. If you can have a bit of a lead at the top mark then it does seem to slowly grow. Azzurra had the same thing in the second race and Gladiator yesterday when they were winning which is indicative of the venue rather than anything else.”

Simon Fry, GBR, Trimmer Azzurra:
Photo: Xaume Olleros/52 Super Series
 “At the beginning of the day we had to close, or at worst not lose any points on Quantum Racing, Rán and Gladiator. So things panned out OK. We were a little disappointed with the last run in the last race, but a 2,1,3 in the difficult conditions, we will settle for that.

"It is very, very streaky. The lanes of pressure are very defined. You can’t see them on the water very well and there is no geography which is causing them. The second and third races were a bit breezier and Maria did a good job to keep us out for the three races. We are comfortable with our speed. I think it is very lane specific. When you get in a lucky lane you are all patting each other on the back. In the last race today on the starboard lay line we were pulling and bearing against Quantum and sometimes we were just slow, ripping bearing out of us. It is hard work and a venue to test the patience.”

Nick Rogers, GBR, Skipper-Helm, Provezza: 
Photo: Xaume Olleros/52 Super Series
“It was a good day for us. We are still new as a team, learning the boat and how to sail it together. We had three good starts and had some good tactics. We are always fighting when we are in the middle of the fleet. We struggle at times with the boat handling. The last race was just right for the boat. In general we find the light winds a bit easier as the boat is more geared towards light winds.”

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