Friday, May 31, 2013

Robertissima Smoking Hot In Portoferraio - Melges 32 Audi Sailing Series

Portoferraio, Italy - The third act of the 2013 Melges 32 Audi Sailing Series hosted by Lega Navale Italiana Portoferraio officially got underway on Friday with two difficult races in light and shifty conditions. Roberto Tomasini Grinover onboard Robertissima is currently leading in first overall, followed by American Jason Carroll on Argo and and Vincenzo Onorato's Mascalzone Latino in third.
Photo: © 2013 Carlo Borlenghi | BPSE
The racing, from a tactical standpoint could not have been more complicated. A quick review of the scoreboard reveals that the top three boats were the only ones able to achieve single-digit finishes in both racces.
Photo: © 2013 Carlo Borlenghi | BPSE
Fourth-place finisher Edoardo Lupi aboard Torpyone was among the few able to gain some redemption by winning Race Two. Longtime Melges 32 owner and helmsman Mauro Mocchegiani at the helm of Audi Ultra Giacomel managed a nice third in Race One.
Photo: © 2013 Carlo Borlenghi | BPSE
Overall Series leaders Andrea Pozzi's Bombarda and Lanfranco Cirillo's Fantastica finished the day in seventh and eighth respectively.
Photo: © 2013 Carlo Borlenghi | BPSE
Gaeta champ Valentin Zavadnikov from Russia on Team Synergy GT completed the day in a disappointing twelfth place. Naofumi Kamei on Mamma Aiuto! finished the best of the three participating Japanese teams in thirteenth.
Photo: © 2013 Carlo Borlenghi | BPSE
Racing in Portoferraio will resume tomorrow and the forecasts are already calling for potentially more challenging conditions.

Top Ten Results (After Two Races)

1.) Roberto Tomasini Grinover/Vasco Vascotto, Robertissima; 2-4 = 6
2.) Jason Carroll/Cameron Appleton, Argo; 1-8 = 9
3.) Vincenzo Onorato/Gabriele Benussi, Mascalzone Latino; 5-5 = 10
4.) Edoardo Lupi/Pietro Sibello, Torpyone; 13-1 = 14
5.) Mauro Mocchegiani/Branko Brcin, Audi Ultra Giacomel; 3-13 = 16
6.) Malcolm Gefter/Sam Rogers, Celeritas; 11-6 = 17
7.) Andrea Pozzi/Lorenzo Bressani, Bombarda; 17-2 = 19
8.) Lanfranco Cirillo/Michele Paoletti, Fantastica; 16-3 = 19
9.) Richard Goransson/Hamish Pepper, Helly Hansen Inga from Sweden; 10-9 = 19
10.) Marc de Antonio Altimira/Gustavo Martinez Doreste, Bribon Movistar; 8-12 = 20

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Sunday, May 26, 2013

Azzurra Sees Victory Slip Away - 52 Super Series, Trofeo Conde de Godò - Barcelona

Azzurra has finished the first event of the 52 Super Series in third place behind winners Quantum and Ran Racing in second. A challenging day prevented the TP52 from the Yacht Club Costa Smeralda from climbing higher on the podium.
Photo: Xaume Olleros / 52 Super Series
In yacht racing there are good days, bad day and tough days when the ducks just don't line up and Azzurra experienced that first hand today. In the final race of Trofeo Conde Godó in Barcelona, Azzurra's decision to opt for the right-hand side of the course, favoured by a wind shift, cost them the regatta. The decision by Quantum and Rán to take the left proved more advantageous.
Photo: Xaume Olleros / 52 Super Series
In the lighter 11-14 knot choppy conditions, Azzurra suffered upwind and sat at the back of the fleet while Quantum commanded the center of the course, closely followed by Rán. At the first weather mark, Azzurra chose to do a gybe set, gybing towards the right. Interlodge, who was positioned closely behind protested and inflicted a penalty on Azzurra which the Italians considered to be unfair.
Photo: Xaume Olleros / 52 Super Series
Since on-the-water umpire decisions cannot be appealed, Azzurra was forced to immediately carry out a penalty turn with the gennaker already hoisted. That was the final nail in the coffin for the Italian team, who were unable to stage a comeback. Quantum went on to win the race, the regatta and top spot on the circuit leader board followed by Rán with Azzurra in third place a further four points behind.

52 Super Series, Trofeo Conde de Godò Barcelona, results after eight races

1. Quantum Racing (USA) 18 pts
2. Rán (SWE) 21 pts
3. Azzurra (ITA) 22 pts
4. Gladiator (GBR) 35 pts
5. Interlodge (USA) 35 pts
6. Rio (USA) 45 pts
7. Provezza 7 (TUR) 48 pts

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Quantum Snares Victory at Conde de Godo in Barcelona - 52 Super Series

A win in the final race in Barcelona for Quantum Racing, saw the American team lift the Conde de Godo Trophy regatta high for the second year in a row. It was a bitter sweet end to Azzurra's regatta after their chance of victory slipped away after a penalty caused them to cross the finish line last.
Quantum Photo:  Xaume Olleros/52 Super Series
Azzurra went into Sunday’s only race with a lead of two points over Quantum Racing and four on Niklas Zennström’s Rán Racing. But the defending 2012 52 Super Series champions couldn't miss a trick and after a modest first beat, were penalised for fouling Interlodge at the spreader mark spinnaker hoist.
Azzurra Photo:  Xaume Olleros/52 Super Series
Required to take a penalty turn Azzurra’s hopes of winning the regatta evaporated. There was no coming back for them as Quantum Racing were already half a mile down the first run, sailing securely and confidently to take the winning gun and with it the Conde de Godo Trophy.
Rán Racing Photo: Xaume Olleros/52 Super Series
Rán Racing’s second place, with Azzurra seventh gives Zennström’s World Champion crew second overall in Barcelona, the city where they won their first 52 Regatta in 2011.
Quantum Photo:  Xaume Olleros/52 Super Series
If several of the earlier races had seen Quantum Racing forced to climb through the fleet, this time there were more obvious shades of the 2008 and 2011 Champions at their best. They started well but one subtle, small right hand wind shift, minutes after the start was fundamental to them getting the jump on the fleet and by making key gains on Rán Racing, they lead around the first windward turn.
Quantum Photo:  Xaume Olleros/52 Super Series
Although they had a lacklustre first beat, Azzurra were still contenders at the top of the first leg, but as they tried to break away from the back of the pack they were not clear enough of Interlodge and the resulting penalty compounded their initial problems.
Photo:  Xaume Olleros/52 Super Series
It was a dramatic conclusion to a regatta which Azzurra had dominated at times, winning three races of the eight sailed, along with two thirds and a second place. But in the end the recoveries which Quantum Racing staged with their potent mix of fighting spirit, focus and sheer talent, proved their value.
Photo:  Xaume Olleros/52 Super Series
“I look at a couple of races that we had pretty good comebacks from the top marks and those are the races that are the deciding factors. The races when you lead at the top mark you need to win. Azzzurra fortunately could not get back through the fleet this time,” said Quantum Racing’s Terry Hutchinson.
Photo:  Xaume Olleros/52 Super Series
"These things happen. It’s a bad day. You park it. You maybe draw on it in the future if you need to but we know we are fast. We sailed pretty well for three and a half days but unfortunately we let ourselves down in one race, but we’ll be back. We’ll be alright in Ibiza,” said Simon Fry, Azzurra’s trimmer
Photo:  Xaume Olleros/52 Super Series
Tony Langley’s crew of Gladiator nailed one final third to their aggregate to finish fourth overall, the British owner especially pleased with their race win in Friday’s 25 knot plus breeze.

52 SUPER SERIES, Barcelona, Trofeo Conde de Godó, standings after eight races.

1- Quantum Racing (USA), (3-1-2-4-2-3-2-1) 18 points
2- Rán (SWE), (2-4-3-1-3-5-1-2) 21 points
3- Azzurra (ITA), (1-3-1-2-4-1-3-7) 22 points
4- Gladiator (GBR) (5-7-7-3-1-4-5-3) 35 points
5- Interlodge (USA) (4-2-6-5-6-2-4-6) 35 points
6- Rio (USA) (7-6-5-6-5-6-6-4) 45 points
7- Provezza (TUR) (6-5-4-7-7-7-7-5) 48 points


Terry Hutchinson (USA), Tactician Quantum Racing (USA):
Photo:  Xaume Olleros/52 Super Series
“I look at a couple of races that we had pretty good comebacks from the top marks, those are the races that are the deciding factors. The races when you lead at the top, you need to win. Azzzurra fortunately could not get back through the fleet. Ed (Baird) and Warwick (Fleury) and the guys did great work all day sailing the boat. I kind of gave Ed some bad information about a minute prior to the start which got him in a tough spot but he did a really good job holding a lane off the start. You occasionally have regattas when things align, but I think we are sailing really well, the boat is really fast, the sails are really nice there is a lot or really good positives out of it."

Ed Reynolds (USA) Project Manager Quantum Racing (USA): 
Photo:  Xaume Olleros/52 Super Series
“The guys executed everything they wanted to. They got the start they wanted to, Terry saw something and they took a hitch up to get it and that was the race. From that position they hooked into what they had seen and that was it. This event to come back and win at the start of the European circuit, this is a big, big win for us. This is a big operation though, we are a team of 25 people and not all of them are on the boat, nobody is thought of as any less important than another. The shore team is spectacular every day they put the boat out for the team in condition to win in, and so this is 100% theirs as much as anybody’s."

Niklas Zennström (SWE), Owner-Driver Rán Racing (SWE): 
Photo:  Xaume Olleros/52 Super Series
“We have had a ups and downs all regatta, and I think most boats did, before today we were third with Quantum and Azzurra just ahead of us so to finish in second we are quite happy. Obviously we are here to win the regatta, but given where we were this morning I am happy with second.”

Simon Fry (GBR) Trimmer Azzurra (ITA): 
Photo:  Xaume Olleros/52 Super Series
“Obviously we are very disappointed, we had a half decent start, we managed to tack on Quantum after about two and a half minutes, we then got bounced around a bit, didn’t have the lane we wanted on the first beat, it wasn’t disastrous we were going to round probably fourth, and we could just chip away metre by metre but unfortunately we fouled Interlodge at the spreader mark, we are still seeking interpretation on the rule on that but that really put us on the back foot, we did a penalty and ge back into it at the leeward mark but on the second beat everything went against us. These things happen! Its a bad day, you park it, you draw on it, we know we are fast, we sailed pretty well for three and a half days but unfortunately we let ourselves down in one race, but we’ll be back. We’ll be alright in Ibiza.”

Chris Larson (USA) Tactician Gladiator (GBR): 
Photo:  Xaume Olleros/52 Super Series
“I think the boat felt really good. We were three points behind Interlodge going in to the day and ended up fourth. After a disastrous first day when I tried to drag the boat around the course, we sailed really well and we were round the top weather mark in the top three in the last three days so it was really good today, we just need to hang in there and keep fighting. We can get better we need to get off the line and execute the strategy for the first half of the beat and if we can hold the same tack for 50 per cent of the beat and go the way we want and if it all works out we stand a chance of being at the front of the pack.”

Austin Fragomen (USA) Owner-Driver Interlodge (USA): 
Photo:  Xaume Olleros/52 Super Series
“We loved the racing, tough competition. We were fine with how we did considering how little we have raced up against these top teams. We raced against them in the USA and we were delighted to be in the races there, to be able to compete and so we are looking forwards to Ibiza."

Johnny Goldsberry (USA) Rio (USA): 
Photo:  Xaume Olleros/52 Super Series
“Finishing up with a fourth place is good for us. We started off with a shaky start, had to tack away but got a couple of good shifts. Dee Smith has been great all week, keeping us in the right spot, so I think all in all good to finish with a good result is good for the team. In Miami we finished with a second. We could use more practise but we are getting there."

Nick Rogers (GBR) helm Provezza (TUR): 
Photo:  Xaume Olleros/52 Super Series
“We had good and bad days racing. We had a really bad day yesterday ripping three spinnakers. Thats a real downer but other than that we have learned a lot as a team, we just need to work really hard on our 20+ knot sailing but we had some good racing. Our aim is to take some good results from every regatta."

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Saturday, May 25, 2013

Quantum Is Snapping At Azzurra's Heels - Conde de Godo, Barcelona - Day 3

Although Azzurra lead into the final day of the Conde de Godo Trophy regatta after two fast, challenging races in fresh sou 'easterly winds on Saturday, the defending 52 Super Series champions remain under pressure from Quantum Racing.
Quantum Photo: Xaume Olleros / 52 Super Series
The American team got the better of Azzurra on the final run today, inflicting a small but perhaps telling psychological blow when they wrestled second place on the last gybe of the at the end of a fabulous, high speed duel which had raged back and forth from the last windward turn.
Azzurra Photo: Xaume Olleros / 52 Super Series
Winning the first race of the day with a significant margin over Austin Fragomen’s Interlodge, Azzurra looked to have gained control over Quantum Racing during the first beat of the second race and were set to consolidate their three points lead. But it went to the wire though, with the two gybing side by side for the finish line.
Interlodge Photo: Xaume Olleros / 52 Super Series
While Quantum Racing accelerated smoothly out of their turn, Azzurra stalled momentarily and could only make third. After seven races Azzurra go into the final day of racing with two points in hand over Quantum Racing with Niklas Zennström’s Rán Racing in third, a further two points behind. Up to two races might be sailed Sunday.
Photo: Xaume Olleros / 52 Super Series
Although Quantum Racing completed a solid day, returning a third and second, from the outside they appeared to make it more difficult than they wanted it to be. In both races they were, again, forced to be climbing up the fleet rather than getting into a position to be challenging for the lead at the first mark.
Photo: Xaume Olleros / 52 Super Series
Immediately after the first start today they had to sail clear to take a penalty turn. In the second, Race 7, they made a well timed, fast start while Azzurra – this time – appeared to struggle off the line. But it was almost as if a magnetic field drew the two top boats together again and they locked horns with Azzurra from the middle of the first beat.
Photo: Xaume Olleros / 52 Super Series
"Little communications on the starting line got us into difficulties. You don’t have to make much of a mistake to be put into a position where you can’t execute your game plan. In this fleet the most critical thing is to set yourself up to win the first cross and you have to do a lot of things in a very short space of time perfectly for that to happen,”  Ed Reynolds, Quantum Racing’s team director said later.
Photo: Xaume Olleros / 52 Super Series
In the strong, 18-22 knot winds the pressure on the crews was relentless and the action intense. World Champions Rán Racing are four points off the lead after their slightly inconsistent day pairing their win to a fifth in the first race. They could not match Azzurra’s early speed and then compounded their problems when they skiffed the top mark last time up and copped a penalty.
Photo: Xaume Olleros / 52 Super Series
Two races are scheduled to be sailed on Sunday, weather permitting and Azzurra need to remain consistent if they want the to bury their Barcelona hoodoo and win in the Catalan capital.

Conde de Godo Trophy, 52 SUPER SERIES
Standings after 7 races:
1- Azzurra (ITA), (1-3-1-2-4-1-3) 15 points
2- Quantum Racing (USA), (3-1-2-4-4-3-2) 17 points
3- Rán (SWE), (2-4-3-1-3-5-1) 19 points
4- Interlodge (USA) (4-2-6-5-6-2-4) 29 points
5- Gladiator (GBR) (5-7-7-3-1-4-5) 32 points
6- Rio (USA) (7-6-5-6-5-6-6) 41 points
7- Provezza (TUR) (6-5-4-7-7-7-7) 43 points


Guillermo Parada (ARG) Skipper-Helm, Azzurra (ITA):
 Azzurra Photo: Xaume Olleros / 52 Super Series
“We definitely knew that it was going to be tough and that we have to fight metre by metre for each race from now to September so we are prepared for that. Today in the first race Tommy (Tomislav Basic, starting helm) got us a very good start, we had the boat going quickly and that allowed us to sail clean and then once we were clear we just let the boat do the job and we were quick. In the second one we did not have a great start. I think it was a little bit of bad timing. And from there we are not in control of our own destiny. We had to fight, we managed to get up to second on the last run, but we made a small mistake on the finish line. We gybed with too little speed and that let Quantum through. Overall it is very tight, we were still the best boat of the day and extended our lead by one point.”

Ed Reynolds (USA) Team Director, Quantum Racing (USA):
Quantum Photo: Xaume Olleros / 52 Super Series
“We should have won a championship for the most boats passed. In the second race we got a pretty decent start, it didn’t work out for us in the middle of the course but then we went from fifth up to second in the next three legs, the guys are sailing brilliantly around the course but I think just the communication and terminology, these are some of the things when decisions have to be made so quickly, these are things we are still working through. But I like watching them sail around the course they are pretty strong. 

“I think Azzurra are great sailboat racers they have the same philosophy, to win the first cross. It seems at every event you go into the last day with these guys on virutally equal points so anyone can win the regatta. We really want to win this event.”

Adrian Stead (GBR) Tactician, Rán Racing (SWE): 
Rán Racing Photo: Xaume Olleros / 52 Super Series
“I was very disappointed with the first race, we got a good start and just seemed to drop out of the game really, scrapping for fifth place. I dont think we had the boat quite well set up, we got ourselves into a bit of a bad lane and Azzurra put about seven to eight boat lengths on us really quickly then unfortunately we just clipped the top mark and had to do a penalty turn and dropped back to fifth at the finish. I think we are the opportunist boat, four points off Azzurra and two off Quantum, we know we gave some points away today but we are still in with a shout.” 

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ORACLE TEAM USA and Emirates Team NZ line up on the San Francisco Bay

Emirates Team New Zealand: AC72 Debut in San Francisco

Friday, May 24, 2013

52 Super Series - Second Regatta Day | Race 2 - Conde de Godo Regatta, Barcelona

52 Super Series - Second Regatta Day | Race 1 - Conde de Godo Regatta, Barcelona

Azzurra Hold Slim Lead at 52 Super Series - Conde de Godo Regatta, Barcelona - Day 2

While both Tony Langley’s Gladiator and Niklas Zennström’s Rán Racing racked up a bullet apiece in an exciting second day of racing at Barcelona’s Conde de Godo Trophy in the 2013 52 Super Series, Azzurra hung onto their overall lead by just one point.
Azzurra Photo: Xaume Olleros / 52 Super Series
Azzurra suffered on the final run of the first race with a malfunctioning primary winch, losing a potential third race victory to Rán Racing just at the finish line on the final gybe. Quantum Racing kept themselves in contention with a great recovery in an electrifying, breezy, bumpy, second race when they fought back from being over the start line early to cross the finish second behind Gladiator.
Azzurra Photo: Xaume Olleros / 52 Super Series
The second race showcased the 52’s at their sparkling best. Crews arrived ashore wet, chilly and exhausted after fighting it out in brisk 22-25 knots winds. After an afternoon of high octane downwind sailing in building swells few had reason to grumble.
Photo: Xaume Olleros / 52 Super Series
Rán Racing owner Niklas Zennström was pleased to have stolen their win on the finish line of Race 4.
Rán Racing Photo: Xaume Olleros / 52 Super Series
“It was nice to win, but it was also good to pass Azzurra on the finish line after they had done that same thing to us yesterday,” Zennström said.
Gladiator Photo: Xaume Olleros / 52 Super Series
And a win for Gladiator, following up from their third in Race 4, was just the tonic for tactician Chris Larson after an opening day on Thursday he is keen to forget. Their four points aggregate over Friday’s two races elevates Gladiator to fourth overall.
Provezza Photo: Xaume Olleros / 52 Super Series
“It was just the difference of day” Larson said.“ Unfortunately yesterday everything I did turned to custard. Not much went right. I was actually scared to walk home and allow myself to cross the street as I thought I might get hit by a car. It was one of those days that nothing seemed to work out. We talked about it. I apologised to everyone on the team and said ‘hang in there and I’ll try and make it up and have a better day’ and so we did.”
Photo: Xaume Olleros / 52 Super Series
After five races the three top boats have stepped slightly clear of the chasing pack but correspondingly only three points separates regatta leaders Azzurra from Quantum Racing in third. Their premature start might have left them wondering what might have been, but after lying a slightly distant seventh early on, Quantum Racing’s fightback was nearly total as they were just on the point of challenging Gladiator at the finish line.
Photo: Xaume Olleros / 52 Super Series
Such powers of recovery were not just confined to the American flagged team. In the previous start Rán Racing were less than perfect off the line and had to scrap hard on the first beat and thereafter to get themselves into the position to eclipse Azzurra on the finish line, although the Italian team’s Vasco Vascotto regretted that he did not realise the extent of their damage to the winch and would have altered his final approach to the finish line had he known.
Interlodge Photo: Xaume Olleros / 52 Super Series
While Rán Racing delivered on their pledge to win races it remains Azzurra who have the upper hand. But a regatta which last year was finally separated in favour of Quantum Racing only on tie break from Azzurra, this 2013 European curtain raiser might still finish up just as close.

52 SUPER SERIES Conde de Godo Trophy, Bareclona,
Ranking after 5 races.
1- Azzurra (ITA), (1-3-1-2-4) 11 points
2- Quantum Racing (USA), (3-1-2-4-4) 12 points
3- Ran (SWE), (2-4-3-1-3) 13 points
4- Gladiator (GBR) (5-7-7-3-1) 23 points
5- Interlodge (USA) (4-2-6-5-6) 23 points
6- Provezza (TUR) (6-5-4-7-7) 29 points
7- Rio (USA) (7-6-5-6-5) 29 points


Vasco Vascotto (ITA), Tactician Azzurra (ITA):
Azzurra Photo: Xaume Olleros / 52 Super Series
“I feel that we had some very good bits and some not so very good bits. I felt the boats around us sometimes gave us some unnecessary problems for us and for them, we both lost two or three positions because of that. We had a problem with the winch at the start of the last run in the first race so we were not able to gybe, so we broke the winch and that is why we unfortunately lost the first place. 

"There was not a clear enough communication to me that we had broken the winch otherwise I would have not made the last gybe. I could have gone a little more easy to get there. That was one of the only mistakes of the day, but even so if we tie on points for the day with Quantum Racing then we don’t have any big problems.”

Niklas Zennström (SWE) Skipper-Helm Rán Racing (SWE): 
Rán Racing Photo: Xaume Olleros / 52 Super Series
“The first race we just beat Azzurra on the finish line on the last gybe. That was very nice as they did exactly the same thing to us yesterday, so that was just a nice race. In the second we were in good shape at the top mark and maybe just made a little mistake and missed the layline and two or three boats passed us but third place was ok.

“It’s awesome sailing downwind in this wind speed, just awesome! So much fun but you have to be careful. We had two small broaches so it’s on the edge but these boats are amazing. Going upwind it is a bit tough because of the sea state but these boats are great.

"Downwind it is very much about me reading the waves, just being on the edge and getting the speed up and working the waves and the wind together with the spinnaker trimmer. Its very much driven by the trimmer and as the helmsmen I am looking at the waves and feeling the waves, its a combination but its more the trimmer talking to the helmsmen rather than the other way around.

Chris Larson (USA) Tactician Gladiator (GBR): 
Photo: Xaume Olleros / 52 Super Series
“It was just the difference of day. Unfortunately yesterday everything I did turned to custard. Not much went right. I was actually scared to walk home and allow myself to cross the street as I thought I might get hit by a car. It was one of those days that nothing seemed to go right. We talked about it. I apologised to everyone on the team and said hang in there and try and make it up and have a better day and so we did. 

"We did not sail any differently. We are still starting quite aggressively, high risk, high return starts. Luckily we made both of these work today which put us out in front of the pack and allowed us to minimise the tacks upwind lead at the weather marks which is big for us. 

"At every turn on the second race we were able to hold them off, holding Quantum Racing off at the finish. We just tried to keep it simple. At the weather mark it was interesting as Rán tacked first to force Azzurra to tack. They both were not laying and so we dipped and tacked above them. It was good boat handling by them as they had to tack and duck us which was pretty scary in that strength of wind, so it was a close call for both boats.

"It’s always good to win a race, that’s at least our target at each regatta and to keep our scores consistent. Yesterday it was the outhouse today the penthouse, so I think our average now is about fourth and if we can keep that up or get a little bit better then we could get a good overall finish.”

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Double For Caol Ila R In Capri - Rolex Capri Sailing Week Volcano Race

The third edition of the Rolex Capri Sailing Week Volcano Race concluded with the final prizegiving ceremony today at the docks in Capri’s Marina Grande. During the ceremony, the crew of Alexander Schaerer’s Caol Ila R (USA) received the week’s most coveted prize – the Rolex Trophy and Rolex timepiece – awarded to the overall winner of the event on IRC.
Caol Ila R Photo: Rolex / Kurt Arrigo
“It was exactly three years ago here in Capri that we went into racing,” explained Caol Ila R owner Alexander Schaerer, “and the fact that we won a Rolex in our first competitive outing with the new boat is really a dream come true, but of course we hope it’s not going to be the last one!”
Caol Ila R crew Photo: Rolex / Kurt Arrigo
“A big thanks goes out to my crew,” added Schaerer at the prizegiving ceremony. “We came here with the idea that it would be a nice holiday in Capri with little wind for our first offshore race so we could get to know the new boat. If anything, we certainly got to know her; we know the bowsprit can only take up to 40 knots but not more than 40 knots- because then it breaks off.
Caol Ila R Photo: Rolex / Kurt Arrigo
"I was lucky to have a very seasoned crew onboard, with over 40 Rolex Sydney Hobart wins in total, and they managed to fly a downwind sail off a broken bowsprit and bring us home safely to this beautiful island. A big thank you to Rolex, IMA, the yacht clubs and the cities involved in making this event possible.”
Jethou Photo: Rolex / Kurt Arrigo
The Rolex Capri Sailing Week Volcano Race began on 18 May and was comprised of one leg from Gaeta to Capri, an inshore race off Capri and a long-distance offshore race that started and finished off Capri.Caol Ila R was not only the winner of the event overall on handicap, but also claimed line honours for the offshore race, the 210-nm Rolex Volcano Race, completing the course in a blistering 18 hours, 2 minutes, and finishing off Capri at 05:07 on Thursday.
Wild Joe Photo: Rolex / Kurt Arrigo
Extreme weather conditions around the Aeolian Islands during the scheduled race period led the race committee to alter the original course for the final offshore race. The resulting long-distance race took the participating Maxi fleet from Capri to Santa Maria di Castellabate, back past Capri and on to the island of Ponza before finishing off Capri’s Marina Grande.

The Rolex Capri Sailing Week Volcano Race is organised by the International Maxi Association, in collaboration with the Yacht Club Gaeta EVS and the Yacht Club Capri, and upholds a decade-long tradition of Rolex’s involvement in Capri’s international yachting calendar.

Line Honours Rolex Volcano Race

Caol Ila R (USA), Alexander Schaerer

Overall Results Rolex Capri Sailing Week Volcano Race

1st IRC Overall: Caol Ila R (USA), Alexander Schaerer
2nd IRC Overall: Jethou (GBR), Sir Peter Ogden
3rd IRC Overall: Wild Joe (HUN), Marton Jozsa

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