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José Matoso wins 2013 BMW Dragon European Championship in Cascais

Portugal’s Drago, José Matoso / Gustavo Lima / Frederico Melo, won the Cascais BMW Dragon European Championship 2013, which came to an end today in Cascais Bay. The crew was 19th in the seventh and final race and conquered the title. German Markus Wieser, last edition’s winner, was second, while the Dane Jens Christensen was third.
The event was sponsored by the Câmara Municipal de Cascais and BMW with the Clube Naval de Cascais and the International Dragon Association were the organizing authorities.
Photo: Fernando Algarvio
José Matoso,Gustavo Lima and Frederico Melo created another historic moment in the Portuguese sailing by winning the 2013 BMW Cascais Dragon European Championship. Drago’s crew claimed the title despite finishing 19th in the final race of the championship.
Photo: Fernando Algarvio
"I am very happy. Winning a European Championship is a unique moment. It was a very tough regatta and every point counted. Our result was decided in the last downwind leg of the final race," José Matoso said.
Photo: Fernando Algarvio
Nerves of steel were required as the excitement heated up and before the start of the seventh race only six points separated the top three teams.

The race committee was forced to abandon the first race of the day due to a light easterly wind and the 62 Dragons waited it out on the water.  Racing finally got underway once the the eight knot westerly wind kicked in for the seventh - and what turned out to be the final - race of the championship.

The British boat Aimee featuring Graham Bailey, Julia Bailey, Richard Powell and William Heritage took line honours and won the Corinthian title. The German crew of Markus Wieser, Sergey Pugachev and Georgii Leonchuk on Bunker Queen too second ahead of Germany’s Troika with Tim Ladehof,Tim Jesse, Arne Brugge.

Overall victory went to Drago followed by Bunker Queen and Out of Bounce in third.

Top Five after Seven races

1st Drago - José Matoso/Gustavo Lima/Frederico Melo – Portugal
2nd Bunker Queen - Marcus Wieser/Sergey Pugachev/Georgii Leonchuk - Alemanha
3rd Out of Bounce - Jens Christensen/Kim Andersen/Anders Bagger – Dinamarca
4th Fever – Klaus Diederichs/Andy Beadsworth/Jamie Lea – Grã-Bretanha
5th Dottore Amore – Ingo Ehrlicher/Werner Fritz/Thomas Auracher - Alemanha

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