Monday, April 1, 2013

Aussie Coach Victor Kovalenko Q&A at Sofia Mapfre

Victor Kovalenko describes the Sofia Mapfre in three words: passion, hard work and success. As one of sailing's most successful coaches, Victor Kovalenko is back in Palma with the Australian team ready to tackle the new Olympic campaign
Mat Belcher/Will Ryan Photo: Tom Touw
Sofia Mapfre Media: Australia had a very successful Olympic Games in London with many medals, how are you planning the next quadrennial?

VK: We are not in a rush. We had a very successful campaign and now is a transition stage. Some sailors have taken a break and there are many new sailors while others are now sailing on bigger boats to earn a living. Unfortunately sailing is not like other sports where an athlete can easily live from his sport.

Sofia Mapfre Media: What are the objectives in this regatta for your team?

VK: There are some young guys who are starting and learning a boat while others are ready. Our first regatta is Palma and it is tradition for the Australian team to come here. For Mat Belcher and Will Ryan the objective is to learn to sail together, to work well on the boat and be synchronised. We are not looking for results here.

Sofia Mapfre Media: Can you describe the Sofia Mapfre in three words?

VK: Passion, hard work and success. This regatta is based on the passion of the people involved as there are lots of volunteers and organisers who have passion for this regatta. They have been working very hard for many years and that's why it is so successful. This is a great event that has contributed to the change of the city with a fantastic atmosphere. We are very happy to be here.

Sofia Mapfre Media

Postscript: Victor wasn't as complimentary about the new ISAF Sailing World Cup scoring system as reported in Sail-World. See story here >>>

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