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Copa del Rey: Azzurra Consolidates Lead To Mark 30th Anniversary Of First Launch

Palma de Mallorca, 18 July, 2012

Tomorrow marks the 30th anniversary since the launch of the very first Azzurra, and with the Yacht Club Costa Smeralda (YCCS) became the first Italian challenger for the America’s Cup. The Audi Azzurra Sailing Team celebrated this landmark today in the best way possible by consolidating their leadership in the 31st Copa del Rey.
Photo: © Xaume Olleros/52 Super Series
A fantastic coastal race took place today on the Bay of Palma that saw Azzurra rack up a second place, both in real and corrected time, behind All4One. The boat flying the burgee of Yacht Club Costa Smeralda consolidated her grip on the Mediterranean’s premiere regatta with a 5.5 point lead over Powerplay, who is placed second overall and was third in the coastal race.
Photo: © Xaume Olleros/52 Super Series
Azzurra’s crew showed their skills by climbing from fifth to second place in the beat to the islet of Sech and then hung on to their position in the subsequent legs even though their opponents are more competitive given their boats have been optimised for IRC racing. On the long run to the finish line Azzurra mounted an attack on All4One by sailing closer to wind and almost achieved success in the ideal conditions.
Photo: © Xaume Olleros/52 Super Series
“This is really an admirable day, because the coastal race cannot be discarded, and the excellent result we had is fundamental. Alberto Roemmers did a great job in helming the yacht, as well as did the rest of the crew and Vasco in particular. He positioned us in the beat in the best way possible towards Sech, giving us the opportunity to round the islet in second place. We then defended our position successfully in the rest of the race, crossing the finish line more or less ten seconds behind All4One in compensated time. This is where we wanted to be mid-week; we can only be very happy,” Skipper Guillermo Parada said.
Photo: © Xaume Olleros/52 Super Series
“We are really happy and satisfied, in particular because we initially thought that we weren’t in an ideal position. We didn’t want to take huge risks but we still managed to take advantage as well as we could of all the opportunities our adversaries gave us in the race course. This second place consolidates our leadership and stretches our advantage over the second-placed boat by one point. Today everything worked flawlessly; we had perfect team work, including the call by our tailer and our bowman to use our “cucù sail” with which we attacked Schuemann.” said Vasco Vascotto, tactician.

Thirty Years Since The Launch Of The First Azzurra

Azzurra, a 12 Metre class craft was launched on 19th July 1982 in Pesaro and began her adventure on 18th June 1983 in Newport, Rhode Island (USA). The first Italian challenger for the Cup, a desire of HE Aga Khan and Gianni Agnelli, obtained an excellent result by winning 24 of her 49 races and placing third in the Louis Vuitton Cup. Azzurra became the national yacht and brought high-level yachting and the America’s Cup to the Italian public.
Azzurra, the day of her launch in Pesaro, Italy, 19th July 1982 Photo: Courtesy of  Azzurra/YCCS
 “Today’s Azzurra sails on the international race courses with the same sporting spirit that characterised us back then. I am pleased that the burgee of our yacht club continues to show up on the stern of the new Azzurra and that many fans continue to follow us,” said Riccardo Bonadeo, Commodore of the YCCS and President of Consorzio Azzurra

31st Copa del Rey – IRC 1 - after five races
1 - Audi Azzurra Sailing Team 11 pt
2 – Powerplay 16.5pt
3 –Audi All4One 17pt
4 – Gladiator 17.5 pt
5 – Paprec Recyclage 24 pt

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