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USA Trumps Italy At Audi Sardinia Cup

Porto Cervo, Italy. 15th June 2012

Team USA, comprised of the TP52 Quantum Racing and the Soto 40 Iberdrola, has leapfrogged Italy to head the overall team classification in the Audi Sardinia Cup organized by the Yacht Club Costa Smeralda. 
TP52 - Audi Azzurra Sailing Team and Quantum Racing Photo: ©Alessandro Spiga/YCCS
Iberdrola put in an outstanding performance to claimed three bullets today, combined with a 3-1-4 scoreline from Quantum was sufficient to extend a nine-point lead over the home team  of the TP52 Audi Azzurra Sailing Team and the Soto 40 Alegre. Niklas Zennstrom's Ràn (TP52) and Stefan Jentszch's Black Pearl (Soto 40) currently sit in third place with two more race days scheduled in the event that concludes on 17th June.
Soto 40 - Iberdrola Team Photo: ©Alessandro Spiga/YCCS
Light easterly breezes between 7-8 knots in all three of today's races made for tricky racing for all crews. In the six-boat 52 fleet the first windward-leeward of the day (Race Three of the series), saw Audi Azzurra Sailing Team dominate the fleet from the start ahead of Gladiator and Quantum Racing. Gladiator, which likes light air, was able to cover Azzurra and slip past the Italian boat to take victory with the Italians in second and the American's of Quantum in third. 

By Race Four skipper Ed Baird was back on form and Quantum led throughout to take their third bullet of the series followed by Tony Langley's Gladiator and Ràn in third. It was the turn of home team Azzura - owned by Alberto Roemmers and flying the YCCS burgee - to dominate in Race Five, the last of the day. 

Ràn came in second, their best result of the series so far, and French boat Paprec Recyclage which boasts twin brothers Hugues and Sebastien Destremau as helmsman and tactician respectively, also broke their run of finishes in the bottom half of the fleet to take third. The provisional classification for the class, valid for the 52 Super Series, sees Quantum lead just 2 points ahead of Azzurra.

In the Soto 40 fleet it was all about Iberdrola today as she stormed around the cans to take three consecutive victories. Trailing the boat helmed by Jose Maria Torcida Seghers were Tony Buckingham's Ngoni and Black Pearl respectively in Race Three; Alegre and Bigamist in Race Four and Black Pearl and Ngoni in the day's final race. Andres Soriano's Alegre, which took two bullets in yesterday's first day of racing, now sits four points behind Iberdrola in the provisional classification for the Soto 40s, also racing as part of their European Championship series.

Antonio Piris Turner, Tactician on the Soto 40 Iberdrola: "It was a great day for us: we got three bullets. We had better starts today as we changed our sail trim, we are not used to sailing in such light winds and it seems that small changes in the main battons were enough to give us a little more ground. Alegre had a great start yesterday and today didn't do so well but that could all change tomorrow, that's the great thing about one-designs."

Francesco Bruni, tactician aboard the TP52 Audi Azzurra Sailing Team: "A good day with a lot of ups and downs, it was great to finish on a high note. Everyone is having a few problems with the light conditions, it's difficult for everyone and we are glad we finally had a really positive moment. In the second race of the day we had a bad start and we ended up sandwiched between Quantum and Gladiator. It could have been a really great day if we had lost a few less places during the races but everyone makes mistakes."


1. USA: Soto 40 Iberdrola Team (3/3/1/1/1=9) - TP52 Quantum Racing (1/1/3/1/3=9) Tot. pts 18
2. Italy: Soto 40 Alegre (3/1/5/2/4=15) - TP52 Audi Azzurra Sailing Team (3/2/2/4/1=12) Tot. pts 27
3. Sweden: Soto 40 Black Pearl (4/2/3/4/2=15) - TP52 Ràn (4/4/4/3/2=17) Tot. pts 32
4. Great Britain: Soto 40 Ngoni (5/5/2/5/3=20) - TP52 Gladiator (2/3/1/2/5=13) Tot pts 33
5. Cayman Islands: Soto 40 Bigamist (2/4/4/3/5=18) - TP52 Powerplay (5/5/5/5/4=24) Tot pts 42


1. Iberdrola 3/3/1/1/1=9
2. Alegre 1/1/5/2/4=13
3. Black Pearl 4/2/3/5/2=16


1. Quantum Racing 1/1/3/1/4=10
2. Audi Azzurra Sailing Team 3/2/2/4/1=12
3. Gladiator 2/3/1/2/6=14

Jill Campbell

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