Saturday, April 7, 2012

Langman Smashes Brisbane to Gladstone Race Record On Multihull- Brisbane to Gladstone Race Update

Experienced Sydney to Hobart skipper Sean Langman and his seven member crew on Team Australia have smashed the multihull Brisbane to Gladstone record by arriving in Gladstone at dawn this morning.
Image Courtesy of Kos Picture Source
At the halfway point Team Australia had a firm grip on the record after completing the initial 154 nautical miles with an average boat speed above 22.5 knots.

Team Australia had to a slow run out of Moreton Bay, but the speed sailing trimaran reached away from the fleet to achieve recorded boat speeds above the 25 knot range for extended periods.
Photo: Bronwen Ince
With plenty of sail changes along the way the crew worked non stop which allowed them no time to enjoy the record breaking ride as they sailed at high speed before  the wind lost its intensity after they passed Lady Elliot Island.
Photo:  © Y.ZEDDA
Their option to tack downwind for the final 80 nautical miles had race officials anxiously monitoring the progress as time ticked against the record challenge.

Team Australia crossed the finish line off Gladstone’s Auckland Creek shortly before 3:30 am today in order to complete the course in 16 hours 28 minutes 21 seconds. This is 2 hours 26 minutes 48 seconds ahead of the previous record set in 2004 by Raw Nerve, a Melbourne catamaran.

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