Friday, January 13, 2012

Moth Australian Championships - Mornington Yacht Club - Update

Racing today at Mornington started off in very light conditions until the breeze built to a solid 15-20 knots.
Photo: Kylie Dunstan
Sydney competitor Josh McKnight from the Northern Beaches snapped his main sheet in the first race halfway upwind on the second lap.

"That was not ideal to sail with just one to one on the main. It was very quick down wind though. I can see why the Finn guys do that now," he said.
Photo: Kylie Dunstan
"The second race was very windy and the chop had built which made it very tough down wind tough and I almost lost my seventh when I buried the nose in one wave but got a lucky puff to pull through to keep my position against my closest rival in this regatta, Phil Kurts. We have been just one point apart throughout the entire regatta," McKnight said when back on the shore.

Full report after the presentation this evening.

Lulu Roseman

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