Saturday, January 14, 2012

Italians Head to UK to Stratagise Barcolana Regatta

Trieste (Italy), January 14, 2012 - International Summit for the race: the President of SVBG, Vincent Spina, along with the Principal Race Officer, Judge Tullio Giraldi coordinating international race committee and jury of the Barcolana, will start Sunday, January 15 for 'England, where he will meet the organizers of the Cowes Week, the British historic racing, albeit with a very different formula than the Barcolana counts thousand boats at sea. The summit will last two days, during which Giraldi Spina and meet the technical managers of British racing takes place every year in August, and the heads of the RORC, the Royal Ocean Racing Club.

"The goal of these meetings - said the president of the Society of Barcola and sail Grignano, Vincent Spina - is to compare the experiences: Barcolana and Cowes Week are different manifestations, but they have in common the involvement of over a thousand boat owners and , and thousands of people at sea. It 'important to understand and compare the solutions in terms of security and Regulation adopted in time, because you can always improve and the comparison is always productive. "

The central themes of the many scheduled meetings there is the issue of safety at sea in boats with lots of events: "We will bring our experience in Cowes - Spina says - and in particular the close synergy that we have started last year with all the forces of 'order, in particular with the Harbour Master. Even the event of Cowes has developed innovative technologies and initiatives and will be very useful to compare the experiences. " Among other issues, one concerning the technical management of the protests at sea and ashore, testing and measurement measures: formal aspects that make the event an authoritative and meets the expectations of owners, whose aim is to sail with a light regulation and more effective, although there are in water thousands of boats.

Even on the reports, Thorn will pursue the idea of building a strong network of partnerships, so that the Barcolana can extend its catchment area: "We are popular in Italy, Austria, southern Germany, Slovenia, Croatia and Hungary: Northern Germany, France and England are areas in which we intend to step up its relations with the desire to promote and expand the Barcolana the origin of the members of our race. "

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