Sunday, January 29, 2012

Carnage and IRC Snippet Stories from Geelong

Grunter took the glitter off Shogun V yesterday , literally, when he became distracted while steering and hit the bricks. The Vrolijk 52 ran aground and sustained damage to her bulb and later copped another bang when being steered home to her pen by another crew member.

"It's about $2000 worth of damage to the boat and I am not happy," owner Robert Hanna said after racing. "We didn't have a great day today so it was just another thing that was going against us." Maybe Hanna should hang onto his helm since he has a flawless history of keeping the boat shiny and ding free.

Nicholas Bartels was celebrating a good day onboard Terra Firma where he racked up his first bullet of the regatta. The wait was worth it and all their ducks finally seem to have lined up. Shame it's a bit late now but sometimes it takes all regatta to get primed but they will always take the experience to the next event.

Living Doll raced well despite a crack in she copped the day before and played hard core on the start line squeezing up a few 52's that almost led to a bit more argy bargy.

Scarlet Runner had a shocker of a day but you'd never know as the boat looks so pretty they hide there disappointment well. Penalty turns and dramas let to some less than ruby results for Rob Date and gang.

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