Tuesday, November 22, 2011

CAMPER Bowman Injured - Volvo Ocean Race Update

CAMPER bowman Mike Pammenter (RSA) was injured yesterday during a sail change when he was swept off his feet by a wall of water and smashed into the shrouds. His front tooth was completely smashed out and his lip cut. His helmet saved him from worse injury.
Photo: Hamish Hooper/Camper ETNZ/Volvo Ocean Race
Dripping blood, Pammenter staggered below where he was looked after by race veterans and medics Tony Rae and Stu Bannatyne.

“The comforting thing for sure was seeing Tony go about his role as the medic on board,” said CAMPER’s MCM Hamish Hooper. “Not too many people could suture up an open lip and inject a tooth nerve with anaesthetic on a Volvo Open 70 in the middle of a South Atlantic low-pressure system. True heroics.”
Photo: Hamish Hooper/Camper ETNZ/Volvo Ocean Race
Despite this drama, CAMPER only lost two miles to race leader Telefónica (Iker Martínez/ESP) who  are 94 nautical miles ahead of CAMPER. Telefónica is still heading south in order to skirt the Saint Helena High, which due to its position being further south this year than ever before, means sailing further than expected in order to reach the westerly breeze on the southern side.

Now in third position, 274 nautical miles behind the leaders, Groupama 4 (Franck Cammas/FRA) has spent the last two days on a fast port tack reach. Australian trimmer/helmsman Phil Harmer reported good reaching conditions, with boat speed varying between 17 and 24 knots.

“The guys are doing a great job of sailing the boat fast,” he said. “Our boat really enjoys these conditions. It’s a lot of fun sailing, but it also very wet, but that is part of the game. We have another day or so of this and then finally we will get the spinnaker up again hopefully and we get closer and closer to Cape Town every day. Everything is happy on Groupama 4.”

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