Friday, October 7, 2011

Tacticians Talk Dockside - TP52 Worlds Day 4

Photo: Nico Martinez/WSM
Ed Reynolds (USA) Project Manager Quantum Racing (USA):
Photo: Nico Martinez/WSM
“It really was a day for getting the boat around the course. The light air boats really struggled and there were a couple of sail handling things out there. It is always worrisome in these conditions, can you outlast everybody. It sounds boring but to be average today and get the boat around the course was good. We would really have liked that one more run because we might have been able to get another point or two, but you can never, ever question Maria the race officer. In all the years I have done this if she says you can’t sail in this then you can’t sail in it."

Vasco Vascotto, (ITA) Tactician Audi Azzurra Sailing Team (ITA): 
Vasco Vascotto Photo: Nico Martinez/WSM
“It was important to win, for all the crew and the people here at the club, it was pretty windy really. The retrieval system did not work first time and in these winds at these speeds if it does not work you are in trouble quickly. We had a good recovery. It was not an ideal manoeuvre but it worked and we got around the mark, staying close to Container and Jochen Schuemann on Audi ALL4ONE. That allowed us to get back on the second beat and go on to win.

"We are very happy, the first three days were very, very light breeze and even if we sailed well and did not make many mistakes, the boat is not so fast to help us in the light winds.”

Hamish Pepper (NZL) Tactician Container (GER): 
Photo: Nico Martinez/WSM
“Azzurra sailed pretty well, they made only that one mistake at the bottom mark, we managed to get around them, but they were going quicker up that beat. It has been an interesting regatta, all very close with the top three and we are nipping at their heels and so the last day will be fun.”

Adrian Stead (GBR) Tactician Quantum Racing (USA): 
Photo: Nico Martinez/WSM
“It was a great decision to get out and race early and get a race in which puts less pressure on the last day. It is still very open and even Container with their second today are only four points behind us. For the light winds boats Gladiator and Paramount Park today’s conditions were more detrimental for them.

"We nearly changed to the number four jib and might have been better for us, but the key thing for us was at the top mark first time up when we were not rolling the red boat (Audi ALL4ONE) at the windward mark and that meant they really controlled us down the run. But we were right in there to finish. As we approached the line we were bow to bow with Container, but there was just no room to do anything, it would have been pretty punchy in these conditions.”

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