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Quantum Crowned 2011 TP52 World Champions in Porto Cervo

By racking up a second and first on the final day of racing at the Audi TP52 World Championship off the Yacht Club Costa Smeralda Quantum Racing have sailed off with the 2011 TP52 World Title.
Photo: Nico Martinez/WSM
Tactician Adrian Stead and new navigator Francesco Mongelli proved a formidable pair in keeping Quantum Racing consistent. The challenging wind conditions dished out over the course of the regatta ranged  from the very light sub 10 knot conditions to a strong Mistral on Friday and back to today’s moderate 7-11 knots.  This is Quantum's third World Championship from four challenges.
Photo: Nico Martinez/WSM
“Each of these world titles has been about a quintessential team performance, with two different teams of different characteristics and styles with no major standout star names in either but unified in the level of results. That is really down to Doug De Vos (team owner) for putting the resources to give us good solid teams,” said project manager Ed Reynolds.
Photo: Nico Martinez/WSM
“It is splendid,"said tactician Adrian Stead. "It is a great way to finish the season. We had a tense Audi MedCup. We have been really pleased with the way that we have sailed here against boats which have been in their conditions in the form of Gladiator and Paramount Park. Everyone has been pushing pretty hard.”

Container came out on the final day with their strongest finishes all season and their 2,1,2 in the last three races of the event secured them second place overall. Skipper/HelmsmanMarcus Wieser attributed a large measure of their success to a complete overhaul of their rig set up under the guidance of Don Cowie who won the Audi MedCup Circuit title twice as mainsheet trimmer with Emirates Team New Zealand.
Photo: Nico Martinez/WSM
“We are happy that it finished up like this, it was a long season and the last two regattas we hard with no boatspeed. But here we changed everything, a complete new set up with Don Cowie, and we had boat speed again and could be more aggressive in the way we sailed. We were so slow in Cartagena. But second here is good,” Wieser said.
Photo: Nico Martinez/WSM
Tony Langley’s British crew on Gladiator, surprised early leaders of this world championship by holding on to third place overall with after finishing third in the final race.

“What was great was the attitude he came with. Chris Larson came to me and said ‘I really think we can win this’ and that mental attitude was really refreshing and we really set out to try and do that. So that was a big change really. Nacho (Postigo) stepped in and did a really nice job with us too,” Langley said.

Three different boats lead the world championship over different days, but Quantum Racing were right on the money today in the light-moderate conditions and sloppy seas. The breeze shifted up to 30 degrees and the changes in wind pressure were between 5 and 11 knots. Although there was breeze mid to late afternoon it proved too unsettled to run a third race, leaving Quantum Racing to enjoy their celebrations.
Photo: Nico Martinez/WSM
Container won the first race after an excellent start close to the committee boat on the right hand end of the line and maintained good boat speed in the testing conditions. Quantum Racing couldn't catch them in the testing conditions and Audi Azzurra Sailing Team finished third.
Photo: Nico Martinez/WSM
In the second race Container led at the top windward mark with a beautiful layline call from the top left of the course by navigator Marc Lagesse and tactician Hamish Pepper until the leeward gate when Quantum Racing took the right hand gate mark and split to the right and gained one minute and 17 secs on Container during the second beat.
Photo: Nico Martinez/WSM
For Gladiator, third in the final race proved critical as it gave them the superior tie break over Paramount Park Murcia.

Audi TP52 World Championship,
Yacht Club Costa Smerelda, Sardinia
1. Quantum Racing (USA) 1+3+5+1+4+2+1= 17 points
2. Container (GER) 2+7+3+4+2+1+2= 21 points
3. Gladiator (GBR) 3+1+4+2+6+5+3= 24 points
4. Paramount Park Murcia (ESP) 4+2+1+3+5+4+5= 24 points
5. Audi Azzurra Sailing Team (IT) 5+4+7+6+1+3+7= 33 points
6. RÁN (SWE) 6+5+2+5+ 8 (DNF)+6+6= 38 points
7. Audi ALL4ONE (GER/FRA) 7+6+6+7+3+7+4= 40 points

Owner Driver trophy for Tony Langley, Gladiator.

Lulu Roseman

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