Wednesday, October 26, 2011

First Maltese Boat Home in Rolex Middle Sea Race

The J/122 Artie was the first Matese boat to cross the finish line at 15.22 CEST today and currently leads Rán as overall handicap leader.
Artie Photo: Rolex/Kurt Arrigo
But the crew will have to wait it out on the Royal Malta Yacht Club terrace to see if any boat still racing might be able to beat them on handicap. A formal announcement of the overall winner will be made tomorrow.
Photo: Rolex/Kurt Arrigo
“It was very achievable because we worked very hard. The crew has been preparing the boat for several months and we even have a new sail wardrobe. Being the first Maltese boat gives us a big satisfaction because the local competition is very, very big. The competition is growing every year. In the past we’ve had two second place finishes and we hope this third time it is even better,” said owner Lee Satariano.
Lee Satariano and Christian Ripard Photos: Rolex/Kurt Arrigo
“It’s a great feeling. We ended up doing most of the race alongside or crossing tacks with Jaru; it’s nearly a rerun of last year, though this time we managed to beat them," co-skipper Christian Ripard said.

“We were sailing the boat as well as we can. We knew if we had the same conditions as the rest of the competition, we’d do well. The boat is going exceptionally well, and it’s a very good crew. This was a very enjoyable one. When you race on a maxi you tend to be on your own, but when you’re with the smaller boats, then you really have a race on, there are different dynamics. You’re crossing tacks with foreign boats, with local boats and  that makes it one of the most enjoyable races for me," Ripard said.

Lulu Roseman

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