Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Audi MedCup Sailors Talk Dockside - Day 1

Photo: Nico Martinez/MedCup
Ed Baird (USA), Skipper, Quantum Racing (USA):
Quantum Racing Photo: Nico Martinez/MedCup
“Clearly we are very happy with our result here today. The first race I had a bad start and had to tack away really hard and we were tacked on by Azzurra. We worked really hard to get back in the race and the guys did a great job with that. In the second race we has a better start and had the chance to return the favor to them, we led around the first mark and had a tough call in the second windward leg with teams on both sides of the race course. The one on the left got us, it was RÁN, they were sailing well, going really fast. We are keeping an eye on the four boats that are in the fight, doing what we can and getting the best results that we can.”

Niklas Zennstrom (SWE), Skipper, RÁN (SWE):
RÁN Photo: Nico Martinez/MedCup
“These conditions are very good for us because the boat was going really well, we also sailed very well. We had two very good starts, had a lot of confidence in the boat and that way we managed to do things the way we wanted. I also think that we came ihere with a different mindset that we did before, in the Mini Maxi championships we were really happy with how we performed and that boosted our confidence. This is the last event and our crew is going to fight to improve and try to have a good time racing. I also think that we were not so stressed coming into this event and that´s important”.

Tim Powell (GBR) Mainsheet RAN (SWE): 
RÁN muscle Photo: Francesco Ferri_Studio Borlenghi/Audi MedCup
The conditions obviously suited us, I think we sailed very well. We had good starts and the boat was going well both upwind and downwind and tactically we were good. We just had a very solid day.
You don’t know one way or another if Morgan makes a key difference, but ultimately for us what is important for RAN is to finish off the season on a high note. Roll on tomorrow and we will see can keep it up.

Morgan Larson (USA) Tactician RAN (GBR):
Photo: NIco Martinez/MedCup
“ It is nice to be back in the fleet for sure. It was a boat speed day and there were some subtle shifts but we had good speed upwind and downwind. It is like a class reunion to be here again. I have missed it for sure being away sailing other boats. I would say today for me was about not screwing up the good performance of the trimmers, so that would have been easy to do because there were some potholes out there for sure. I like the conditions here, but you could easily go out and have two fifths or two sevenths. I have not been here since the 1992 Olympics when I was training partner with JJ Isler.”

Jochen Schümann (GER) Skipper-Helm Audi Sailing Team powered by ALL4ONE (FRA/GER):
Photo: Nico Martinez/MedCup
"This was very close racing again today with the entire fleet, but not a happy end for us. We stayed third quite a while in both races but missjugded the windward mark two times. On the last beat we were on the lay line at an early stage but it was shifty. At the end we hoped for a little right shift that happed before but didn't when we needed it. We had the option for two more tacks or to squeeze in. The latter one worked out although we slowed down a lot. We didn't touch the mark with the hull but the top 3-4 cm of the buoy with our main sheet. After a 360 you're trailing the fleet.
The torn gennaker didn't hurt us too much. We managed a smart inner peel and the new one is also a A1.5. But we really don't know why we always have bad luck with the gennakers. This time there was just a little loop in the drop line that tied the sail together and occured the triangle hole."

Matti Paschen (GER), Trimmer on CONTAINER (GER): 
Photo: Ian Roman/Audi MedCup
"We are not happy at all with this outcome of the day. We knew we are weak in light air with little chop, but we started very well two times and could hold our lanes. But we miss just a tiny little bit of upwind boat speed. And falling 1.5 to 2 boat length back means being not in front at the top mark. It is a matter of our set-up. RAN is 100 % our sister ship, build in the same mold. And they are doing very well here. We need to keep on fighting and work on the fine-tuning."

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