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Saillors Dockside after Training Day Audi MedCup

Photo: Francesco Ferri_Studio Borlenghi/Audi MedCup
Ed Baird (USA), Skipper, Quantum Racing (USA):
Photo: Francesco Ferri_Studio Borlenghi/Audi MedCup
“This is an interesting place because the sea breeze comes from a couple different directions. The one that we have today comes from the 200º-220º directions and the other one is a little more Easterly, so we have to learn about it, it´s valuable information. There are a lot of things to look in order to see how the fleet sails in these conditions. That been said, the rest of the week is going to be different from haw we sailed today, with stronger conditions. We have to respect the lighter wind because it makes this a whole different game. Our guys had a good day today, everything worked well onboard, so we are happy for this starting point.”

Víctor Mariño (ESP), Strategist, Container (GER):
Photo: Ian Roman/Audi MedCup
“It´s going to be a tough week, we have sea breeze and all the teams are making a lot of changes, trying to polish every small detail. It´s also going to be a tough week because we are all going to be keeping an eye on each other. We have a boat that´s not great in these types of conditions, with lighter winds. We sail better with strong winds, so it will be hard for us. 

"We are doing our best and it will be an interesting week, especially after the first couple of days, because we might be able to predict certain things with more accuracy and that will make the races more exciting. In the Circuit´s last stretch all the teams will take more risks. Quantum seems to be doing really well, they are improved, Bribón is as consistent as they have in the last venues, doing an extraordinary job, and Azzurra seems to have awaken, showing all the potential that their team has. We have to trust in our abilities and try to be among the top three boats at the end of the week.”

Tony Langley (GBR) owner-helm Gladiator (GBR): 
Photo: Ian Roman/Audi MedCup
“We are quite happy. We had a little shake down yesterday and today it went quite well. It was good to be in the mix, fourth at the windward mark. The second beat was not so good but the straight lines were good and the corners were good, so it was OK. 

We sailed at the Copa del Rey with a slightly more amateur crew and we did OK. This week I guess we’ll get slaughtered – that’s what happens to Gladiators! But it is how we get slaughtered that counts!
We have a couple of changes since Marseille. We have Tomasso Chieffi here as tactician and Guy Reid here as grinder. This year is all about having a look, dipping in and having a look but we have already made the call to do the full season, provided it is not in latitudes which are too northern.

Tomasso Chieffi (ITA) tactician Gladiator (GBR): 
Photo: Francesco Ferri_Studio Borlenghi/Audi MedCup
“It was really nice today, we have been chipping away. First time out for me was the Copa del Rey and of course you need to put yourself into shoes of the boat and understand how things work on the boat, so we made steady progress, stepping forward in Palma and ended up winning the last race there. It was light wind race. And so we do come out of Palma with a very good feeling. 

"We came here and today I was a little surprised to be right there in the pack. The start was good. Tony and I have been working on communication in the starts, and that is paramount in this fleet. If you don’t have an even start at least then you are very soon washed out of the back of the fleet. We made a couple of mistakes here and there and lost a couple of places but all in all we were happy with the day. We come here as the underdogs, but in terms of expectation we are on the same page. And so that hopefully means we are not going to be underdogs for the whole week. Consistency will not be on our side, but we good have spikes here and there, but some good scores would make us happy, and put some big smiles on everybody’s faces.”

Steve Hayles (GBR), navigator RAN (GBR/SWE):
Photo: Francesco Ferri_Studio Borlenghi/Audi MedCup
“It was hard to tell really from that but it was good it was a pretty close race. It was very close at the top mark. We got a good start and there was a nice little left shift off the start line which we got, it had been there. But otherwise it was a nice, normal race and it was nice to get a half decent result.  

On change of tactician from Gavin Brady to Morgan Larson

"Really truthfully there is little difference between Morgan and Gavin, Morgan only stepped on the boat this morning. He is not that well known to our guys, but I have sailed with him before. He is a very talented sailor, has a good feel and knows the fleet. In truth he was settling himself in today so we will see how it goes tomorrow. He is well organised. My honest feeling is that Morgan will now benefit from Gavin’s hard work, a lot of the things he has given us we are using, like the way we started the boat today is as much down to Gavin. At the moment we are benefiting from the good work he did. 

"It was a little funny today because the swell came in from the NE, overnight in the Gulf of Lyon, it looked sort of easy but really it was not. The waves are behind you which was not easy. Hopefully it will calm down because it also makes it a bit bouncy and bumpy downwind. I think the fleet compacted a bit on that last run. This is fun after the 72 footer. On the 72 you are moving a tonne of sails every day. This is good fun.”

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