Thursday, September 15, 2011

Audi MedCup Sailors Dockside Chat - Day 3

Photo: Guido Trombetta_Studio Borlenghi/Audi MedCup
Markus Wieser (GER) Skipper-Helm, Container (GER): 
Photo: Guido Trombetta_Studio Borlenghi/Audi MedCup
"What a great race for us of course winning by more than a minute. After a perfect start we had a free lane after RAN tacked early and we always got new pressure from the left. Once we managed to overtake Gladiator it was easy to defend the lead with covering the stronger right side of the course. It's so much easier when you don't have any dirty air from the other boats, but we also sailed more or less faultless today.

"We got a lot of great input by our coach Fritjof Kleen. He predicted the right strategy for the day expecting the left shift.

"It was not a drag race for us. The fastest boat was BRIBON camoing back after such a bad start when there were 300 m behind on the first beat. They are on the track to win the overall Audi MedCup Circuit. Speedwise no one can keep up with them.”

Ross MacDonald (CAN), Tactician, Bribon (ESP): 
Photo: Guido Trombetta_Studio Borlenghi/Audi MedCup
“As you can see it is pretty tricky out there, no matter how many points are left anything can happen. Container are there too and it has all tightened up. It is going to be great to watch from outside. I think we are learning to sail the boat better for sure and it is going better, the way we are setting it up and the way we are sailing. We are sailing with a little more patience, now we are able to sail it like it is our own boat. Maybe early on we had too many preconceived ideas where to place our weight and things like that and now maybe it is more intuitive it is like the way it feels.

"The momentum is great but the conditions are helping too. It has been fairly light as it was in Cartagena too. The boat likes that stuff, we are short on the waterline and so in big breeze and flat water we suffer upwind, but every dog has its day, lets just hope there are a few more dog days.”

Ignacio Triay (ESP) Trimmer-Project Manager, Bribon (ESP): 
Photo: Nico Martinez/Audi MedCup
“It feels like the season starts here, it starts today. Everything could happen in the next two days, everything. I tell you I would never have expected this. We were pretty convinced that the podium of the Audi MedCup would be a fight between Quantum, Audi Azzurra and Container and we were pretty convinced that the fight for fourth place would be between us, RAN and Synergy.

"In Cartagena we had the feeling that, hey, maybe we should go for more. Suddenly we found ourselves closing to the podium, so we said maybe we should try. Here three things happened and today or tomorrow the conditions could change but so far the conditions for Bribon have been not bad. We did a more constant three days and our most direct opponents are doing worse than any other event before, so all together I was looking at the numbers and probably after two days in Cascais it was closer than it is now. It is not going to be for anyone with a weak heart. Anything can happen.Quantum is still very far, we have Azzurra and Container very close to us.

"But, if it is windy tomorrow, everything can change. It is possible to win the circuit for sure, but we came here to win Barcelona. That was our goal and we come here to do our job, to say goodbye to our Bribon history with a winner. From the beginning RAN has made it very difficult for us, but we came here with that goal, to win here. But we still have not really looked at the overalls, but it does not just depend on us it depends what others do.

"I don’t know about luck, but I certainly think that the motivation is on our side. I have been sailing on Bribon for eighteen seasons and I don’t remember never before the crew being so close as a group of friends and so motivated as we are. I tell you, you need to have a nice crew: very smooth, very motivated to keep pushing, keep pushing as one. It is not easy. But I don’t know if the luck is with us or not, but the attitude, the momentum is with us. We feel so supported here by the city, by our friends here. But of course tomorrow could be a disaster. Today we saved the day and we keep going.”

Ed Baird (USA), Skipper-Helm, Quantum Racing (USA): 
Photo: Ian Roman/Audi MedCup
“We did sail our own race, we were strong all the way up the first beat and then when we came across on starboard we were within two boat lengths of the boat that rounded first and then we ended up rounding in fifth. Then down the run we dropped a couple of places as well, but we had put ourselves in a very high probability to gain position. And it did not gain, so it was disappointing not to gain.

"I think we are sailing the boat well and are doing things the best we can. Each day brings a little different conditions, every boat has their moments. Today was certainly challenging, nobody knew what was going to happen in that breeze. We were quick enough, it was really a dying, not quite sure what’s going to happen next kind of day.

"We have had people breathing down our necks all season, we are still ahead of where we were when we came into the regatta.”

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