Saturday, August 20, 2011

XXVII Trofeo Almirante Conde de Barcelona - Final Day

Moonbeam IV wins the race in the Vintage Boats category

Palma de Mallorca, August 20, 2011
Photo: © Txema Oliver
The heat was intense and the wind was steady for the final day of the XXVII Trofeo Almirante Conde de Barcelona Regatta that saw the fleet compete in the longest race  of the event

Once back at the base, the victorious Moonbeam IV's crew heralded their Skipper, Michael Creach, and celebrated their victory by throwing him into the water.
Michael Creach Photo: © Txema Oliver
From 16:00 pm, twenty artists participated in the XII edition of the Painting Contest, a traditional event where artists have just four hours to leave their artistic imprint and vision on the common nautical theme.

In another development, the dynamics of "caricature of recyclables" has continued apace in the final afternoon of regatta. The total number of cartoons have have been matched by euros to be donated by the NGO Aspanob organization, an association that supports children with cancer and their families. Tomorrow a parade will take place in the Bay of Palma to pay tribute to Don Juan de Borbon, attended by the Prime Minister Jaume Balearic Bauzá.


Epo replicates to Time
Winner of the 4th test: Ladybug.
General: 1, Moonbeam IV. 2 º Kelpie. 3 º Mariquita.

Time MB
Winner of the 4th test: Enterprise.
General: 1 Peter. 2 º Enterprise. 3 º Argyll.

MC time
Winner of the 4th test: The Blue Peter.
General: 1 The Blue Peter. 2 º Rowdy. 3 º Hallowe'en.

Ri Clas
Winner of the 4th test: Bella Creola.
General: 1 Bella Creola. 2 nd Mar Menor. 3 º Tichy Don.

Winner of the 4th test: Radha
General: 1, Radha. 2 º Belisa. 3 º Running Tide.

Dragon Class
Winner of the 4th test: Dino.
General: 1 Adair. 2 º Rogue. 3 º Dino.

SOT Class
Winner of the 4th test: Ragnar
General: 1 Dirdam. 2 º Ragnar.

Lulu Roseman

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