Friday, August 19, 2011

What The RC44 Sailors Said Dockside - Sweden Cup

Inaki Castaner – Tactician – Peninsula Petroleum
Photo: © Dan Ljungsvik
"The damage is not that bad we’ve solved it already and we’re ready for racing tomorrow. The bow sprit and structure of the boat is fine it was just the crash box that got damaged, that’s why we were able to keep sailing. But the boat and crew are fine so we will be able to race tomorrow."

Hugues Lepic – Owner/Driver Aleph Sailing
Photo: © Dan Ljungsvik
"We had a very good first three races and then the last race was a little bit more difficult, we had a problem at the start and had to make a big dip in the first upwind tack and from then on it was difficult to come back. But it’s at the tail end of the event that you are able to judge how you are doing so we are not looking at the ranking until Sunday."

Vladimir Prosikhin – Owner/Driver Team Nika
Photo: © Dan Ljungsvik
"The first (RC44) race I won in Austria was because of a big shift which was a bit of luck for us, but this race I believe we deserved, we have improved out boat speed a lot, we had a very good start and that helps, conditions were not perfect, the wind was light, but we just gradually climbed up the fleet. The team spirit is up, they are very good sailors and we’ve really got a good feeling in the boat."

Rene Mangold – Owner/Driver AEZ RC44 Sailing Team
Photo: © Dan Ljungsvik
"It was an emotional rollercoaster! To be in front at the first top mark is much easier than being in the middle of the fleet, if you get caught in the middle there is a big chance you will not break out. It feels good to lead and if you are the first boat you can watch what the fleet is doing and control the fleet. We would like one or two more good results to pull us up the ranking."

RC44 Media Team

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