Thursday, August 25, 2011

Aussie Soto 40 Team Update - MedCup Cartagena

In the first race of the day the young Aussie team on Patagonia by the Australian Soto 40 Team lead down the final run in the Soto 40's but lost out to NH Resorts who stole victory.
Photo: Nico Martinez/Audi MedCup
Trying to contain Iberdrola, Brent Fowler's team opened the door for Ngoni in the final seconds and allowed the British crew to get second.
Photo: Ian Roman/Audi MedCup
In the second race Ngoni converted a big lead at the first mark to a comfortable win, their second winning gun of the season. They now lead the regatta overall after their second place in the day's first race.

Results after two races

1. Ngoni 2,1
2. NH Resorts 1,3
3. Iberdrola Team 4,2
4. Patagonia by Australia Soto 40 Team 3,4
5. WWW.Cruiser.Racer.Com 5,5

Lulu Roseman

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