Sunday, July 3, 2011

What The RC44 Sailors Had To Say - Final Day in Cagliari

Chris Bake (CAN) – Owner and Helmsman – Team Aqua (GBR)
Photo: Nico Martinez/RC44,
"It’s been a great regatta we've been very consistent, had a few blips along the way. We were a little nervous after the first race waiting for the sea breeze but it was great and the team have done a phenomenal job so I'm really thrilled and very excited for them and for me. Looking forward to Sweden and hopefully we can stay on a roll."

Russell Coutts (NZL) – Tactician – Oracle Racing (USA)
Photo: Nico Martinez/RC44,
"We had fantastic race conditions here in Cagliari, it was really good close racing and the speeds between the boats are getting closer and closer. Marstrand will be interesting it’s a different place and none of us have sailed these boats there, each time we go to a different venue we have a different winner, we've have three different winners at three different venues which is also indicative of the different sailing conditions."

Krzysztof Krempec (POL) – Owner and Tactician – Mag Racing
Photo: Nico Martinez/RC44
"The class is very exciting and interesting, it was a fantastic four days for me and my team, we started off not so good in last position but we've been getting better and better. We've started to get a feel for the boat now, especially me as this is my first big boat but I’m very happy with the racing.

"We started to get competitive after three days when we found the speed in the boat and today we feel like the boat is going fast and we can be close and sometimes in front of the fleet."

Jose Maria Ponce (ESP) - Tactician – Islas Canarias Puerto Calero
Photo: Nico Martinez/RC44,
"It was a very exciting day, after the first race we were leading overall but Team Aqua took it back. We are very happy and sailed very well all week; Artemis and Aqua have sailed better than us all week so they deserve the place."

RC44 Media Team

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