Friday, July 1, 2011

RC44's Rock On in Cagliari

It was another full on day of racing for the 15 teams competing in the RC44 Cagliari Cup. The mistral continued to blow as the fleet ventured out of the harbour again for their second day of fleet racing at the RC44 Cagliari Cup. The weather followed the same pattern as yesterday with 17-22 knots in race one increasing to 25 knots from the north-west for the second.
Photo: Nico Martinez/RC44
The teams soaked up the conditions after yesterday’s carnage and Team Aqua lead the charge by winning both races. In race one they rounded the first windward mark in fourth place and then proceeded to pick off their opposition one by one. In race two they led from gun to gun.
 Team Aqua Photo: Nico Martinez/RC44
“I’m really proud of the team and the effort they put in to sailing the boat. Today was one of those days where we were sailing well, got decent starts, Cameron's (Appleton) tactics were great, we managed to get clean air to go fast and it was a lot of fun. The boat in this breeze is just phenomenal to sail, I just love it, it's been such an exhilarating day,” Team Aqua's Owner/Helmsman Chris Bake said. With three wins from four races, they now hold a six point lead over second placed Oracle Racing.
Photo: Nico Martinez/RC44
The Race Committee targeted 45 minutes for each race, so the 1.5 mile beat meant the 15 yachts were nose to tail and they rounded the first windward mark. Those coming in on port were met with a wall of RC44s to pick their way through and find a gap. There were no room for mistakes and those who made them paid the price.
Photo: Nico Martinez/RC44
Artemis Racing broached on the last downwind leg of race one pushing them down from second to fifth. “We had a good day but there was a situation in the first race where we were gybing but we couldn't pass the other boats, so had to gybe back and we ended up broaching which was a shame,” said Owner/Helmsman Torbjorn Tornqvist. “I enjoyed the sailing, fantastic conditions, challenging but I like it. We have a new crew so I'm quite pleased we managed to do well in these conditions. I love the windy weather, the windier the better,” he added.
Photo: Nico Martinez/RC44
In the second race of the day the course comprised of three upwind legs and two downwind sleigh-rides as the wind increased, however the Race Committee shortened the course to finish the fleet on the final upwind leg at the entrance of Cagliari Harbour. The top six teams performed consistently, each finishing in the same position in both races. Oracle Racing scored two seconds, CEEREF two thirds and Isla Canarias Puerto Calero two fourth places.
Photo: Nico Martinez/RC44
Team Aqua lead overall followed by Oracle Racing who move up from fifth to second and are tied on points with third placed Islas Canarias Puerto Calero.

Artemis Racing dropped back to fourth after a costly broach while positioned in second place in the first race of the day. CEEREF, with Igor Lah at the helm and Italy's Michele Ivaldi had a good day, two third places moves them up the rankings to fifth overall, but just one point off Artemis just ahead of them. 

Overall Ranking for the RC44 Cagliari Cup (after four races)
1 - Team Aqua - 7
2 - ORACLE Racing - 13
3 - Islas Canarias Puerto Calero - 13
4 - Artemis Racing - 17
5 - RC44 Team CEREEF - 18
6 - Katusha - 20
7 - Peninsula Petroleum - 30
8 - Synergy Russian Sailing Team - 40
9 - No Way Back - 41
10 - Ironbound - 44
11 - Team Nika - 45
12 - AEZ RC44 Team - 46
13 - RUS-7 Sail Racing Team - 47
14 - MAG Racing - 48
15 - Aleph Sailing Team - 60

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