Saturday, July 2, 2011

RC44 Sailors Speak Their Piece - Cagliari Cup - Day 4

Cameron Appleton – Tactician – Team Aqua
Photo: Nico Martinez/RC44
"In race three we had a bit of a slow start to our race and ended up pretty deep in the pack early, but we managed to battle back and did reasonably well on the start of the second beat and had a bit of a competition with Russell where he kept knocking us around which was to be expected. Coming in to the finish line we had made a bit of a gain and were on lay-line to the pin end but were on port and there were four boats blocking us on starboard.

"We made the decision just to gybe because we were going to be behind them anyway but the umpire said that we had fouled CEREEF so we had to do a penalty which makes it difficult because you've got to get the kite down and the jib up and then start doing the penalty, so I guess 11th out of that wasn't too bad.

"The competitions getting tough out there, we've been having some good starts but it’s still open, were only three points in the lead so anything can happen so we will just have to see what tomorrow brings us forecast wise but it’s been fun so far."

Jose Ponce (ESP) – Tactician - Islas Canarias Puerto Calero
Photo: Nico Martinez/RC44
"We're really happy with how the sailing is going, we are always in top six, so and all the crew are working very hard and the boat speed is good. Daniel (Calero) must be very proud of his team, we came here without him but we miss him onboard a lot, but we’re having a good regatta anyway and hope to keep strong for tomorrow.

"It was really close at the end of the second race, we wanted to cover Artemis and Aqua so we stayed in the middle but the pin end was better by about a metre than the committee boat end. It was close but we are happy with the result."

Russell Coutts (NZL) – Tactician- ORACLE Racing (USA)
Photo: Nico Martinez/RC44
"It was a tough day for us on ORACLE Racing, we had three penalty turns which is never good so we lost a lot of points there, but you know tomorrows another day you win some you lose some and we've had some good races this week so who knows what will happen tomorrow."

Pieter Heerema (NED) - owner and helmsman - No Way Back
Photo: Nico Martinez/RC44
"There was less wind today so we were able to use our better sail, using our number 3 sail on the other two days meant we lost a lot of speed which is a shame as normally were quite good in strong winds. So today we had the normal set up and doing what we think we should normally do.

"We have a new pro onboard, Mark (Mandelblatt), in fact we’ve have had a new Pro every event so far this season and that always throws up some challenges as it takes a while for the team and the new guy to get used to but everything's starting to click in to place. Tomorrow we will hopefully sail the same as today but we're just enjoying all of the racing here as we have never done this well before."

Morgan Larson USA) – tactician - Artemis Racing
Photo: Nico Martinez/RC44
"It was beautiful sailing conditions today with the little bit of Mistral that came in later on. That made some of the newer teams that haven't spent that much time in the boat a bit more competitive so it was defiantly a harder race."

RC44 Media Team

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