Monday, July 4, 2011

The First Hungarian Catamaran F18 World Championship Kicks Off Today

The first two days of the Groupama Garancia F18 Catamaran World Championship were jam packed for
the 136 participants competing in the very first Hungarian F18 Catamaran World Championship.
Sailors from 26 countries have turned the Füred Camping into a colorful community and are ready for battle. According to the principal of fair play the catamarans and the participants are measured by the judges. The rules of the F18 class regulate minimum weight for the yachts and the sailors. Once the measuring process was complete most of the competitors took to the water in order to familiarise themselves with Lake Balaton.
The renowned French multi hull legend Franck Cammas arrived on Friday to meet some of his former rivals. The holder of multiple records dipped his toe in the Hungarian waters. “It’s so good that the water is not salty, so it’s doesn't burn the eyes,” he said.
On Saturday guests were joined by the event's ambassadors, Judit Schell and Zoltan Szujo, onboard the Szent Miklós to follow the fleet as they trained while Cammas provided expert commentary.

The opening ceremony of the Groupama Garancia F18 World Championship was held on Sunday at the Kisfaludy-stage in Balatonfüred, and racing kicks off on Monday morning.

Lulu Roseman

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