Friday, July 8, 2011

Bundy Snatches F18 World Championship Crown For The Fourth Time

Australia's Darren Bundock with his Dutch crew, Jeroen van Leeuwen, have won the F18 World Championship in Hungary.
Photo: Szanto
“It was a very exciting championship, because the direction of the wind changed all the time,” Bundock said.
Photo: Szanto
“From that moment when we crossed the finish line, we were not sure about our victory,” Jeroen van Leeuwen added. “So many things happened. We counted our points because there was just two points difference between us and Mischa. We didn’t start well, and Mischa defended his position, but it made the race so much fun.”
Photo: Szanto
“We did everything for the victory but in the end Darren was faster,” second pace getter Bastiaan Tentij said. "We are so happy with the silver medal. It’s always fun to race against Darren and we can fight great battles. The hard thing was the wind that changed all the time unexpectedly, but today it was all right.”
Photo: Szanto
1. (AUS) Darren Bundock – Jeroen van Leeuwen
2. (NED) Mischa Heemskerk – Bastiaan Tentij
3. (ITA) Vittorio Bissaro – Lamberto Cesari
4. (BEL) Carolijn Brouwer – Wouter Samama
5. (NED) Pim Nieuwenhuis – Ferdinand von West
6. (NED) Coen de Koning – Thye Visser
7. (FRA) Pierre Le Clainche – Antoine Joubert
8. (FRA) Moana Vaireaux – Romain Petit
9. (FRA) Jean Cristophe Mourniac – Arnaud Jarlegan
10. (FRA) Charles Hainneville – David FaonnuillĂ©re
Photo: Szanto
Lulu Roseman

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