Saturday, July 23, 2011

ALL4ONE Joins The A LIst

After winning today’s coastal race Audi Sailing Team Powered by ALL4ONE are the overall leaders in the Region of Sardinia Trophy.
Photo: Guido Trombetta_Studio Borlenghi/Audi MedCup
ALL4ONE's Skipper-Helmsman, Jochen Schuemann, a four-time Olympic medallist said that not only is he happy with the boat speed of their new Aussie built boat, but today he felt they have an edge upwind and on tight reaches.
Photo: Guido Trombetta_Studio Borlenghi/Audi MedCup
It was a good day for Audi Azzurra Sailing Team who performed well in the powerful 23-28 knot winds to finish second second in an opening windward-leeward contest and a  third place in the coastal challenge.
Photo: Guido Trombetta_Studio Borlenghi/Audi MedCup
It was a full on day as organisers were keen to make up yesterday's windward-leeward race which was postponed due to light breeze.

The day's first race, a windward-leeward,  held in around 12-16 knots was all Container who after a good start increased their comfortable lead as the breeze strengthened.
Photo: Ian RomanAudi MedCup
Audi Azzurra Sailing Team hooked into a strong right hand shift, close to the Cagliari shore on the second beat of the race and were able to round the final windward turn in second which they held to the finish.
Photo: Ian Roman Audi MedCup
The breeze built for the coastal race. Synergy got the best start and crossed the fleet to get on the left but were gunned down by Audi ALL4ONE who were slicker and faster at the kite hoist, before accelerating ahead downwind. That first leap was enough of a margin for the Franco-German boat to profiteer and  hold off Quantum Racing who stayed hot on their heels for the entire race.

Region of Sardinia Trophy
52 Series

Results after seven races:
1. Audi Sailing Team Powered by All4One (GER/FR), 4+1+3+3+1+5+1,5=18,5 points
2. Quantum Racing (USA), 6+6+2+1+3+6+3=27 points
3. Bribón (ESP), 7+4+5+2+2+4+6=30 points
4. Container (GER), 1+2+7+4+7+1+9=31 points
5. Audi Azzurra Sailing Team (ITA), 5+3+6+7+5+2+4,5=32,5 points
6. Synergy Russian Sailing Team (RUS), 3+7+1+5+4+7+7,5=34,5 points
7. RÁN (SUE), 2+5+4+6+6+3+10,5=36,5 points
8. Gladiator (GBR), 9(DNC)+9(DNC)+9(DNC)+9(DNC)+9(DNC)+9(DNC)+13,5= 67,5points

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