Friday, July 1, 2011

What The RC44 Sailors Said After Day 2 in Cagliari

Morgan Larson (USA) – Tactician - Artemis Racing (SWE)
Photo: Nico Martinez/RC44
"It was a really good day especially in these conditions, it’s nice to get a couple of races in and make a bit of a comeback, but we broke a few things . The strong winds really suit us, especially with Torbjorn on the helm, he enjoys the strong winds much more than the shifty light stuff."

Steve Howe (USA) – Helmsman - Oracle Racing
Photo: Nico Martinez/RC44
"Today was good, it was pretty windy. We were lucky to sail well without any incidents but the conditions were really challenging, we struggled slightly on the first race, the boat speed wasn't as good but settled in to it for the second race. When the breeze got up today it got pretty hairy but at least we didn't lose any one overboard today."

David Murphy (USA) – Owner - Ironbound
Photo: Nico Martinez/RC44
"We had quite a day out there today, the Mistral that came in over night was blowing about 15 to 25 depending where you are on the course. The boats that kept themselves up right today did pretty well. It was a very tricky day, we struggled with the boat handling today we got ourselves in a couple of bad situations and paid the price for it, we didn't have a great day.

"We only had two races today and hopefully we will have three or four in the next few days that will let us get back up the table. It really is exciting sailing, some of the most exciting I have had since I've sailed with the fleet. There were defiantly a couple of points at the top mark where we all came in to the mark bunched up and it got pretty hairy."

Paul Cayard (USA) – Tactician – Katusha (RUS)
Photo: Nico Martinez/RC44
"It was a great day for us, the first race we were leading for a little while and finished second to Aqua's who are a pretty good team and they passed us. Both races we had great starts which put us in the top few boats at the top mark but in the second race we broke the bow sprit so we had some trouble going down wind and still finished sixth."

RC44 Media Team

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