Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Terry Hutchinson Sends An Update From Extreme 40s - Istanbul

25 May 2011
Extreme Sailing Series - Istanbul
Photo: © Lloyd Images
It was a long day today in Istanbul. We spent the first couple of days here waiting for the gear to arrive and what could have been an absolute logistical nightmare was somehow pulled off by the organizers and shippers.

The boats were rigged yesterday and we went out this morning for a training session before getting into the regatta. The crew members sailing here are Rodney Ardern, Julien Cressant and Morgan Trubovich. This is the first time this group has sailed together and we are sticking with our long range of plan of developing the relationships within our team as best we can around some of these regattas. Ultimately, the AC 45 only has five crew and the Extreme 40 has four crew, so we take the opportunities where we can get them to mix and match.

The venue itself is tricky. One of those places where you are never really out of it until the race is over. You fight for every point because you know they are so valuable. We had seven races between 1400 and 1700 hours and I can tell you I am completely knackered and I have the somewhat easy job on the boat.

Rodney, Julien and Truby at any given moment are running around the boat furling, unfurling, kite up. You get the's a fire storm pretty much all the time. We ended the day at the top of the leader-board and really that is about as good as the paper it is written on; 28 more races and plenty of opportunity. For now we will focus on us as that is about all we can control.

Terry Hutchinson
Artemis Racing

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