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Quotes Of The Day - 2011 Farr 40 World Championships - Day 4

Guido Belgiorno-Nettis, Skipper, Transfusion (AUS) 
Winner of 2011 Farr 40 World Championship 
Photo: Lulu Roseman
"It’s a dream come true. I said to myself this morning, don’t get pumped just go into this regatta on the basis that we could come second and when we actually won, what an amazing feeling. 
Guido couldn't be happier Photo: Lulu Roseman
"Sure we had a strategy, but the plan today was to never give up. Going into today I just said to the guys let’s do it all again and let’s make sure we do as well as we can. We were the better sailors and managed to stay ahead of Nerone in that final race, we won fair and square.

"With yacht racing it is an amazing thing and I just felt you can never give up until everything is done. You never know what is going to happen, so we dug deep and got the right shifts and turned the boat at the right point and the boys delivered. They delivered in the trim, crew work, top marks, bottom marks and it was as close as we got to being really on the money.
Mitch White, Bowman, Transfusion Photo: Lulu Roseman
"Today was a really good day for us. The boat mechanics, the boat speed, tactics and we had just had a tremendous fleet to compete against and we were lucky but we work hard and we got it right today. I really want to thank John Kostecki for was a really wonderful regatta and I’ve really enjoyed these last two weeks with the guys.

"How special to have the Farr 40 Worlds here in Sydney, look at this club, the bay the weather, the racecourse, and everybody around us is happy. Sydney has to be one of the greatest places in the world to have a regatta. I am biased of course.

“I think we have a wonderful opportunity to build on the excitement and prestige of this event among the Farr 40s and it’s great to have an Aussie winner. From my point of view I see the class growing and I think it is going from strength to strength. We'll go on defend our title at the next Worlds in Chicago next year.”

Vasco Vascotto, Tactician, Nerone (ITA)
Photo: Lulu Roseman
"I think we need to be proud of what we have achieved here in Sydney. We won the Nationals here one week ago and we fought hard up until the final run of the last beat in this event. Obviously we are not super happy about how we finished the Worlds but this is life. Transfusion did a great job to win this championship and we are very happy for them, but we are a little sad about our result. We made a couple of mistakes and we paid for them during the week quite hard by having to do penalty turns at the marks or being over early on the start line.

"In the final race we made a mistake on the start line with the time on distance. We don’t want to be in a crowded place there and we try to get a good line but unfortunately we discovered our stopwatch said 10 seconds and then it changed completely to say five seconds and this surprised us a little. This is how we lost control of the start so we were two to two and half boat lengths behind. Then we got behind 10-12 boats and it is obviously very difficult to come back. My goal was to be very close to Estate Master and we tried very hard. I thought in my mind that we are close but unfortunately at the mark they had one and half boat lengths on us and with seven boats ahead, Transfusion were able to stretch their lead.
Photo: Lulu Roseman
"For us that means you are less confident you can do it and so you try to do something a little different than usual. Still I think we had a great regatta because we finished sixth in the last race. It was very close but the boat we needed to pass, Estate Master was always a couple of metres too far away. To try to gain those few metres you are more likely to take a risk and that doesn’t always pay off in this kind of fleet. Sydney is a fantastic place to sail but the worst thing is now having to call my girlfriend and parents, it is so early now in Italy, to tell them we lost."

Mal Parker, Trimmer, Voodoo Chile (AUS) 
Photo: Lulu Roseman
“Overall we finished up in 10th and today we had a pretty good day. I think the last race was the only time we got past Nerone on one of those legs and we are all happy about that. We’re just improving everyday. We got seventh overall in the lead up regatta, the Farr 40 Nationals, so we were pretty hopeful for a top result here at the Worlds.

“We did have a wobble on one of the days where we got two bad results and that put us a little bit lower in the order than we would have liked. Our phrase for the week is “hike harder” and we are big on the snakes, we run those pretty hard. We also had some special rolls for our lunch today with mustard and mayo and gave us a bit of an edge.”

Adam Morrison, Boat Captain, imPi (AUS) 
Photo: Lulu Roseman
"Over the course of the week it has been a great experience sailing among such a great fleet. To see the top level guys and the Australians are right up there with them. The fleet definitely close up over the four days and we learnt some valuable lessons namely the level of dedication you need to compete in this class."

Ian Short, Tactician, iMpi (AUS) 
Photo: Lulu Roseman
"It was very interesting sailing against those top American and European professionals and I learnt a lot about the time and effort they put into it. We’re consistent finishing second last overall and in the Corinthian division. I will definitely continue racing in the Farr 40s, it’s great racing and I wish I’d got into years ago. Especially in the Corinthian division I think there is a future there to grow the class. 

Steve McConaghy, Tactican, White Cloud (AUS)
Photo: Lulu Roseman
"We just wanted to get off the line cleanly today and in the first race that wasn’t the case we just got rolled by Struntje Light, they’re fast and they got over the top of us and we tacked down and got a shift out to the right. There was no gaps at the top mark again and we just chipped away. We didn’t sail a good rounding but we got back to tenth so we were happy with that.

"In the second race we got a great start at the pin end and we were out on the left but there were a few boats we just couldn’t quite cross and Struntje was ahead of us and we just had to chicken wing and duck the whole fleet and we ended up last around the top mark but we had a good run and a good bottom mark rounding and we picked off a few boats but we just couldn’t get ahead. We are very delighted to see Transfusion win."

Lulu Roseman 

Transfusion Crowned 2011 Farr 40 World Champions

Transfusion's Guido Belgiorno-Nettis accepts the prize Photo: Kurt Arrigo/Rolex
Transfusion fought back in the final race of the Rolex Farr 40 World Championships today in  a nail biting finish to pip defending champions Nerone by just two point.
Transfusion Photo: Kurt Arrigo/Rolex
The Italians looked like they had it in the bag yesterday but  a late start  off the line in the final race of the series today saw it all go pear shaped. Transfusion took advantage and managed to sail well and recover from a couple of debatable tactical calls to finish two points ahead.
Nerone Photo: Kurt Arrigo/Rolex
In race nine Transfusion lagged on the first upwind leg, rounding the top mark well back and lacking boat speed while Nerone was sailing hotter angles out in front on the first downwind run. Transfusion’s US tactician, John Kostecki, now a three-time Farr 40 Worlds winner, lived up to his reputation as one of the world’s best as the local boat clawed their way back to finish second to Massimo Mezzaroma and Antonio Sodo Migliori’s Nerone.

“We weren’t fazed at the time, but our comeback was definitely as good as it gets” said the relieved owner, Guido Belgiorno-Nettis back at the Royal Sydney Yacht Squadron where the boat took up the winner’s berth and the crew were one by one thrown in or jumped in the drink to celebrate.

“It is a big achievement, it’s still sinking in. I joined the class in 2007 and in the first year we decided to have a shot at the Worlds. It’s been a three year program and it came down to the last race. We certainly peaked at the right time.”

Vasco Vascotto, tactician on Nerone was gracious in defeat, “Transfusion was the best boat of the week. The way they recovered in the first race, for us that was the clear signal they were still alive. It’s the reverse situation to last year, which is good for the class.”

At the end of race nine there were smiles and high fiving on the Italian boat and a lingering look back by Vascotto to take note of the pecking order over the finish line. Meanwhile on Transfusion Kostecki held his arms up to the sky as if to say “what else can we do?”

Clearly there was more fire in their bellies and they came out blazing in race 10, saving their best effortss for last.

Transfusion needed to finish two places ahead of Nerone to take the title and they gave themselves very little room a for error, finishing just four places ahead.

The conditions off Sydney Heads were a perfect NE 10-12 knots, building up to 15 knots at times out of ENE with plenty of sunshine. The spectator and support boat fleet enjoyed the close racing and nerve-racking finish that delivered the local team the win they hard trained and fought so so hard for.

Third on the final pointscore was Jim Richardson’s Barking Mad (USA).

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Friday, February 25, 2011

2011 Farr 40 Worlds - Tight At The Top

Photo: Kurt Arrigo/Rolex
Today was another fascinating day of fierce competition at the 14th Rolex Farr 40 Worlds in Sydney. With two races completed the defending champions, Massimo Mezzaroma & Antonio Sodo Migliori’s Nerone (ITA) hang on by a thread with  a one-point advantage over the local boat, Guido Belgiorno-Nettis’ Transfusion (AUS). 
Photo: Kurt Arrigo/Rolex
Turn the tide back to last year and the positions were in reverse. Nerone had to overcome a two-point deficit to defeat Transfusion for the 2010 World title. Transfusion were in with a good chance today and lead race seven to the halfway point before three boats snuck by before the finish line. Nerone's Vasco Vascotto’s relentless tactical efforts saw Nerone claw back three places to end up in sixth place. In race eight they crashed through the fleet  to grab an unshakable lead on the first downwind leg. Transfusion, got rolled in the slipstream to grab fifth position.
Photo: Kurt Arrigo/Rolex
William Douglass’ Goombay Smash (USA), with James Spithill calling the breeze, posted their  best day to date with a  bullet in race seven followed by a six in race eight. Wolfgang and Angela Schaefer’s crew on Struntje Light (GER) moved on from their disqualification from race four yesterday to post a second and an eighth, missing out on a race win  by the spinnaker of Goombay Smash. Helmut and Evan Jahn’s Flash Gordon (USA), worked hard under Bill Hardesty’s guidance to take advantage Estate Master's (AUS) woes to move into third. Early event leaders Barking Mad (USA) had to settle for fourth.

Day 3 – Top 10 provisional results (pending protests)
Place, Boat Name, Country, Owner-Helm, R1-R2-R3-R4-R5-R6-R7-R8, TOTAL
1) Nerone , ITA, Antonio Sodo Migliori & Massimo Mezzaroma, 2-1-10-8-1-1-6-1, 30
2) Transfusion, AUS, Guido Belgiorno-Nettis, 4-4-2-1-7-4-4-5, 31
3) Flash Gordon, USA, Helmut & Evan Jahn, 11-2-9-2-8-5-11-3, 51
4) Barking Mad, USA, Jim Richardson, 15-10-5-9-2-3-10-2, 56
5) Estate Master, AUS, Lisa & Martin Hill, 1-8-1-5-9-10-12-12, 58
6) Kokomo, AUS, Lang Walker, 19-5-4-7-5-9-3-7, 59
7) Struntje Light, GER, Wolfgang & Angela Schaefer, 3-13-3-21-4-13, 67
8) Hooligan, AUS, Marcus Blackmore, 13-3-6-4-16-14-8-4, 68
9) Voodoo Chile, AUS, Andrew Hunn & Lloyd Clark, 5-9-8-15-3-2-16-16, 74
10) Goombay Smash, USA, William Douglass, 9-6-17-10-11-16-1-6, 76

Quotes Of The Day - 2011 Farr 40 World Championships - Day 3

Photo: Kurt Arrigo/Rolex
Chris Way, Skipper, Easy Tiger II (AUS)
Photo: Kurt Arrigo/Rolex
"We just got back into it today. Naturally we were very disappointed about being protested by Estate Master and the unfavourable outcome of that hearing last night  cost us big time. However, the support we received from the rest of the fleet about the jury's decision was encouraging.

"We got a clean start in the first race and the unfortunate decision made by the race committee to recall everyone when only four were over the line early was pretty unfortunate for us and many others. But we managed to keep our nose clean and picked off a few boats on the downwind beat to notch up a ninth. It was cool to finish ahead of Barking Mad who we hold is such high regard."

Wolfgang Schaefer, Skipper/Co-owner Struntje Light (GER)
Photo: Kurt Arrigo/Rolex
"We were very unhappy about yesterday. We feel we have been treated very badly becusue we have been kicked out for something that was not our fault. It was a starboard/port situation at the upwind mark and we were on port. We had to give way to another boat that was on starboard and that was normal. We had the right to call for room to tack to the other boat and that boat did not give us room so we had no option and we had to go further and we were protested and lost.

"That was not very polite or very friendly but that is part of the game. This morning we said OK, a good crew doesn't take it too seriously and the next day is another day and we have to go on and that is what we did. It paid off and we are already back in seventh place again. we dropped from fifth to eighth and in this fleet that is quite a bit but that is the jury's decision and you can't do anything about it. we wanted to recover as we are fighting for the Corinthian Trophy. Those 21 points cost us but we are in a comfortable position going into the final day.

"We have very good boat speed, the boat is quick. I have couple of young Aussie guys among the crew. Our tactician, David Chapman, is 21 years old and he is doing a really good job and his friend Evan Walker is our strategist and these guys I give full credit to. For them it is new to have the full pressure of being in a grand prix class and that's how it is and they have to learn and I decided to support these guys and we have great fun.

"The last part of the second upwind leg in the first race the wind increased and we picked up a couple of shifts and took them correctly so we gained a lot and we could overtake Transfusion n the downwind run but unfortunately two minutes before the finish line Goombay Smash got us by 20 centimetres with their kite."

Curtis Florence, Bowman, Barking Mad (USA)
Photo: Kurt Arrigo/Rolex
"We just want to keep going out and doing the best that we can and unfortunately we got some tough results at the start of the regatta and it’s always nice to be control your own destiny in an event but obviously we lost that early on from the get go and we just need to sail the best that we can, whatever happens, happens. We have realistic goals in mind and we want to finish top three, and that is very achievable.

"Nerone and Transfusion are one point apart so I think they will be full on with each other so that leaves the door open for us. Some big things are going to have to happen for us to get up there but third place is only five points ahead of us."

"I always think back to when I raced with Richard Perini in 2004 in the Mumm 30 Worlds in Toronto and we were in fifth place going into the last day. We went out and won two races in a row and ended up winning the regatta so anything is possible.

"We are racing without Terry Hutchinson who has had a key role in this team and with Hamish Pepper stepping in he definitely has had his work cut out for him. It all goes back to sailing in the same team with the same people and in this class it's really important to do that and it just goes to show out there. Nerone has the same team and Transfusion has pretty much the same team as well as Flash Gordon. It is really important to be able to sail with your key players all the time.

"With Hamish stepping in for Terry it hasn't been easy out there and he's doing a great job. The class speaks for itself and it's a really good having the mix of four professionals and the rest of the team as amateurs as everyone comes together."

Jeff Carter, Skipper/Owner, Edake (AUS)
Photo: Kurt Arrigo/Rolex
"The racing is very close on the startline and going around the marks you can certainly throw a blanket over the entire fleet from first to last. We did better in the Nationals last week where after two days we were lying in sixth place overall before it turned into a lottery that we didn't have a ticket in and we finished in 11th place. We had more breeze 15 to 20 knots in the first few days where we did better so we were certainly hoping that the sea breeze that we typically get here would continue for these Worlds, however that has not been the case. Tomorrow they weather forecasters say it might come in so you never know."

Lulu Roseman

Day 3 - 2011 Farr 40 Worlds

The fleet hit the line Photo: Lulu Roseman
After the result of the protests against Struntje Light and Easy Tiger were handed down late last night, costing them both dearly with a 21 point penalty, racing resumed today in the 2011 Farr 40 Worlds at Manly Circle.
Easy Tiger II and Transfusion cross paths Photo: John Curnow
Several boats broke the start and after a general recall they got of to a clean start in a fresh 8-10 knot nor'easterly breeze.
On the bow of Goombay Smash Photo: Lulu Roseman
James Spithill calling tactics onboard  Goombay Smash (USA) made his presence felt today by clocking up his first win of the series in Race 7  a whisker ahead of Struntje Light (GER) who shook off yesterday's demons to claim second place. Kokomo finished third, followed by Transfusion (AUS), White Cloud (NZL) and Nerone in sixth place.
Photo: John Curnow
Race 8 saw Nerone (ITA) back in the hunt followed by the two America teams, Barking Mad (USA)  in second and Flash Gordon (USA) third.

Lulu Roseman

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Quotes of the Day - 2011 Farr 40 World Championships - Day 2

Adam Beashel, Mainsheet Trimmer, Hooligan (AUS)
No birds on Hooligan Photo: Kurt Ariggo/Rolex
"We started off with a fifth or sixth and unfortunately we go involved in a bit of an incident that saw us do a few turns and put us on the back foot during the second race today while we were in good shape so that made it a bit hard on us. It was fantastic yachting off Sydney today couldn’t have asked for a better day.

"I am sure the Europeans after the day they’ve had are probably all smiling and thinking they all love Sydney so that’s a good thing for the class. We’ve just got to keep working away at it and obviously it’s very close on the scoreboard overall. Anywhere from here where we are in ninth spot I can see a possible fifth or a fifteenth depending on how we sail over the next two days. We went into today in fifth spot and from the two previous regattas we’ve lifted our game and found ourselves more amongst it."

Ivan Resnekov, Skipper, iMpi (AUS)
All hands on deck aboard imPi Photo: Kurt Ariggo/Rolex
"It’s good fun. So far the highlight has been nearly getting a very good place. In the last race today we were in the middle of he pack in ninth or tenth coming around the top mark after two legs and there were only two legs to go. We finally got the upwind speed going once the breeze got up and we were holding our own, but at the bottom mark it got very crowded.

"Hooligan came in very square but was inside of us on the starboard mark which we wanted to go around also. They nearly hit it as we was turning up to go around with them, because it’s really important to keep your height after the mark, they bore away again so we had to go away too. That really threw us out of sync and by the time we came up we were a boat length below them.
Local team imPi are in the hunt Photo: Lulu Roseman
"That pinned us out by two or three boats. Then we discovered our spinnaker pole had come apart inside so we couldn’t trigger it so that meant there were people of the rail trying to fix the spinnaker pole and that doesn’t work as you need everyone on the rail so we finished last.

"We see the Italians a lot as they sit on the committee boat end of the line nearly every start and that’s pretty much where we need to be. We come reaching away and jam up at the start and they’re always right there.

"Our goal is to get a second in any race within the Corinthian division. Struntje Light are winning Corinthian and coming fourth or fifth overall and they’re very good, everybody is good, there are no slouches here. Just doing our best when we get it just right and it’s very competitive and they are very good at getting their settings right. The steerers are all excellent and they don’t own Farr 40s or head up big companies if they’re not good.

"We are all club races and some of the crew are very talented but we don’t have any professionals onboard. We have a sail-maker, Ian Short, with us. He is encouraging and he certainly let’s you know how he feels. He likes speed and height. Up on the wave, build some speed and sit there.

"The challenge is keeping up with the top guys and if we can keep our height and speed for a few minutes and that’s really hard. I’ve done it once or twice, it’s hard as they are just better at everything, but every now and then we get our settings right. Downhill is an absolutely pleasure and these boats are lovely once it gets to 13–15 knots. You get little waves and when you can catch them it’s quite fun. In 15 knots we have a kite that works perfectly and the crew are pretty good at that."

Chris Main, Tactician, Voodoo Chile (AUS)
Voddoo Chile smoking the rest of the fleet Photo: Lulu Roseman 
"We are having a good regatta and we feel like we are batting slightly above our weight class so we’re really happy. Today our results were a 17th, a third and a second. The last race showed us that if we get out and get near the lead that we can do really well. It was good because the Italians didn’t sail away from us and we were a little bit surprised but really pleased.

"I think when the breeze is up we’re going well, we’re fast. We followed Nerone downwind. In the first race we had a really bad downwind and lost quite a lot of boats, so I just thought you know what, Vasco seems to know what he’s doing so just follow him down this run.

"The last race was the first time the Italians didn’t have a good start and both us and them got forced out to the right. Vasco came back a bit earlier and we made a pretty big split with the fleet but it was getting late in the day and things were starting to go right and left so we just thought lets just keep going.

"I haven’t seen a line up of tacticians like this before in the Farr 40s Worlds before. Everyone’s either got a gold medal or an America’s Cup so it’s great be hanging around with them. We have a young crew who are all from Tassie except for myself and Gerry Mitchell who was the mainsheet trimmer with Mascalzone Latino.

“We did a training weekend in Tasmania before this regatta and the guys took us out and showed us around and we’ve had a really good time. That is probably the key to why we’re doing well is that everyone is getting on really well and we’re actually just having fun.”

Lulu Roseman

Transfusion Back On Top at Farr 40 Worlds - Day 2 - Full Results

Photo: Kurt Arrigo/Rolex
At the Farr 40 Worlds in Sydney, Guido Belgiorno-Nettis’ Transfusion (AUS), is back on top after posting a 1st, 7th, 4th today to lead overall  by three points.

Transfusion might have lost out to Nerone in 2010 but this year it's a whole new kettle of fish after  Belgiorno-Nettis engaged American tactician John Kostecki. The pair are working well together and the polished teamwork onboard means the trophy is well within in their sights.
Photos: Kurt Arrigo/Rolex
While Belgiorno-Nettis is delighted to be in the lead he is well aware of the competition and that half way through the regatta there’s still a long way to go.
Photo: Kurt Arrigo/Rolex
Belgiorno-Nettis this evening praised Kostecki for some “beautiful calls”, and his team for “nibbling their way back in the last race” after they were buried back in the fleet.
Photo: Kurt Arrigo/Rolex
Massimo Mezzaroma and Antonio Sodo Migliori’s Nerone (ITA), has moved into second place, putting in some hard yards after a disappointing start to the day with a 10th place in Race 4 followed by two bullets in the next two races of the day. Estate Master (AUS) has slipped back to third.

Consistency and minimising damage have always been key at the Rolex Farr 40 Worlds. No less so this year, as the 14th Farr 40 class World Championship moves beyond the halfway point.
Photo: Kurt Arrigo/Rolex
With the winds from the northeast initially struggling to stabilize around 8-10 knots, and a strong current heading north, the race area moved north from yesterday’s location to just off Manly Beach, affording crews and spectators an exceptional backdrop. By the last race the winds were up to a sprightly 12 – 15 knots. It was a long day and a late finish with the 20 tired crews arriving back at the host club, the Royal Sydney Yacht Squadron, after 7:00 pm this evening.

Lulu Roseman

Rolex Farr 40 World Championhsip
Day 2 – Top 10 provisional results – pending protests

Place, Boat Name, Country, Owner-Helm, R1-R2-R3-R4-R5-R6, TOTAL
1) Transfusion, AUS, Guido Belgiorno-Nettis, 4-4-2-1-7-4, 22
2) Nerone , ITA, Antonio Sodo Migliori & Massimo Mezzaroma, 2-1-10-10-1-1, 25
3) Estate Master, AUS, Lisa & Martin Hill, 1-8-1-7-9-10, 36
4) Flash Gordon, USA, Helmut & Evan Jahn, 11-2-9-2-8-5, 37
5) Struntje Light, GER, Wolfgang & Angela Schaefer, 3-13-3-3-4-13, 39
6) Voodoo Chile, AUS, Andrew Hunn & Lloyd Clark, 5-9-8-17-3-2, 44
7) Barking Mad, USA, Jim Richardson, 15-10-5-11-2-3, 46
8) Kokomo, AUS, Lang Walker, 19-5-4-9-5-9, 51
9) Hooligan, AUS, Marcus Blackmore, 13-3-6-5-16-14, 57
10) Plenty, USA, Alex Roepers, 10-7-13-4-13-11, 58 
11) Southern Star, AUS, John Calvert Jones & Damien King, 7-14-20-13-6-6, 66
12) White Cloud, NZl, Brett Neill, 8-18-12-8-15-7, 68
13) Goombay Smash USA, Warren Douglass, 9-6-17-12-11-16, 71
14) Sputnik, AUS, Ivan Wheen, 6-12-11-14-10-18, 71
15) Easy Tiger II, Chris Way & Ian Burns, 12-11-15-6-18-12, 74
16) Edake, AUS, Jeff Carter, 20-17-7-16-14-8, 82
17) La Renard, USA, Steve Phillips, 14-16-19-15-12-15, 91
18) Wired, AUS, Stephen Boyes, 17-15-14-18-17-17, 98
19) iMpi, Ivan Resnekov, AUS, 18-19-16-19-19-20, 111
20) Enigma, AUS, David Goetze & Michael Cranitch, 16-20-18-20-20-19, 113

Day 2 - 2011 Farr 40 Worlds

Photo: Lulu Roseman
It was a quintessential summer’s day in Sydney today with the sun shining brightly and not a cloud in the sky. The AP flag was raised and the Farr 40 World fleet was rescheduled to start at 1300 hours. Racing finally got underway in a 8-10 knot north easterly breeze off Sydney Heads at Manly Circle. But the tension and testosterone was at an all time high on the start line causing a general recall.
Photo: Lulu Roseman
Transfusion (AUS), Flash Gordon (USA) and Easy Tiger II (AUS) all managed a clean start off the line and tore up the racecourse leading a hungry pack as they fought neck and neck for the preferred position at the top mark. Transfusion led Flash Gordon around the top mark with Team Tiger purring loudly on their tail followed by Struntje Light (GER) and Hooligan (AUS).
Photo: Lulu Roseman
As they set their kites, Easy Tiger II applied the pressure downwind charging ahead of the American boat to round the bottom mark in second position behind Transfusion. But on the upwind beat they dropped back and got smoked by Flash Gordon, Struntje Light, Plenty (USA) and Hooligan to cross the finish line in sixth position.
Photo: Lulu Roseman
The second race of the day saw the Italians back on their game as Nerone lead Jim Richardson's Barking Mad all around the race course. Tasmanian boat Voodoo Chile was on fire and notched up their best result to date with a podium finish in third place.
Photo: Lulu Roseman
The final race of the day took place in choppy seas and a building 12-15 knot breeze that kept everyone on their toes. Nerone again proved that when their on fire there's nothing that can tame that hot Latino  passion for winning yacht races. Voodoo Chile upped the ante finishing in second while Barking Mad had to be happy with a third.

At the halfway point in the regatta half of teams in the top ten are Australians but anything can happen as the pressure is cranked up another notch.

Lulu Roseman

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Quotes of the Day - 2011 Farr 40 World Championships - Day 1

Tom Slingsby, Tactician, Estate Master (AUS)
Photo: Lulu Roseman
“It was a very shifty day with a 30 degrees wind shift and it was just a case of getting your head out of the boat and staying in phase with the big shifts and we did a pretty good job of it today with a first, an eighth and a first.

“In the first one we actually got a bad start and we had to tack out but as soon as we tacked we were happy that we were on the lifted tack and we were behind everyone’s sterns and everyone got pinned in on starboard. We went about 200 metres past everyone’s sterns and then we got a 20 degree knock and in the end that put us in the top three and then we just chipped away from there and ended up getting a win.
Tommy is always on the lookout for more wind Photo: Lulu Roseman
“In the second race it was another tough start but unfortunately when we tacked out we didn’t have quite as good an angle as what we had before we just got caught back a little on the line didn’t get a good a start and we struggled to get back into that group from there on and I think we rounded in 15th around the top, we chipped away and picked up three or four on the run and three of four on the beat and that’s as good as we could have done in that race so we were pretty happy.

“All of our crew work helped us to be in better positions than some teams and we have had great sets and great drops and so that gives me more options which means I can make better choices.

“We came off the pin end on the line and it looked like we were going to get a left hand shift and in the end we got it, Transfusion got it also and we rounded third but pipped Transfusion and we just wanted to sail our own race. It’s great on the first day to get off to a good start.”

Mitch White, Bowman, Transfusion (AUS) 
Photo: Lulu Roseman
“We’re very happy. It’s great having tactician John Kostecki onboard, he is very intense but we’re very happy he put us in the right spots and our whole goal is to be consistent. We are sitting in second place overall behind our arch rivals, Estate Master. The whole goal is to end up exactly where we are so we are very happy and to just keep plugging away and being very consistent. Our secret is chocolate: mini Cherry Ripes, Kit Kats and Crunchies.
Photo: Lulu Roseman
Helmet Jahn, Owner, Flash Gordon (USA) 
Photo: Lulu Roseman
“I think we stayed on course in the warm up regattas and today we did some things right and we did some things not as well but we will do better tomorrow. “

Bill Hardesty, Tactician, Flash Gordon (USA)
Photo: Lulu Roseman
“It’s always good to have a good result for everything. The good thing is we are starting well and for the most part we are going fast and going the right way and we just need to polish up a few little details and I think we’ll have a chance at this regatta and we just continue doing the things we know how to do and we’ll be good. We’ve put a big effort in and we got her two weeks ago and this is the biggest effort we’ve ever put in so we’re hoping that will pay off for us.
Photo: Lulu Roseman
"The swell was up today but the chop was still about the same as we’ve seen so it just makes it a little more tricky for the sail trimmers to make sure they have got enough power in the boat for the toughs of the waves and downwind it’s quite fun, you get a couple of good surfs and you just need to know the right angle to sail and a little bit of practice before the day usually gets that stuff sorted out. It’s been fairly similar these last two weeks so it’s not that big of a surprise. Where we are from in Chicago has a pretty big seaway when you get a northerly so not that unusual for us. We’re hoping the breeze comes up a little bit more for us we feel much more comfortable in that stuff that’s for sure."

Andrew Hunn, Co-owner, Voodoo Chile (AUS)
Photo: Lulu Roseman
“We are very pleased, we had a good solid day and stayed in the top ten and in this fleet that is excellent. Everybody is very calm and knows what their role is on the boat and we have managed to stay out of trouble, that’s been the main thing.

“We don’t always stay out of trouble and we’ve had our fair share of being over early and argy-bargy and even collisions but today wasn’t one of those days and we are happy to have kept it clean.”

Sam Boyes, Mainsheet Trimmer, Wired (AUS) 
Photo: Lulu Roseman
“It’s fantastic, we’ve got some outstanding people here that we are competing against and it’s not something you get to do everyday. We crossed tacks with some of those guys like James Spithill on Goombay Smash and Vasco Vascotto on Nerone so that was pretty exciting and we have met some of the Barking Mad guys. Jim Richardson has been great as an owner helping us out where he and his crew can.
Photo: Lulu Roseman
“We are from Hobart and sail from Royal Yacht Club of Tasmania in Sandy Bay where we have five Farr 40s down there and it’s a pity that some of the other guys couldn’t come along with us and Vodoo Chile. We have some really good racing and are out every weekend and have a lot of fun but it something different up here with all these pros, it makes it a little bit hard.
Wired chase Estate Master during the invitation race Photo: Kurt Arrigo/Rolex
“We’re in the Corinthian division and Struntje Light are in our division and they’re doing really well and their boat is very quick too and they’re going to be hard to beat for sure. We are a young team with most of our guys at University and my Dad is the owner and there are a few older guys in the afterguard. I give him a bit of nudge when he starts to carry on a bit but and it’s handy to give him a bit of an elbow occasionally. We think quite alike so this strategy works quite well.”

Lulu Roseman

Aussies Rock at 2011 Farr 40 Worlds

Photo: Kurt Arrigo/Rolex
After three races on day one of the 2011 Farr 40 Worlds in Sydney, the Aussies are doing it in fine style with Estate Master leading the score board followed by close rivals Transfusion and then the Italians, Nerone in third.
Photo: Kurt Arrigo/Rolex
A third in the second race saw Marcus Blackmore's Hooligan make their presence felt and the Tasmanians on Voodoo Chile are hot on their heels. Vying to crack into that top ten is the Sydney's Easy Tiger II and those Kiwi's on White Cloud.
Photo: Kurt Arrigo/Rolex
It's early days yet and with these team just warming up for what is expected to be a magnificent battle, anything can happen.

Lulu Roseman

Day 1 – Top 10 Provisional Results
Place, Boat Name, Country, Owner-Helm, R1-R2-R3 TOTAL
1) Estate Master, AUS, Lisa & Martin Hill, 1-8-1, 10
2) Transfusion, AUS, Guido Belgiorno-Nettis, 4-4-2, 10
3) Nerone, ITA, Antonio Sodo Migliori & Massimo Mezzaroma, 2-1-10, 13
4) Struntje Light, GER, Wolfgang & Angela Schaefer, 3-13-3, 19
5) Flash Gordon, USA, Helmut & Evan Jahn, 11-2-9, 22
6) Hooligan, AUS, Marcus Blackmore, 13-3-6, 22
7) Voodoo Chile, AUS, Andrew Hunn & Lloyd Clark, 5-9-8, 22
8) Kokomo, AUS, Lang Walker, 19-5-4, 28
9) Sputnik, AUS, Ivan Wheen, 6-12-11, 2910) Barking Mad, USA, Jim Richardson, 15-10-5, 30