Saturday, July 31, 2010

Wild Oats XI Flies Up The Coast

Photo: Andrea Francolini/AUDI
Sydney turned on the winter sunshine as the 78 strong fleet sped down Sydney Harbour under spinnaker after the gun was fired in the 25th Audi Sydney to Southport Yacht Race. Wild Oats XI might have led the fleet through the Heads but three Victorian boats are giving the Sydney boats are run for their money as they fly up the New South Wales coast this evening.
Photo: Andrea Francolini/AUDI
Lulu Roseman

Aussies on Fire at Valencia Cup

America´s Cup winning helmsman, James Spithill and his motley crew onboard 17, including several young Australian sailors and Prince Frederick of Denmark´s mate, Anders Myralf on the helm, are dominating the fleet racing componet at the RC44s in Valencia after four races.
Photo: Lulu Roseman
After a sensational start off the line in the first race, the boat was on fire leaving the rest of the fleet to follow in their wake.
Photo: Lulu Roseman
Katusha with legendary yachtsman Paul Cayard calling the breeze and Russian owner, Guinnadi Timchenko on the helm, was the only other winner of the day taking out the third race.

Despite a protest lodged by the Spanish boat Puerta Calero against 17, Spithill and gang lead overall ahead of Team Aqua and Artemis.

Racing resumes on Saturday at 13:00pm.

RC 44 VALENCIA CUP (Fleet racing provisional results)

1. 17 / Anders Myralf (USA) 1-4-1-1, 8 points*
2. Team Aqua / Chris Bake (UAE) 2-3-5-4, 14 points
3. Artemis / Torbjorn Tornqvist (SWE) 5-7-2-6, 20 points
4. Katusha / Guennadi Timtchenko (RUS) 9-1-8-3, 21 points
5. BMW ORACLE Racing / Maxim Logutenko (USA) 10-6-4-2, 22 points
6. No Way Back / Pieter Heerema (NED) 8-2-7-5, 22 points
7. Ceeref / Igor Lah (SLO) 6-11-3-7, 27 points
8. Islas Canarias Puerto Calero / Daniel Calero (ESP) 3-9-9-10, 31 points
9. AEZ RC44 Sailing Team / Rene Mangold (AUT) 4-10-10-8, 32 points
10. Mascalzone Latino Audi Team / Vincenzo Onorato (ITA) 11-5-6-11, 33 points
11. Team Sea Dubai / Harm Mueller-Speer (UAE) 7-8-11-9, 35 points
(* includes 1 point penalty by International Jury)

Lulu Roseman

Friday, July 30, 2010

James Spithill on Fire With Three Bullets

James Spithill and his 17 crew proved consistency is the key after getting three bullets in the first day of fleet racing at the RC44 Valencia Cup today. Anders Myralf, who usually sails on Prince Frederick of Denmark´s Farr 40 Nanooq, took the helm in order to comply with the class rules that an amateur must steer for the fleet racing component of the regatta. 
Photo: Lulu Roseman
In the day's first race, 17 got a great start off the line favouring the left hand side of the course as the fleet split and half sailed off to the right. Myralf with Spithill in the role of tactician did an amazing job to build a comfortable lead and ward off a challenge from Russell Coutts on BMW Oracle Racing. And then they repeated the result in the second race.

Katusha´s owner Guennadi Timchenko with Paul Cayard calling the shifts proved adept on the wheel to take out the third race in a very stylish display.
Photo: Lulu Roseman
Crewing on 17 is young up and coming Australian sailor Kyle Langford from Lake Macquarie, who is the tactician aboard World Match Racing Team, Mirsky Racing, who was celebrating his 21st birthday, making the team´s successful day on the water even sweeter.

Terry Hutchinson of Artemis said it is a miracle that his team were in third place overall after four races. "We didn´t get very good starts and our crew work was a little off the pace. We had lots of little things go wrong and they all add up," he said.

Lulu Roseman

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Spanish Team delight local crowd with win

Puerto Calero, the Spanish team in the RC44 fleet put their best foot forward today by winning the second practice race of the day that finished in the Dasena. As the yachts crossed the finish line under kite, spectators were given a special treat.
Photo: Lulu Roseman
The day's first race was won by the Austrian yacht, AEZ Sailing Team.

Lulu Roseman

Young Spanish Sailors Get To Live The Dream

Eleven young sailors from the Yacht Club Valencia Nautica joined each of the crew onboard the RC44's for today's practice day ahead of tomorrow's fleet racing. Mario Fernandez-Bermejo Nachet sailed with Terry Hutchinson and the Artemis crew for an experience he won't be forgetting for a while.
Photo: Lulu Roseman
"I learnt so much about how the boat operates and it was really amazing," he said.
Photo: Lulu Roseman
Lulu Roseman

Sailing aboard USA 17 with Spithill

High performance match racing is what gets me all fired up and yesterday I had the opportunity to be the ninth crew member onboard the RC44 USA 17 skippered by 33rd America's Cup winning helmsman and fellow Australian, James Spithill. And what a cool class of boat these RC44's are.
Your fearless correspondent onboard 17 Photo: Ignacio Baixauli
They absolutely fly like a rocket downwind and really push the limits in both the crew work and boat speed.

These light displacement yachts are the brainchild of America's Cup legend Sir Russell Coutts and naval architect Andrej Justin. The class was started four years ago and now has six events per year on a circuit that in 2010 will include the Canary Islands and Miami.

The class rules allow for one pro sailor to steer during the match racing flights and then the owner drives for the fleet racing. 

This photo was taken from BMW Oracle Racing skippered by Coutts who went on to win the race.

Lulu Roseman

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Team Aqua Win RC44 Match Racing Series

Team Aqua Sink the Competition

Team Aqua have taken out the match racing section at the RC44 Valencia Cup after two days of awesome racing in near perfect conditions sailed just off Malvarossa Beach in Valencia. With a 9-1 result they pipped Terry Hutchinson of Artemis and Class President, Russell Coutts, of BMW Oracle Racing.
Photo: Ignacio Baixauli/RC44 Class
“We’re really pleased and we’ve been sailing well as a team for a long time and we’ve just been gaining some momentum together. It’s really good we’ve got a great team onboard who have a lot of trust in each other and there’s a huge amount of respect we have for each other and that has been key this week,” Cameron Appleton said.

Appleton was tactician onboard Team Artemis who defeated Emirates Team New Zealand at the Audi MedCup TP52 Camper Trophy in Barcelona last weekend.

“It’s been fantastic and I’ve had a great couple of weeks, it’s been fantastic to win this one too. The highlight of the year for me was the MedCup win and now to back it up with a win here is quite incredible,” he said.

Clearly the RC44 Class is leading the charge by creating a regatta format that combines a high performance racing yacht with a match racing series and fleet racing under the owner/driver class rule.

“I’ve sailed in this class for the last four years and as a sailor it’s a lot of fun because it really tests your skills as one second you’re in the match racing mode and you’re lining up against 10 or 11 other teams, and it’s just incredible to push hard against this level of competition and the closeness of these boats is just incredible. They are one of the most exciting boats that are out there right now.”
Photo: Ignacio Baixauli/RC44 Class
“Russell did a fantastic job when he created this class and I’m not sure why there’s not more people involved because it is one of the best classes around,” he added.

Tomorrow the fleet racing kicks off with a practice day where the owners take the helm the remained of the regatta. As the pro sailor on the boat Appleton’s role will switch to tactician.

“I just spoke to Team Aqua’s owner, Chris Bake who is back in his office in Dubai and he’s just itching to get here. He told me that he’s been jumping up and down behind his desk all day. Unfortunately for him he’s got an extremely busy role in his company and he can’t get enough time to get here, but he’ll be here soon and we can’t wait.”

(Match racing final results)

1. Team Aqua/Cameron Appleton (UAE) 9-1, 9 points
2. Artemis/Terry Hutchinson (SWE) 8-2, 8 points
3. BMW ORACLE Racing/Russell Coutts (USA) 8-2, 8 points
4. Team Sea Dubai/Markus Weiser (UAE) 6-4, 6 points
5. 17/James Spithill (USA) 6-4, 6 points
6. Katusha/Paul Cayard (RUS) 5-5, 5 points
7. No Way Back/Ray Davies (NED) 5-5, 5 points
8. Ceeref/Rod Davis (SLO) 5-5, 3 points*
9. Islas Canarias Puerto Calero/José Maria Ponce (ESP) 2-8, 2 points
10. Mascalzone Latino Audi Team/Tommaso Chieffi (ITA) 1-9, 1 point
11. AEZ RC44 Sailing Team/Christian Binder (AUT) 0-10, 0 points
(* includes 2-point penalty deduction)

Lulu Roseman

Artemis on Top Of The Heap at RC44 Valencia Cup

Fresh from winning the Audi MedCup in Barcelona, Team Artemis are leading the charge after the first day of racing in the RC44 Valencia Cup, sailed under sunny skies and perfect 20 knot conditions just off Malvarossa Beach in Valencia.
Artemis Photo: Lulu Roseman
These light displacement boats are known for their downwind speed and can be thrown around the race course easily. The RC44 Artemis is skippered by Terry Hutchinson who proved the most consistent in a day that saw the breeze build to 21 knots. Artemis won all six of their races in a day that saw 25 match races completed among the eleven teams.
Photo: Lulu Roseman
I had the pleasure of racing with Ray Davies, skipper of No Way Back, as the ninth man and it was of the most adrenalin-fuelled sailing experiences I’ve ever had. The boatspeed these high performance one design yachts can achieve downwind is just awesome, fantastic and makes for one very exciting day of match racing. Davies and his crew had a mixed bag of a day to finish sixth overall after six races posting three wins.

Lulu Roseman

(Match racing, after seven of 14 flights)
1. Artemis / Terry Hutchinson (SWE) 6-0
2. BMW ORACLE Racing / Russell Coutts (USA) 4-1
2. Team Aqua / Cameron Appleton (UAE) 4-1
2. 17 / James Spithill (USA) 4-1
5. Ceeref / Rod Davis (SLO) 3-1
6. No Way Back / Pieter Heerema and Ray Davies (NED) 3-3
7. Team Sea Dubai / Markus Weiser (UAE) 2-4
8. Katusha / Paul Cayard (RUS) 1-3
9. Mascalzone Latino Audi Team / Tommaso Chieffi (ITA) 1-4
10. AEZ RC44 Sailing Team / Christian Binder (AUT) 0-5
10. Islas Canarias Puerto Calero / José Maria Ponce (ESP) 0-5

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

MedCup Barcelona won by Artemis

Racing was delayed again on Sunday, the final day of the regatta and with only one race sailed the cards looked like they were stacked against Artemis but they made a massive come back from the rear of the fleet to pip Emirates Team New Zealand and take out the Camper Trophy - Barcelona.
Paul Cayard Photo: Lulu Roseman
An ecstatic Paul Cayard and his Artemis crew accepted the trophy at the prize giving that was delayed by a protest that eventually amounted to nothing.
Team Artemis Photo: Lulu Roseman
Lulu Roseman

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Artemis Snatch The Lead from ETNZ

Day four of the Audi Med Cup in Barcelona belonged to Paul Cayard and Artemis who claimed victory in the first race of the day and then repeated it in the third. The smile was back on his face when he stepped ashore.
Two bullets in races seven and nine now puts Artemis in a winning position overall, just one point ahead of Emirates Team New Zealand. Team Origin took out the the second race of the day in a stylish display and full credit to Ben Ainslie and his crew who successfully held off consistent performers Quantum and ETNZ.
“We’re not killing it at the start and we never really got our nose down into trouble like on Friday where there was a big pile up . We know we have a fast boat and we try to sail high percentage tactically thanks to Cameron Appleton who is doing a great job. We are just letting the boat work for us and that’s what is important to us," Cayard said.
"We just had clean starts in both races that we won and had good boat speed. Getting to the first mark first makes for a completely different race and getting away from the rest of the pack.

"All of us are just sailing our absolute best and maybe when it gets down to the last race we’ll see there is something to focus on. Team New Zealand have been on the top of the heap for a long time and for Artemis what is really important to me is what we’re doing right now."

Lulu Roseman

Friday, July 23, 2010

Day Three Audi MedCup Barcelona

The fleet was  held ashore until the wind picked up and they eventually docked out just before 1:00pm. No matter what, the race committee are determined to fit three races in again today and will turn them around quickly before conditions fade.

After three races yesterday Quantum Racing lead the regatta on 12 points followed by ETNZ, Artemis and Bribon all locked on 13 points. But one thing about this venue, renowned for it flukey and breezy conditions, is that no one can really predict how the wind will blow. So it should be an exciting day of yacht racing.

Lulu Roseman

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Luna Rossa's First Win on The MedCup Circuit

The all Italian team on board Luna Rossa were on fire today to successfully hold off  Quantum's Terry Hutchinson to take the gun in the third and final race of the day.
Photo: Ainhoa Sanchez/Audi MedCup
After three races Quantum Racing are leading the regatta on 12 points followed by ETNZ, Artemis and Bribon all level on 13 points. Cristabella's win sees them now ranked in fifth position overall.

Cristabella hold off the fleet to take the gun in Race 2

With only seconds splitting the bunched up fleet behind them, John Cutler's Cristabella helmed by Tim Powell. proved too strong in today's second race to finish ahead of Artemis while Bribon made up from a costly gamble to cross in third place.
Photo: Ian Roman/Audi MedCup
Ian Walker, tactician on the Spanish boat took some risks and ultimately paid the price by relinquishing a good lead at the start by splitting away from the rest of fleet during the second beat before clawing his way back.

Cristabella kept their cover over Bribon on the final downwind beat which saw Synergy do a penalty turn. Behind the leaders there was a tussle between ETNZ and Quantum Racing that saw Terry Hutchinson climb in on the inside of Bribon to challenge for second place while Artemis lay just a boat length behind.

This closely fought racing made for a thrilling finish that saw the Kiwi's finish in fourth position.

Lulu Roseman

Kiwi's On Fire

After the disappointment of yesterday when racing was cancelled due to lack of wind,  three races are were sailed today in choppy seas and breezes that peaked briefly at15 knots.

In the first race, Bribon lead Emirates Team New Zealand around the first mark followed by Cristabella and Matador in fourth as the fleet popped their kites for the downwind run.
Photo: Ian Roman/Audi MedCup
Bribon tactician, Ian Walker did an excellent job of calling the shifts while being pressured on both sides from  ETNZ and Cristabella as they rounded the bottom mark. ETNZ rounded cleanly at the leeward gate and  made a good gain to lead the pack. The Kiwi's held their position and dominated the race from that point on and have to be happy with that result, particularly with the CEO of the regatta's sponsor, Camper,  on board.

"In these particular conditions everyone is going to have difficult tricky races, the big thing downwind is you can get a surge on a wave and the situation can change quite dramatically," said Ray Davies, tactician Emirates Team New Zealand. "It's good to have a good first day."

Lulu Roseman

Roberto Bermudez de Castro joins the Camper/ETNZ VOR Team

ETNZ CEO Grant Dalton, announced the news at a press conference this morning, before the boats docked out for the second day of Audi MedCup in Barcelona.

Photo: Chris Cameron
“I feel very proud to join the CAMPER project for the next Volvo Ocean Race. CAMPER is a company I have always admired and to be on the project with such a creative and international Spanish brand along with the elite ETNZ makes CAMPER a truly exciting project for me,” Bermudez de Castro said.

Lulu Roseman

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Racing Canned at Audi MedCup Barcelona

There was wind and then there was no wind, and then we waited and waited some more. Crews went for a bit of training session and kites went up and came down. Canopies were put into place to shade the crews from the blistering sun while they ate lunch. Team Synergy looked they were having a siesta on the rail.
Team Synergy Photo: Lulu Roseman
The crews, spectators and media played the waiting game until 4:30pm when the race committee pulled the pin on racing for the day. The regatta will resume at 1:00pm tomorrow.
Photo: Lulu Roseman
Team Origin Photo: Lulu Roseman
Lulu Roseman

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The Brits blow it in Barcelona

Audi A1 powered by All4One took the gun in today’s practice race sailed in light breezes off the coast of Barcelona after Team Origin missed the mark and sailed on. 
Photo: Lulu Roseman

Photo: Lulu Roseman
Lulu Roseman

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Let the Battle in Barca Begin

Eleven highly tuned TP52´s are lined up in Barcelona ready for the start of the third MedCup regatta in the 2010 series.  But don´t let all the fun stuff surrounding this event dazzle you too much, these teams are out for blood and once they hit the start line for the first race on Wednesday it will be game on..

Emirates Team New Zealand might be leading the series after delivering consistency to win in Cascais and a fourth place overall in Marseille but there are plenty snapping at their heels. Audi A1 powered by ALL4ONE, Quantum Racing and Matador are leading the charge. Portuguese team Bigamist rejoins the fleet for what is expected to be an thrilling week of world class yachting all played out against the backdrop of one of the world´s most vibrant cities.

Lulu Roseman

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Countdown to Barcelona

Barcelona will be in the spotlight over the next week as the Audi Med Cup crews prepare hit the water in a few days time for the Camper Regatta – Conde de Godó Trophy.

Summer heat in the Catalan capital will only add to the intensity, but when Marseille last month proved that the Kiwi Audi MedCup champions Emirates Team New Zealand (NZL) have a definite fight on their hands when 2008 title winners Quantum Racing (USA) won the Marseille Trophy.

The New Zealand team go to Barcelona with a lead of 18.5 points knowing not only that Quantum Racing have regained their winning ways, triumphing overall for the first time since 2008, but also that four times Olympic medallist Jochen Schuemann (GER) and Sébastien Col (FRA) have been very consistent across the first two regattas with their crew. Their Audi A1 powered by ALL4ONE (FRA/GER) are the only TP52 team to have finished on the podium in both Cascais and in Marseille. Schuemann is confident that they can maintain that regular momentum.

With Pedro Mendonça’s (POR) Bigamist (POR) rejoining the Circuit in Barcelona, the TP52 Series fleet is back up to an 11 boats complement. Eight teams have won at least one race this season so far and five different teams have finished on the podium. One team which finished on the podium in Cascais finished 10th in Marseille. It is that close.

On Quantum Racing, Adrian Stead (GBR) returns as tactician, Paul Cayard (USA) is billed as helm for Artemis (SWE), gold medallist Andrew Simpson (GBR) is back as strategist on TeamOrigin (GBR), and Luna Rossa (ITA) will be sailed by an entirely Italian crew with Gabriele Benussi (ITA) registered as tactician for Barcelona.

The official practice race takes place on Tuesday for the TP52’s, series racing begins on the Wednesday with the coastal race on Friday. For the GP42 Series, the practice race is scheduled for Wednesday, and the first race for Thursday. Both Series race until Sunday.

Jochen Schuemann (GER), skipper Audi A1 powered by ALL4ONE (FRA/GER):

“I am sure that Barcelona will be challenging. With this high pressure and heat over Europe then it might be that winds are light, but what we have seen at the events so far is that the standard is higher than ever, that all ten or 11 boats are competitive, and it is easy to have a third in one race and a 10th in the next.”

Ray Davies (NZL), tactician Emirates Team New Zealand (NZL):

“I think that though not many of us have experience of Barcelona in many respects the conditions can be not dissimilar to what we get off Valencia at this time of year, but for sure it will be lighter than we have seen this season. We know that after Marseille we have to be sailing the boat better and have been working hard to get more performance from the boat, especially how we sail in lighter winds and looking at the sail programme, and we feel we have been successful in that.”

Gonzalo Araujo (ESP), helmsman Bribón (ESP):

“At this time of year the race area in Barcelona tends to be light in terms of wind, although it will depend on the intensity of the Garbi. Our boat is good in the light breeze, but whatever the situation we will face this event as we do all regattas: doing the best possible start and giving it our best throughout the race.”

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Audi MedCup Barcelona - the clock is ticking down

Audi MedCup Circuit organisers, World Sailing Management, today introduced the Camper brand as official sponsor of the Conde de Godó Trophy - Barcelona, the third event of the 2010 season.
C Audi MedCup 
World Sailing Management introduced Camper today as the official sponsor of the third event on the Audi MedCup Circuit 2010 season which will take place from 20th to 25th July. The event’s official title will be Regata Camper - Conde de Godó Trophy - Barcelona.

Audi MedCup Circuit organisers, World Sailing Management, today introduced the Camper brand as official sponsor of the Conde de Godó Trophy - Barcelona, the third event of the 2010 season

“We are very pleased to be working once again with the Audi MedCup Circuit,” said Estanislao Carpio, Executive Director of Operations for Camper, “And we are especially happy to be involved with this edition in Barcelona, the city which has a long history with Camper and with which there is a particularly close relationship after having opened our first shop, the Casa Camper hotel, the Dos Palillos restaurant and many other projects in the famous City.”

“We at Camper hold a special and strong regard for the sport of sailing, we are tremendously international, but we are from Mallorca originally. The Audi MedCup Circuit is an event which shares many of our values." continues Carpio.

The Audi MedCup Circuit has maintained a close relationship with the international shoe manufacturing brand.

Camper was official supplier on the Circuit in 2007, the same year in which they sponsored the Copa del Rey Camper Audi, the third event of the 2007 MedCup season.

“Given the strong relationship Camper has with sailing, with the Audi MedCup Circuit and particularly with the city of Barcelona, we are very happy to be collaborating again," said Ignacio Triay, Audi MedCup Circuit Director.

The Regata Camper - Conde de Godó Trophy - Barcelona will take place from July 20th to 25th. The Public Village for the third event of the season will open on July 17th and remain open with free entry through to 25th July.

Audi MedCup Media

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Shaking it up in the CYCA Audi Winter Series

Photo: Lulu Roseman

Photo: Lulu Roseman

The sun shone on Sydney Harbour and the breeze kicked in for the125 starters who lined up for today's Race 11 of the Audi Winter Series The instructions were clear from Balance’s owner Paul Clitheroe to his ‘middle of the boat’ crew who were in charge of Balance today. “Listen you idiots, I don’t care if you come last just don’t run into anyone or thing.”
Photo: Lulu Roseman

Celebrating his 55th birthday with a BBQ lunch at his new home at Kirribilli, all Clitheroe and his usual navigator could do was look on as Balance negotiated its way around the harbour and into second place in Division B. A joking Clitheroe said this afternoon when he heard the good news “I am not happy…I am not going to be able to live this one down for at least 12 months.”

Andrew Cribb “Cribby” also carried on the joke “All we had to do to place this season was to get rid of the owner!” The short-handed crew of seven played it simple on the race track – heeding the words of Clitheroe.

“Just before the start we got a couple of wind squirts up to 18 knots and we got a little worried about the headsails we were carrying, however it ended up being okay in the end,” Cribb added.

“We took one risk and split away from the fleet on our way back from Manly heading to Shark Island. We thought that we had killed our race then, but it turned out in our favour as we almost managed to catch Sintara (Gordon Anderson’s Beneteau 47.7),” Cribb concluded.

It was Sintara’s big overlapping headsails that were to make the difference on the reaches, handing her the division win from Balance by 47 seconds. Warwick Sherman’s well campaigned Cookson 12 Occasional Coarse Language placed third. In the series pointscore, Tony Kirby’s X-41 Patrice Six holds onto a narrow lead from Guy Stening’s Melges 32 Optimum, who did not sail this week after suffering damage in last week’s race with Darryl Hodgkinson’s Beneteau 45 Victoire holding onto third place in the division B overall series pointscore.

After one of the coldest winter weeks in 27 years, the sun shone brightly for all the yachties on Sydney Harbour today with a top temperature of 15⁰C, making a beautiful winter’s day sailing. Given the early finish, many crews were back at the Cruising Yacht Club of Australia, the race organisers, enjoying the sunshine and a few celebratory drinks on the deck.

For Rear Commodore Garry Linacre it was a family affair on his recently acquired Corby 49 Vamp (previously known as Limit) that placed third in Division A behind St Hillers Quest with Mike Green at the helm and Past CYCA Commodore Geoff Lavis’ UBS Wild Thing.

“We are having a lot of fun with the boat – we had four father/son combinations onboard including Andrew Madden and his 12 year old son, guests of Audi Australia, together with some Youth Sailing Academy sailors,” Rear Commodore Linacre said. Brooke Beale from Club Marine, another sponsor of the Cruising Yacht Club of Australia’s Youth Sailing Academy, also joined in the fun atmosphere onboard.
Photo: Lulu Roseman

“It was a beautiful day’s sail in conditions that suited some of the smaller and heavier boats in the fleet. After such a soft series weather wise, it is great to see some breeze in the last few pointscore races. This means that some of the divisional winners of the Audi Winter Series will only be decided in the last race of the season,” Rear Commodore Linacre added. There are currently three divisions (D, G and H) in which a tie exists.

Alan Mather, owner of Akela, is currently tied with Chris Rabbidge’s Mean Machine in Division D. “This is one of the toughest divisions to race in, with the likes of Peter Sorensen (The Philosophers Club) and Chris Rabbidge,” Mather said this afternoon.

The ongoing rivalry between Mather and Robert Skol (Scarlett O’Hara) now stands at 6-4 after Akela’s win today, means Skol will have to fork out for dinner for Mather’s crew unless he wins the last two races.

Justin Graham, owner of Jet, the current leader of Division E and second place today, was the lucky person handed the set of keys to an Audi A5 Sportback 3.0 TDI quattro for a week.

“We had a brilliant first leg today and were chasing Monkey Magic all day, but we unable to catch them” Graham added. Jet with thirteen points currently leads Division E series pointscore by nine points from Stuart Birdsall’s Sabre on 22 points, with Matthew Fisher’s Greengate a further point behind in third place.

Other division winners today included Pacific Sailing School’s Kioni (Division C), John Penfold’s Monkey Magic (Division E), Greg Mason’s Sinewave (Division F), Chris Antico’s Selkie (Division G), Lachlan Irwin’s Clewless? (Division H), Glenn Crane’s Lahara II (Division J), Phillip Denison’s Gusto (division K) and Richard Holstein’s Next (Sydney 38)

Two races remain in the Audi Winter Series, with the non-pointscore Ladies Day Race to close the Audi Winter Series on July 25.

By CYCA Media Team