Friday, June 25, 2010

Farr 40's Return to Porto Cervo

One of the world's most exciting one design fleets is assembling this weekend at the Yacht Club Costa Smeralda for the next leg of the Farr 40 European Circuit.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Surf Star Set to Ride the Wave to Hammo

The two-time former world champion surf ski paddler, Warren Buchan has become the 100th entry for Audi Hamilton Island Race Week 2010. 
Buchan now a keen offshore sailor will race on his Sydney yacht, Colortile, together  with his fiancée, Kristy, after a two year absence from the event.
“It was the best fun we’ve ever had racing,” Buchan said. “So we just had to go back for more this year.”
The registration of the 100th yacht compares favourably with the growth of the entry list from last year and the fleet is expected to exceed 200 when racing gets under way on August 20.
Buchan had his first sailing experience as a seven-year-old when he and a mate set a spinnaker on a Manly Junior and charged down Gunnamatta Bay in a screaming north-easterly wind. When they got to the end of the bay they realised they didn’t know how to sail upwind, so they went ashore and walked the dinghy home through the shallows for more than a mile.
He later joined Cronulla Surf Life Saving Club where his passion soon became surf ski racing. Apart from winning two World Championships and National Title he claimed victory in the world’s longest ski race, a 150nm paddle from Forster to Sydney’s famous Bondi Beach by 35 seconds.
More than 20 years after that Manly Junior experience Warren got back into sailing and was hooked.
“I love sailing it because I love the ocean and catching waves. Our current boat surfs superbly.
“Race Week is all about camaraderie, having fun, and enjoying the stunning scenery that comes with racing around all the beautiful islands. It’s the regatta everyone has to do at least once, and because some of my mates hadn’t done one in 20 years we just had to take them with us this time” he added.
Colortile has entered in all the feeder races that lead to Audi Hamilton Island Race Week, starting with the 25th edition of the 384 nautical mile Audi Sydney Gold Coast Race on July 31.
Warren’stip for anyone doing their first Race Week is to pace yourself.
“Apart from the great sailing, the social agenda is exceptional but you have to make sure you can go the distance. The worst thing you can do is be burnt out by Thursday, then not able to enjoy everything else the entire week has to offer.’
Lulu Roseman

Monday, June 21, 2010

Audi Winter Series Race 9 - Sydney Harbour

The Goat gets The Gun
Those 12 knot westerlies that kicked off the day failed to last the distance but at least the fleet got to race. It was frustrating when the wind died but crews stuck it out on a quintessential Sydney afternoon where the sunshine just refused to quit.The wind swung around to an eight knot  sou’easter just enough for the yachts that stuck it out.
In the Sydney 38 division The Goat defeated Calibre who are leading the pointscore, but the win delighted part-owner, the affable Bruce “Blocker” Foye.
Leslie Green’s Swan 60 Ginger was the first of the big boats in division A to capitalise on the sou’easter, picking up a handy escalator ride down past Shark Island to finish ahead of Andrew Banks and Geoff Morgan’s You’re Hired and Matt Short’s TP52 Shortwave with its regular family contingent aboard.

Lulu Roseman

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Green Day for Hutch and Co in Marseille

Quantum Racing Snatch Victory

It was that bloody Mistral again that caused the issue by throwing a wobbly on the final day of scheduled racing at MedCup. Out on Marseille’s Rade race areas the notorious winds whipped spumes of spray and kicked up a nasty swell and with gusts close to 40 knots, it was unlikely the fleet would leave the dock for the second day in a row.

But it was all good for Quantum Racing and after copping a spraying from his crew, Skipper-helm Terry Hutchinson praised his team. Everyone behind the scenes from boat-builder to Quantum Sails and designers Botin Carkeek, have all contributed to the 2008 champions lifting their game. By winning two races and the coastal race, they formed a solid foundation to claim victory with only just six races sailed.
The Americans finished 4.5 points clear of second placed Matador. Critical to Quantum Racing's success has been consistently good starts, strong tactics and improved boat speed. While reigning champions Emirates Team New Zealand had a shocker on the first day and finished fourth overall, they still lead the 2010 Audi MedCup Circuit.

The Franco-German team on Audi A1 powered by All4One have been the most consistent to date and after placing second in Cascais, the team headed by Jochen Schuemann and Sebastien Col took third place here and now lie second overall in the 2010 Audi MedCup Circuit standings. While the circus packs up and leaves France over the next few days it won't be long before it rolls into to Barcelona in July where we get to do it all again...albeit with a little inspiration from Gaudi.

Lulu Roseman

Marseille Trophy
TP52 Series
1. Quantum Racing (USA), 8+1+1+5+6+1,5= 22,5 points
2. Matador (ARG), 3+3+4+1+10+6= 27
3. Audi A1 powered by ALL4ONE (FRA/GER), 2+9+2+10+2+4,5= 29,5
4. Emirates Team New Zealand (NZL), 10+6+5+4+3+3= 31
5. TeamOrigin (GBR), 4+7+7+3+1+9= 31
6. Synergy (RUS), 9+2+6+7+4+7,5= 35,5  
7. Bribón (ESP), 1+8+8+2+7+15= 41
8. Cristabella (GBR), 6+4+3+8+9+13,5= 43,5
9. Luna Rossa (ITA), 5+5+10+9+5+10,5= 44,5
10. Artemis (SWE), 7+11(RAF)+9+6+8+12= 53
11. Bigamist 7 (POR), 12(DNC)+12(DNC)+12(DNC)+12(DNC)+12(DNC)+18(DNC)= 78

Saturday, June 19, 2010

TP52's Docked By Howling Mistral

Northwesterly winds of up to 30 knots on Saturday saw racing cancelled on the second last day of the Marseille Trophy. The blistery conditions forecast to strengthen by Sunday may cause headaches for the race committee who remain committed to an 11:00am start.
But one team who aren't showing any disappointment was Quantum Racing who are sitting pretty on the top of the leader board. "Under these circumstances we are never that disappointment not to go sailing," Ed Reynolds, Quantum Racing's Project Manager said. "But the guys are going really well and it would have been great to go out there and see how it rolled. But probably they were not overly crushed at this point not to go out."
Audi MedCup principal race officer, Maria Torrijo said there was a lot of wind out there. "We registered a constant speed of 29 knots when we were heading back to port. The waves in the race area weren't that big but  right at the exit of the Vieux Port they were bigger and that could have caused problems for the boats as slamming into them causes them suffer a lot," Torrijo said.
The hot topic onshore between the Kiwi and Italian crews was which one of their nations with prevail in tomorrow's World Cup clash. "The question is not who will win but how much Italy will be us by. For sure they are superior, but for us it's already fantastic to have reached the World Cup finals," said ETNZ's Skipper Dean Barker.
The Kiwi's switched codes later once onshore proving their prowess is unmatched amongst Med Cup teams when it come to showing off their rugby skills.

Marseille Trophy

TP52 Series
Overall – Day 4

1. Quantum Racing (USA), 8+1+1+5+6+1,5= 22,5 points
2. Matador (ARG), 3+3+4+1+10+6= 27
3. Audi A1 powered by ALL4ONE (FRA/GER), 2+9+2+10+2+4,5= 29,5
4. Emirates Team New Zealand (NZL), 10+6+5+4+3+3= 31
5. TeamOrigin (GBR), 4+7+7+3+1+9= 31
6. Synergy (RUS), 9+2+6+7+4+7,5= 35,5  
7. Bribón (ESP), 1+8+8+2+7+15= 41
8. Cristabella (GBR), 6+4+3+8+9+13,5= 43,5
9. Luna Rossa (ITA), 5+5+10+9+5+10,5= 44,5
10. Artemis (SWE), 7+11(RAF)+9+6+8+12= 53
11. Bigamist 7 (POR), 12(DNC)+12(DNC)+12(DNC)+12(DNC)+12(DNC)+18(DNC)= 78

 Lulu Roseman

Friday, June 18, 2010

Quantum Racing win Coastal Race in Marseille

By winning the ocean race for the second consecutive year, Quantum Racing have claimed ownership of one of the most spectacular race tracks on the Audi MedCup Circuit.The 36 mile race circuit along the spectacular calanques limestone cliffs to Cassis gives the 2008 Audi MedCup champions a lead of 4.5 points over Matador.
It was pure, distilled and classic Marseille with 25 knot winds that gave the fleet some serious surf to ride on the 10 miles downwind leg to the turning mark off Cassis. 

For the return leg along the base of the cliffs, it was powerful upwind sailing in flatter water.

Without a doubt the Quantum Racing team sailed a flawless race, and another pin sharp start from their afterguard allowed them to track left early with Emirates Team New Zealand. The Kiwis lead around the windward mark with Quantum Racing right on their tails but on the first run Emirates Team New Zealand gybed early and Terry Hutchinson and his boys got around the leeward gate first. From there Quantum Racing were never really challenged.
Audi A1 powered by ALL4ONE were likely the quickest on the water today and had overhauled the Kiwi team, but just after half way back on the long beat home, the Franco-German team lost their jib.They had to send a man up the mast to quickly retrieve the halyard which lost them ground to the current champions. Behind the Kiwis in second, Audi A1 took third place across the finish, while Matador’s never say die attitude was rewarded with a fourth on the finish line. 

Marseille Trophy

TP52 Series
Overall – Day 3
1. Quantum Racing (USA), 8+1+1+5+6+1,5= 22,5 points
2. Matador (ARG), 3+3+4+1+10+6= 27
3. Audi A1 powered by ALL4ONE (FRA/GER), 2+9+2+10+2+4,5= 29,5
4. Emirates Team New Zealand (NZL), 10+6+5+4+3+3= 31
5. TeamOrigin (GBR), 4+7+7+3+1+9= 31
6. Synergy (RUS), 9+2+6+7+4+7,5= 35,5  
7. Bribón (ESP), 1+8+8+2+7+15= 41
8. Cristabella (GBR), 6+4+3+8+9+13,5= 43,5
9. Luna Rossa (ITA), 5+5+10+9+5+10,5= 44,5
10. Artemis (SWE), 7+11(RAF)+9+6+8+12= 53
11. Bigamist 7 (POR), 12(DNC)+12(DNC)+12(DNC)+12(DNC)+12(DNC)+18(DNC)= 78

Lulu Roseman

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Rain Rain Go Away

The inclement weather in Marseille forced the MedCup fleet to return their berths today.

Rather than copping a beating among the stormy wet conditions and unsettled breezes, officials cancelled the practice race for the TP52 Series at the Marseille Trophy. While the teeming dawn rain set the tone for the day, the teams were keen to take advantage of whatever practice they could.

After being held ashore the fleet went afloat on the rade Sude and ran through two practice starts that saw big wind shifts and pressure changes. One windward leg was sailed before the day’s racing was abandoned

Regardless, crews still managed to spend four hours on the water testing sails and tuning up in preparing for the start of racing on Wednesday.
Tomorrow’s forecast is more promising with three races scheduled.

Lulu Roseman

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Kiwis taste La Dolce Vita in La Maddalena

In a stunning display that encapsulates the spirit of match racing America’s Cup style, Emirates Team New Zealand fought off SYNERGY Russian Sailing Team to claim victory 3-2 at the Louis Vuitton Trophy in Sardinia.

Coming into the final day the Kiwi’s were faced with a pumped Karol Jablonski and his Russian team, still elated from claiming the first finals race sailed the previous evening. Fuelled by adrenalin the Russian boat forced the Kiwi’s into a tacking dual that saw them take control of the days’ first race and further their advantage 2-0 in a flukey easterly breeze.
But in the third race, ETNZ’s Dean Barker was having none of this and regardless of trailing by six seconds around the first mark, he took control of the race with faster and sharper gypes. Despite an excellent display of starting tactics by Jablonski, a botched genaker drop bought their boat to a standstill and gave the Kiwis the opportunity to romp away.

With sunshine and winds whipping up to 14knots, ETNZ evened the score 2-2 in the fourth amongst the flapping of protest flags. In a thrilling pre-start the Kiwis muscled their way to lead by seven seconds at the top mark but Jablonski overtook them on the downwind run. The Russian boat then copped a penalty for contact and with their penalty still outstanding, Barker crossed the line just four seconds ahead.
With tension in the air on the start line, Synergy claimed the committee end on starboard sending ETNZ to leeward and immediately tacked away. The Kiwi boat tacked to cover and it was a replay as they went out to the starboard layline with the Russian boat forced to follow. 

Barker led by 12 seconds after the run and held off Jablonski in a spirited tacking duel up the second weather leg. Synergy’s hopes were destroyed on the run when their gennaker shredded as they trailed by three boat lengths and the KIwis snared victory 3-2.
"It was a tough one. But we got there in the end. It was a tricky venue and tough competitors. It was tough to win and we're pretty darn proud of it. The turning point was on that final run when their spinnaker blew out. In the end, the team keeps backing itself. It was stressful but in all of these regattas, you just have to win the last race and we peaked at the right time. Synergy sailed really well as did all of the top boats. It's been a really close regatta, the closest of these we've had and it's hard to keep people behind us, that's for sure," said Ray Davies, ETNZ tactician.

After the finish Dean Barker celebrated their win by spraying his crew and the man behind the series, Bruno Troublé, with Moët & Chandon champagne. 

Final Results

  1.  Emirates Team New Zealand
  2.  SYNERGY Russian Sailing Team  
  3.  All4One
  4.  Artemis
  5.  Mascalzone Latino Audi Team
  6.  Azzurra
  8.  Luna Rossa
  9.  BMW Oracle Racing Team
10.  ALEPH Sailing Team
Lulu Roseman

Russians Pip Kiwis in First Finals Race

Many were scratching their heads today about what the Russian team eat for breakfast. Do they pour vodka on their cornflakes? Well whatever they are doing it is working. After back to back wins to book their finals place against Auckland champions ETNZ, Synergy were unstoppable.

The light conditions continued and the first finals race didn't get underway until early in the evening. Jablonski and his Kiwi tactician, Rod Dawson, showed aggression on the start line as both teams circled to win the pre-start battle forcing ETNZ's Dean Barker to avoid a dial up. The Kiwis tacked to start on the committee boat end of the line and set up for a drag race, gainly slowly beyond the port tack lay line to lead around the top mark.

While the boats came back together to level at the end of the run, the Russians picked up some much needed pressure on the left to cross in front of the Kiwis on port as they approached the weather mark.

From there on it was Russian dancing all the way.

Lulu Roseman

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Russians Storm into their first Louis Vuitton Trophy WTS Final

SYNERGY Russian Sailing Team defeated All4 One in the both semi final races in stunning style today that Polish skipper Karl Jablonski put down to “a good day at the office.”
And what an incredible office La Maddalena is becoming for the first time finalists who set the pace early with a perfect start in the first race sailed in light conditions. It was tight sailing all the way up the first beat with the Russians leading by just 64 metres. 

But All4One, skippered by German three-time German Olympic gold medallist Jochen Schümann and steered by leading French match racer Sébastien held their own. Picking up better gusts on the left hand side of the course they built a 30 metre advantage after rounding the top mark. But the Russians fought hard to reclaim the lead and cross the line first.

In the second race, All4One’s early efforts to break clear of a dialup ended their hopes in the race and cost them dearly.  Col got clear and sailed away but was forced to gybe, returning early to the line. Jablonski followed and hooked and broke the collision wand on All4One’s leeward quarter. Col was over the start line early in his efforts to wriggle clear and was forced to restart, carrying a penalty. SYNERGY then to this opportunity to romp away in the building breeze.

Lulu Roseman

ETNZ Book a Finals Berth at the Louis Vuitton Trophy in La Maddalena

It was a long and frustrating day of light air sailing on the Golfo di Arzachena at the north east corner of Sardinia, hampered by fickle conditions and delays, but Dean Barker and his merry Kiwi men dug deep to overpower Sweden’s Artemis 2-1 in the first semi final.

When racing finally got underway, after both teams bobbed around for three and a half hours, it was Artemis, skippered by Paul Cayard and with Terry Hutchinson steering, who seized the first race after a 25-degree windshift in light airs cost ETNZ any chance of winning. 

The Kiwis were substantially overstood on the port tack approaching the top mark and Artemis on a matching port tack, muscled their way inside at the mark and held them off before bearing away. With a margin of just two seconds, Hutchinson exploited the advantage on the run to attain a solid lead. 

ETNZ suffered a further blow when the second race, in which they were leading, was abandoned after the wind died. After much thumb twiddling, the second race finally got underway with a dramatic start from Barker, who on starboard on the left hand side, forced Hutchinson to tack away just before the gun.

Barker wound up and sped down the line, while Artemis tacked and made a downspeed start at the committee. Just minutes later and leading by 33 metres, Barker tacked and pulled off the port tack cross to claim the favoured right hand side. 
“The plan was to start to the left, go left and get the best pressure, which was what this race was all about. We keep to the same methods, make a good plan and executed it. Dean is doing a good job of starting,” said Jules Salter, ETNZ’s navigator. 
In fading late afternoon sunshine, the third and deciding race of the day was a thriller. Hutchinson got a sensational full speed start right on the gun, at the pin end that forced Barker off onto port.  The Kiwis sailed away to the starboard layline in a split that extended out to 1.3 kilometres. When the two boats closed at the weather mark, ETNZ had right-of-way on the starboard tack and led around the top mark. 

While a ragged weather-side gennaker drop provided a short diversion for photographers at the leeward mark, nothing could stop the Kiwis who continued to sail away with the race. 
When asked the secret to his team’s ability to bounce back, Barker said: “100% confidence in our ability and in everything we do. We back ourselves to win every race. We are going to lose because we're sailing against good teams, but in a series we back ourselves to come out on top.”

The other best-of-three semi-final between the French/German team All4One and the SYNERGY Russian Sailing Team, will be sailed tomorrow. Weather permitting, the first race of the finals may start tomorrow afternoon.

Semi-final Provisional Results

Semi-final One: Emirates Team New Zealand def. Artemis 2-1

Round Robin Results 

  1.  All4One, 6-3, 6 points

  2.  Artemis, 6-3, 6 points
  3.  Emirates Team New Zealand, 6-3, 6 points

  4.  Mascalzone Latino Audi Team, 6-3, 5 points *

  5.  SYNERGY Russian Sailing Team, 5-4, 5 points
  6.  Azzurra, 4-5, 4 points

  7.  TEAMORIGIN, 4-5, 4 points
  8.  Luna Rossa, 3-6, 3 points
  9.  BMW Oracle Racing Team, 3-6, 3 point
10.  ALEPH Sailing Team, 2-7, -2 points *

*  Penalties deducted by Jury/Umpires

Lulu Roseman

Thursday, June 3, 2010

KIwis Rock Leaving The Italians To Weep

Mascalzone Latino were over the line early and skipper Gavin Brady’s race against the Kiwi boat steered by Dean Barker was over before it began.

While Brady fought hard tacking and ducking back in order to restart on port tack, ETNZ were already 200 metres ahead and covering in a 15 knot northwester breeze.

Before the gun, the pin end was favored and the boats approached it on starboard at speed with the Italians to weather. 

“Our timing was perfect and they were bow out and pushed over,” said Ray Davies, ETNZ tactician.  

The margin was nearly 300 metres at the first mark and remained that way right until the finish.

Lulu Roseman

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

A British Bungle Makes Way For All4One To Frogmarch Into Second Place

All4One, the French/German team moved into equal second equal place at the Louis Vuitton Trophy La Maddalena today and will race Sweden's top-placed Artemis tomorrow to decide the winner of the round robin.

The other match between Emirates Team New Zealand and Italy’s Mascalzone Latino, both currently second equal, will be key to resolving the other top places. Currently all four boats are at the top of the points table with only one point separating them.

Racing was curtailed for much of the day due to strong gusty northwest winds with only two races sailed in 20-knot winds.

A disasterous gennaker drop from TEAMORIGIN, that also caused a crew injury, takes them out of the running for a top spot. While Ben Ainslie started strongly, Mascalzone Latino overtook the British boat on the first leg before Ainslie closed down on the Italian boat and led by three seconds at the end of the first run.

Things went pear shaped on the gennaker drop and as it went overboard, a sheet wrapped around the leg of trimmer Mike Mottl and started to drag him over the side.

“We slowed the boat down to cut the rope off his foot,” said mainsheet hand Chris Salthouse. “We were obviously all very concerned about his injury, Mike was very brave to continue to race hard throughout the rest of the race and we hope he will be back on the boat as soon as possible.” Mottl luckily has no broken bones but some muscle has been deeply torn and his leg is swollen.

Racing was abandoned for the day after a steering linkage problem was discovered aboard ITA 90, one of the Mascalzone Latino boats. Fortunately, the organisers now have the option of using one of the BMW Oracle Racing boats, USA87, which sustained damage earlier in the regatta. Working around the clock, the BOR shore team should have the boat available for racing on Thursday if it is required.

"We've had all of our boatbuilders working 12 hour days to get this done," said Julien di Biase, logistics manager for BMW Oracle Racing. "The WSTA agreed to help us bring additional resources here and that accelerated the process. 

"We started as soon as the boats came back to shore back on Race Day Four. On USA 87 we cut the last two metres of the boat - the stern scoop - off and used the undamaged side as a mould and started working up the new scoop as soon as we could. If they need to use USA 87 tomorrow it's ready to go."

Lulu Roseman